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~Faith, Flame and Bolter~

A spiritu dominatus,
Domine, libra nos,
From the lighting and the tempest,
Our Emperor, deliver us.
From plague, temptation and war,
Our Emperor, deliver us,
From the scourge of the Kraken,
Our Emperor, deliver us.

From the blasphemy of the Fallen,
Our Emperor, deliver us,
From the begetting of daemons,
Our Emperor, deliver us,
From the curse of the mutant,
Our Emperor, deliver us,
A morte perpetua,
Domine, libra nos.
That thou wouldst bring them only death,
That thou shouldst spare none,
That thou shouldst pardon none
We beseech the, destroy them.

Quite a number of watchers and supporters had been asking for the sisters when I started painting some 40K fanarts.
I did tried some new techniques for this, so it probably look different from my usual work :)

Took me some time though, gonna juggle it between some work and national service duties. Thus I wasn't able to form
a narrative for it, although the general idea was the Sisters cleansing a holy convent of it's Tyranid infestation.

And if you like a print, feel free to drop me a note :)
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« Praise the Emperor and give me some ammunition. Whatever one won't solve, the other will. »

This art is the pure embodiment of this Sororita proverb.

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I know I'm late to the party, but this is a seriously cool piece of art and litany
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Thank you, better late than never right ^^.

