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After the previous year defeat by the enemy's powerful new Tiger Assault Units, the alliance was finally able to turn the tide of battle with the introduction of the new Rabbit Assault Units.

On paper the Rabbit Assault Units are still inferior to the Tigers, with the individual Tigers each more heavily armed and more maneuverable but due to their small size and low cost, many more Rabbits can be field for the price of one Tiger.

Using this one single advantage, the alliance form the Rabbits into Combat sections consisting of an Assault Squad of 3 Rabbits and a Sniper Squad of 2 Rabbits for support.

For their first major operation, 20 Combat Sections were deploy under a new Command, the Rabbit Assault Force whose primary focus is the taking down of the enemy fearsome tigers.

Under cover of the first spring shower, the Rabbit Assault Force hit the Tigers Units advancing through Route 20 10 to the Route 20 11.

The Tigers had no idea what hit them, by the time the weather cleared, the victors are clear, the Tigers had became last year model, it's now the Rabbits turn to rule the field...

~ Artist comment ~

Okay enough stupid story for a while, so wish everyone a happy 2011 the year of the Rabbit. Although technically speaking it is yet to be the Rabbit until it pass the Chinese Lunar new year.

For a while I had no idea what to draw for the new year until I heard :iconartgerm: ask :iconukitakumuki: to do a new year card for IFS' fans and client. I was hoping that :iconukitakumuki: the mecha specialist will do Mecha Rabbit, but then he had other idea, so refusing to let a stupid... I mean great idea die along with my other memories, I decided to try my hand on it.

So I had my fun, I hope everyone will enjoy the picture as much as I did painting it :D

Oh yah the pilot suit is pretty obvious inspired by Tron hahaah
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