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Ranger of Artimas



Ranger of Artimas

The forest of Ephesus, the only region in the lands of the night that's still held by the forces of the light.

Patrolling the enchanted forest are the rangers of Artimas. Servants of Artimas the Goddness of Hunting and wild nature, these females rangers are tasked with hunting down any creature of the dark gods that dare to enter the forest.

Aided by powerful magic and the wild untainted animals, they're more than a match for any intruders. Unfortunately for their allies of the light, they rarely help anyone outside the enchanted forest without clear orders from the goddess herself.

No one know the exact number of these rangers but their ranks were constantly filled by orphan that are left in or around the forest, unsuitable candidates were usually left at the doorsteps of the nearest church the next morning.

~ A rather random piece of work that I ended up with while trying to get rid of the artblock I am having. It turn out better than I expected :p. ~
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Made her into a MTG card.

I hope you like it!…