For the litany, it's not might, it's a quote from one of the many books (Can't recall which book now... and I really should had cited it in the text =_=)
All you need in that universe!
Bitches. For every Chaos mutant you kill in defense of the slave chattel of your bastard imperium, you murder a thousand mutants born of the pollution your corrupt masters and sociopathic tech priests churn out. For every Genestealer you slay in so called holy fire, a thousand tau and eldar civilians, many unarmed children and babes, you burn in your infernal bloodlust. For every worshipper of the dark gods you fell, a thousand innocents who simply disagreed with your failing dystopia are sentenced to fates worse than death. As such, a thousand thousand thousand curses of every form of suffering and anguish be upon ye and your imperium. May you rot in the same grave as the Chaos Gods and the Corpse Emperor.
People are not guilty of their ancestor's sins in the modern times, but once again, this is the 41st millennium; life is cheap in ins mortal form, it is better to die to extend humanity's time to exist a few millennia than to live for oneself, that is the way of chaos.
Bah! Chaos is able to encompass anything, to use it as a scapegoat to justify further humanity's descent into depravity and darkness of the soul is the argument of a dullard progena!
Depravity and the darkness of the soul, you mean the Dark Eldar and Slaanesh?
Aye, for you have taken the love of humanity by the emperor, his quest to enlighten mankind, and twisted it into a horris thing where there is only varying levels of hatred, no love for any but the man whose ideals ye shite upon daily, turning him into an idol he never wanted to be, turning his imperium into something out of Cardinal Tang's dreams!
The galaxy, and by extension the universe, is a vast place after all. For whatever happens, one would not be missed. The Imperium is already a big place by itself, containing thousands of quadrillions of people. Yes it is the worst combination of nazi Germany, USSR, medieval Europe, and various other unpleasant parts of human history. But it is either to be reduced as a tiny insignificant expendable cog in a interstellar war machine or to become cattle. Which one is worse, slave or cattle? In the galaxy of the 41st millennium, these are the only two fate for every last individual. Humanity, Tau, Eldar are all enslaved by a unforgiving system, a system of suffering and soil grinding struggle for the survival of the species. In these times, how dare the individuals have the belief that their lives mattered. Yes, the Imperium routinely kills tens of billions of its own citizens. But this is the grimdark distant future after all. It does not matter if they die or not, what does matter is that they complete their task, for no man, woman, or child died in the struggle for humanity's survival died in vain. The Eldar's plight are result of their own decadent nature, they deserved to die out, since a good portion of the galaxy's problems are their fault. They were created to be weapons of the old ones, to defeat the C'tans and their Necron servants. To ensure their master's victory and survival. Their fate was to be cast aside after the war in heaven. Like the Orks, they failed their duty, and the old ones gone extinct. The Tau are little more than naive newcomers who have no idea of the horrors that lurks amongst the stars. They think they are going to unite the Galaxy under some happy federation of greater good. Humanity tried that back in the golden age of technology, and look what were their rewards for helping out the aliens. The second that humans lost the control over their A.I constructs, the aliens turned on them. If you think the Imperium is unjust, take a look at the rest of the galaxy, and then try to defend the other races. People constantly tried to use modern western perspective to look at the Imperium, what an hypocrisy
Thine flesh be consumed, wench! Thy logic be as crooked as Chris Chan's duck! For were one to be guilty of the sins of the ancestors, then the Inquisition whores might cast themselves in flame!
Why don't you go ask the Tyranids about consumption then, oh wait, they can't because the rippers will eat you alive.
The tyranids are but animals, possessing only a feral cunning to eat and breed. But humanity has the higher cognitive functions to know what is right and wrong, and yet spews hypocrisy forth like diarrhea from Nurgle's anus, slaughtering sapient civilians and children, obliterating ecosystems, and furthering the descent into madness of the Empyreum.
If the Tyranids are mere animals, then explain how they are some of the most dangerous race in the 40k universe. Given the fact it was suggested in the lore that the vast swarms have cleansed multiple galaxy of life. Even with over the top
Ridiculousness of 40k, something about them makes no sense, they could not be made through natural evolution. About the obliteration of ecosystems, the imperium and the Eldar only destroys all life on a planet when there's no choice left, Tyranids will eat everything on a planet, and the Necrons that are still under the control of the C'tan shards does the same thing. The Empyreum, or the warp was turned into the nightmarish realm today due to the war in heavens millions of years ago, and the "birth" of slaanesh, which was caused by Eldar deprivation, is the final nail in the coffin for whatever ever shred of sanity in the warp. About the slaughter of civilians, this is 40k, everyone committed war crimes on a large scale, at least the imperium usually JUST kill them. The forces of chaos and Dark Eldars on the other hand...... Best not think of what they do to people. Once again, it is better to burn down an entire hive city than to lose the entire sector, when the survival of the human race is on the line, virtually every method is acceptable. There are no such thing as a good faction in 40k, every one would make a fantastic villain in other realities, it's evil vs evil, there's just no way around it. I was speaking of the Tyranids earlier, rumor has it that this race was the final project of the old ones, the race that created the Eldar and the Orks. It appears that the hive fleets are the FINAL SOLUTION to the galaxy, in the other words, the old ones intends to wipe out every last sentient being in the Milky Way, and calming the warp by force, given what the Hive Mind does to the immaterialism.
The hive cities, their mutating runoff just as potent as raw Warp energy in twisting life into suffering and maddened forms, the hoarding of technology that could make life much less excruciatingly painful for the average citizen by those C'tan worshipping Mechanicus bastards, the very existence of CHERUBS and servitors, show how wrong you are, as there are no new worlds of beauto and culture lIke Macragge being built, only worlds oUT of a demented Inquisitor's carnal dreams of murder. The Exodite eldar wish to live on their primitive worlds, having washed their hands of the Slaanesh-spawning hedonism of their brethren, and tend to their dinosaur warbeasts to defend from invaders. The various races of the Tau empire simply seek to survive, while the Tau want to unite all the sane races of the galaxy against the true evils, the insane gibbering hordes of savage murderers that make up chaos warbands and the Orks, the monstrous Rak'gol, and the Tyranids. You grasp at straws like a fat floundering planetary governor grasps at cheese puffs with his fat sausages of fingers, as the Tyranids come from anothe galaxy, whilst the Old Ones never left this one. The dark eldar are to the rest what the Chaos worshippers are to humanity. All the Imperium has is false equivalence to excuse their abuse of power. They know there aren't any alternatives strong enough to defeat Chaos on its own, maybe not even themselves. So they let themselves grow fat and complacent, whilst the people suffer.
Are you going SJW on me?
The west has plenty of problems of its own and yet many on the internet sees it as black and white. The world is grey, some are simply a different shade of it. The imperium is a lighter shade of black, but others are far worse.
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women assault team 
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Sororitas rules !!!!!
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You do awesome work!
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they look mighty unhappy
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