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The Last Piece of Silver



"I ask but three things be granted to me in these times of horror and death wrought by man’s inhumanity to man, called war.

First, I ask that I may be silent and unseen in my quest to perform my duty with perseverance, loyalty, honor and courage.

Second, may I shoot straight and kill my much respected enemy quickly, with one shot so that he does not suffer and writhe in pain.

Lastly dear Lord, I ask that you grant me the ability to be cunning and smart in my quest to be victorious over my enemy and adapt to whatever he may put before me by using the assets you have placed on this earth and the abilities instilled within me."

It had been 10 months since the enemy attempted to overrun the city with occult means, days after days, night after night, the city defenders fought for every inch.

The only means of slaying the foul beasts from beyond is by a single silver bullet through their heart or their head, but silver were rare, so only the best marksmen were given the honour of delivering the killing shot while his comrades play the unfortunately role of distraction.

As skilled as these snipers, the silver bullets were never enough to go around.

~Some random notes~
Actually this started off as another practice during my free time, the pose, the background and the colors all went through major changes from the initial stage, even little wolfy was added in near the end of the painting.
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Wow excellent piece coupled with awesome words, great work.