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An Unending Crusade

"Even till death I will serve, for the honour of the Emperor"

The Battle for Drakkarge Hive had dragged for months since Orkish reinforcements swept the Imperial Guards
regiments off the Plains of Pelida, in response the Imperium commander held back 4 Black Templars Fighting
Companies till the Orkish momentum was broken after Orkish invaders battled the entrenched Imperial Guards
forces amongst the streets of Drakkarge.

Over the skies the Imperial Navy vessels kept the Orks pinned when the great gates that lead into the
inner hive open as Black Templars lead by the Venerable Brother Hildebrand came charging out.

"No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!"

-Brother Hildebrand-

Brother Hildebrand had been in the service of Black Templars since the early days of the Chapter, best known
for his preference for close combat, he rises through the ranks and during the desperate Siege of Khadon he
become the Emperor's Champion after receiving the vision of the Emperor.

Amidst the chaos of battle, he managed to seek out and cut down the Ork warboss, Grim Ironmaw Argok in a duel,
after which he continue to hack his way through the green horde, only falling from his many wounds when Imperium
victory was assured. Despite the severity of his wound, death is not an excuse from service for this Champion, he
cling on to life as his battle brothers retrieved his broken body and was immediately interred into the cold
sarcophagus of a Dreadnought.

Even as a Dreadnought, his righteous zeal and his preference for close combat never ceased, while years of services
had brought him wisdom in battle, he will not hesitate to charge into battle with his Great-sword leading his
battle brothers.

~Artist note~
I do not have a live stream because I am just not too used to painting before people, and I really took my time to
paint personal stuffs, so it can get very boring ^^;

But here's a time lapse video instead, basically, I tried saving every a couple hours (maybe even lesser) into the painting


So enjoy it :)
(P.S please take a while and let youtube process it ^^;, and don't mind my lousy video making skills.

Cheers +fav if you like :p
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