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A painting I did almost a year for Imaginary Redux artbook for IFS. I did some colour corrections do it, so it might look a bit different from the one anyone saw in the artbook.

Title : Shen Hua or in chinese 神画
Meaning (God's painting/drawing) and sound the same as the chinese words for "legend"

This is based on a story I read when I was just a kid. I can't remember the original ending to it, so I just do my own rewrite :D

A talented but poor artist was given a magical brush and ink slab by the Gods of heaven out of pity and out of admiration of his paintings.

Whatever he paint with the brush will come to life, first he painted food to feed his hunger, then he painted a house to have a roof over his head.

Then he painted gold to solve his poverty, but soon the king heard about this and ordered men to seize the brush.

But the artist painted an army which he used to overthrow the King and took the throne for himself. He grew greedy and painted more wealth and his kingdom became more powerful.

But as time past the artist aged and he begin to fear death. On hearing that the mythical creature call the dragon possessed a pearl that can give eternal life, he picked up the brush for one last painting.
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My dad also told me stories about the 'Magic Brush'. According to his interpretation, when the king sends an army to seize the brush, the artist would draw the sea to create tidal waves and engulf the soldiers. He forgot what the ending was and it varies. One involves him using his brush to create the wind under his command to fly away, another would be drawing a boat over the sea to escape, or use the brush to overpower the king, take throne, used his brush to help the people in the kingdom, and then cues the 'they lived happily ever after'.