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Last Patrol

Last Patrol

Corporal: "Hey Sarge, isn't the war already over last year? Why are we still patrolling this region?"

Sergeant: " Well~ Corporal, good question. Either someone forgot to send the memo to the enemies here or our boss missed his memo"

Corporal: " And why are our new uniform so flashy?"

Sergeant: " ... according to the boss, this is not to show off the army but to prevent our own guys from shooting each other"

Corporal: "Huh? Wouldn't that make it easier for the enemies to hit us?"

Sergeant: "In the words of the Captain, better get killed by the enemies then your own guys, and stopping asking questions!"

Corporal: "I see..."

Sergeant: "..."

Corporal: "... ... Sarge?"

Sergeant: "yes?"

Corporal: "you like dogs?"

Sergeant: "..."

Sergeant: "yes"

Start this piece as a random practice to get myself to relax, but got too out of hand and end up spending a few days on it.

Over the course of painting this, it had gone from a desaturated moody piece to a more saturated colourful piece inspired by Oga Kazuo. And from a high tech idea to a rather low tech one.

The speech exchanges came up near the completion of the painting, it is inspired by some events of my life serving in the army.
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Looks like the Crysis 3
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Pretty impressive.
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Dogs are good companions.
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Cool. It reminds me of 'Gone with the Blastwave.'
PsykoHilly's avatar
Your work is really awesome ... I'm pretty jealous ;)
mdc01957's avatar
So are they soldiers from a post-apocalyptic country?
tyna27tyna's avatar
beautiful picture that tells it's own story.
wow I love it!!
Combalt2's avatar
The conversation was funny. Made me giggle.
andre-assis's avatar
very nice picture!!
you're exlente, i liked so much the color!!!

my english is not very well!!
twilitshadow's avatar
A beautiful picture that tells it's own story. ^-^

Lovely job.
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Your gallery is great, i like the 100 Sword Project and the L5R Characters, please check my gallery, i got some L5R stuff too !
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i like the conversation...i ilke the color too
mafay's avatar
wow, really awesome
VincentGordon's avatar
nice sense of depths. good colour choice
Terame's avatar
Wow! You have really captured the moment there, well done.
ArchievalTome's avatar
plue's avatar
havent finished?
wheree is the reflectionn!?!!
arf's avatar
dude!! this is incredibly awesome! :worship:
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thank you bro :D
Darth-Looney's avatar
I am crying a lot it's awsome !!!!
Luches's avatar
wah why cry???
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