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Ranger of Artimas

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Ranger of Artimas

The forest of Ephesus, the only region in the lands of the night that's still held by the forces of the light.

Patrolling the enchanted forest are the rangers of Artimas. Servants of Artimas the Goddness of Hunting and wild nature, these females rangers are tasked with hunting down any creature of the dark gods that dare to enter the forest.

Aided by powerful magic and the wild untainted animals, they're more than a match for any intruders. Unfortunately for their allies of the light, they rarely help anyone outside the enchanted forest without clear orders from the goddess herself.

No one know the exact number of these rangers but their ranks were constantly filled by orphan that are left in or around the forest, unsuitable candidates were usually left at the doorsteps of the nearest church the next morning.

~ A rather random piece of work that I ended up with while trying to get rid of the artblock I am having. It turn out better than I expected :p. ~
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darknessbobulusStudent Writer
Made her into a MTG card.

I hope you like it!…
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LuchesProfessional Digital Artist
Look nice indeed
incognito253's avatar
Cheers. This is the best 'magic archer' I've seen, bar none.
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TSABERProfessional Digital Artist
Your art is stylish and inspiring. I admire the background plot and how it inspired your art. Her power is amazing and I can imagine her in real-life action.
Krysnha's avatar
WOW, superb
ArdorinRay's avatar
Beautiful picture! Well done!
JarothC's avatar
that is one of the most amazing bow designs I've seen
Acturis's avatar
ActurisHobbyist Digital Artist
Wicked :)
wnter06's avatar
Ranger drawing good jab
djhalo101's avatar
this is so cool and bold great job
AesirMaster's avatar
AesirMasterHobbyist General Artist
nice work with the bow and arrows, simple and has umph without being exaggerated
Neil-Macleod's avatar
Neil-MacleodHobbyist General Artist
Very Nice!!
eecartoonproject's avatar
I want that bow, please!^^

Talking seriously now...amazing art, i like the light in the animals eyes on the backgorund and the skin of you ranger.
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ChibicksStudent General Artist
Beautiful really beautiful
DoriSai's avatar
DoriSaiHobbyist Writer
hmm... somehow reminds me of Fable and the Multishot spell lol XD though in the game the spell showed as little blue orbs floating around you till you shot an arrow, then one orb would vanish and cause the arrow to split into several arrows. i loved that spell :3
SaffronsCurse0's avatar
This for some reason reminds me so much of Final Fantasy
MrBug9999's avatar
Love it great job with the details and colors. I like the story line that goes with it too=) what medium did you use?
Gaboonviper's avatar
I honestly dont know what to say other than i love it O.O
Silencion's avatar
I love this one!!
richie25's avatar
Man, i like how your character could control the arrows. Nice idea haha .
hail1's avatar
tight you bought a whole new magical world of artimis pretty tight
Ostentatiousnessness's avatar
OstentatiousnessnessHobbyist General Artist
i thought it was Artemis
still fantastic none the less
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PetraImbodenHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow this is soo beautiful *.*
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