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A Touch of Magic

By Luches
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Another piece that started off as a random practice and well~ it went off course again

And so another rare occasion where there's no backstory from me. :)

Yeah~~~ it made it to the event, althought I had to replace my other piece during the event :(

Here are some other places you can find me:

Twitter (for my rants):

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I have a canvas of this hanging on my wall, I love this piece! Any chance you'll be coming back to this character and environment at some point? I'd love to see her outside the castle at night casting a summoning spell :).

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Wow thanks for the support. I did have plans to continue with the Magical witch series sometime in the future at some point (together with all my other OCs...) If only I can find more time

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Lovely painting!! The lighting is really cool and I love the castle in the background. Just wanted to let you know I featured your picture in a video for an orchestral composition. I make no profit from it and credited your page :)
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Ohhhh thank you for crediting

This is so cool :D
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great picture!!
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you're welcome!
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Everything looks perfect... but... a little of higlight from the moon over some edge here and there would adds more realistic effect to the image.
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Your piece is beautiful and this may have been brought to your attention before (sorry if it was) but this artist has taken it and not given you any credit and is basically claiming it as his own:…
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Absolutely love the muted lighting. Very magical, in such an understated, olde-worldy way, whilest still making use of modern design choices for the character. The colour-scheme reminds me of old parchment and makes me think of magic tomes - gorgeous work, well done!
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Love it! May I make a small icon of her?
I'm putting together a mod for Minecraft, virtual paintings for the players to hang on their electric walls, and I'd like to include this one.
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Sure you can, just leave a credit :)
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That is epic. Pure epic.
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simply adorable :3
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Thanks again for making this available on canvas, I'm getting it stretched in a few days.
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thanks again for the support :D
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This is a very stunning scene, the facial expression contrasts well with the dark, yet inviting, atmosphere. Is this oil on canvas?
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Nope, purely digital
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Wow, amazing work!
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Very pretty and gothic.
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:wow: Amazing work! :clap:
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This is very inspiring. Maybe I should wirte a book with this kind of main character. There are so mandy stories that come to my mind ... thank you very much!
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