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Danse Macabre

A piece I did for practice after the long break while in camp. It went through a few major alteration before I decide on the final composition. Well~ the 2 weeks in camp really rust my engine quite a bit, and took me quite a while to complete it -_- (original plan was to post it up by x'mas but end up being the first piece for the year)

And the music from Jay Chou's movie "Secret" were my inspiration while I worked on this. (I had always wanted to do a music related piece after watching the movie)

BTW Danse Macabre is the piece she's playing :D
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I need this as an wallpaper!
This work is perfect for a poster to advertise our amateur orchestra's next concert, which features Danse Macabre. Please contact me quickly on "Contact GCO" at if you can provide a high resolution digital image of it, for which we will pay you.

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Yes the email is from me alright. 
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Beautiful work. 
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Is this character "Death"?
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Does the character have a name? o_o
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"the dark violinist"
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let me marry her
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потрясающе, я бы назвала "последняя милодия"
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A great piece of music that she is playing. it's getting my writing imagination revved up. I could probably play the Danse Macabre on my violin. Haven't really tried. but yeah. love this one. bought it for my room. lol. well, keep up the good work.
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I bet She's that beautiful every time she play music.
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Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens? Good piece!
One of the most awesome pictures I've ever wanted to make my wallpaper. (Y)
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I like the way how she looks, well, happy--

Kind of in a "The children of the night, what music they make!" way without the evil.

Like a happy kind of darkness. Stereotypically horror/gothic genre things celebrating in a non-evil, happy kind of way.

...Okay, I have no idea what I'm saying. >.<
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