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Necro-Alchemist- Duels of the Planeswalkers by LucentLight Necro-Alchemist- Duels of the Planeswalkers :iconlucentlight:LucentLight 1 0 Werewolves - Arena of the Planeswalkers by LucentLight Werewolves - Arena of the Planeswalkers :iconlucentlight:LucentLight 2 0
The End
Through all the years and all the pain
I never thought I’d see it end
And all the work and all the tears
They did not help; was all pretend
I stop and think and wonder now
When no love flows on through your heart
When all I feel is left alone
What more is there to do but part?
How can we now move on with us?
How can we start again and fix
This hole that formed within our love
What can we do to rise above?
:iconlucentlight:LucentLight 1 0
MAGIC: The Wall Art by LucentLight MAGIC: The Wall Art :iconlucentlight:LucentLight 0 0 Howl of the Night Pack 3D Abacus by LucentLight Howl of the Night Pack 3D Abacus :iconlucentlight:LucentLight 0 0 Incinerate 3D Abacus by LucentLight Incinerate 3D Abacus :iconlucentlight:LucentLight 0 0 Divination 3D Abacus by LucentLight Divination 3D Abacus :iconlucentlight:LucentLight 2 2
Sink or Swim
Once more in a forking river
Pulled by a current I cannot control
Either path sends down my spine a shiver
Either way I doubt I'll come out whole
On the right she holds me under
Forced to pay my life for a crime
As though I surely ripped her life asunder
Though unknowingly, hurt her, one last time
On the left she kneels in dirt
Thrusting in her hand, embracing the strain
Torn up by debris, undeterred by hurt
To save me now despite her pain
  Will I be save or will I die?
  The fork approaches. She'll decide.
:iconlucentlight:LucentLight 0 0
4 Seconds
I promised love
offered pain
her heart
:iconlucentlight:LucentLight 0 0
Brave Cats Prologue
Come on a journey with us
To the kingdom of Felius
There the Cat is king
and pauper and everything in between
And to rule them? Bast,
Goddess of Cats.
She was most powerful, most wise,
most strong and most bored.
Her temple used to be something to behold
The once bright torches now were spent and cold
The bravest of old came to delve the deep
In hopes of finding valuable treasures to keep
But now the halls are quiet and dry
And only a rat would ever scurry by
Though the charm of her temple had waned,
Her power had not done the same.
“I shall bring them all:
The Great and the small,
The wise and the fool,
Then my boredom will be through!”
And so she searched the land
And brought together the most ragtag band
Of the wise, the fool,
The hero, and the tool.
The cunning, the brave
The cutest,  and the knave
The one afraid of his tail
And the last destined to fail.
She did not promise jewels nor gold
Nor any wealth to be sold
But yet every Cat was inspired
:iconlucentlight:LucentLight 1 0
Through Glass
I sit and watch you from afar
My frowning lips can’t help but smile
I want and hope our eyes will meet
My heart’s still closed. It’s been awhile.
I wonder if you know your pow’r
You cause my heart, once dead, to beat
It’s strange to feel a flutter there
My heart, thought safe, now at your feet.
And though I’ve never heard you speak
I’ve watched your lips and that’s enough
But is this love? I think not, no.
Perhaps love’s blooming in the rough.
My heart it knows we will not be
I know I should just turn away
I hope that by some miracle
You’ll stop and turn and look my way
For if our eyes would meet just once
It would break free my shackled heart
Your beauty that's beyond compare
Has turned my heart of stone toward art.
But never have our eyes been locked
Yet when they do then I’ll take heart
Despite my wounds I’ve no defense.
    You’ll capture my rebellious heart.
:iconlucentlight:LucentLight 5 9
Speech Fails
I wish I could tell you how I feel
Without screwing up and spitting hurt
Talking has always been a competition
I’m good at it, but that doesn’t help in love.
In love I don’t want to win
In love I don’t want to break
In love I want to understand
In love I want to be understood
My words all come out jumbled
A mess of sly and hurtful
I try to be calm and say what’s on my mind
But I fear you do not will not cannot hear
Your love is my goal
Your love is my desire
Your love I’ve wounded so
Your love I’ve longed for so
If I could express myself to you
Feel like I’m important and matter
I would be content to wait
On your broken heart mended
Our love keeps me sane
Our love drives me on
Our love is not yet dead
Our love can live forever
Let my words reach deep down
Let the peace I bring be found
Trap me there inside your heart
Trap me there and let’s restart
:iconlucentlight:LucentLight 3 3
To make you smile
Be soothed by your voice
To leave my denial
To wish I had a choice
Your hand to hold
My heart inside me burns,
The truth be told,
For your love to earn
To admire your grace
Over your lips to obsess
To adore your face
Or you body to caress
To lie by your side
To taste of your skin
With nothing to hide
To make you tremble within
Our bodies intertwined
To love you so
Or to wish you were mine
and let you know
Ev’ry waking moment my heart aches.
But sacred vows, dare I to break?
These thoughts I shall keep hidden
For they are all forbidden.
:iconlucentlight:LucentLight 4 3
Hatari - character bio
    Hatari is a hard one to pin down, and he likes it that way. He couples a relentless work ethic with a carefree, nonchalant attitude. Throughout school he has joined nearly every club he can find. Even being incredibly involved in social clubs he finds it difficult to form meaningful relationships with those he meets. Although he is admired and dubbed “cool” by his peers, he hardly ever sees them outside of school activities. He doesn’t mind the solitude, it gives him more time to work. Or so he says. Kana is the closest thing he has to a true friend. Even if he only hangs out with her because she won’t stop asking him to. He has an intense aversion to caterpillars on account of “that magic crap they do” (as he puts it)  when turning into butterflies, but Kana promised to never use that against him.
:iconlucentlight:LucentLight 2 0
Ocean Storm
A clamour of waves
And a harsh metal remix
Unknown harmonies
Making my heart race
The thought of dragging me down
Overwhelming me
A loud jerky song
Deafening the universe
All these lives are lost
Neverending fear
Horror for all to look at
Hope’s last glimmer fades
Crying out for peace
In tune now with the dark sea
Leading down to hell
:iconlucentlight:LucentLight 3 3
When you look at the sky
what is it you see?
The birds flying by
Floating leaves of a tree?
A limitless expanse
With endless possibilities
A dome full of chance
Awaiting for your abilities?
A beacon of hope
Shines the bright sun
A helper for man to cope
When hope there is none.
Do you see outer space
And dream to be free?
Floating at your own pace
Home seeming smaller than it used to be.
Or are you more like me?
A dark void, hopeless, and blue
Hope and beauty I do not see
The sky holds nothing for you.
It taunts with its clarity
It flaunts forbidden space
It mimics a parity
And laughs in our face
But space can be reached now
You say. We surely know how.
    But I say...
    The sky has been conquered before
    But it has conquered so many more.
:iconlucentlight:LucentLight 2 0


Steampunk by vladimirpetkovic Steampunk :iconvladimirpetkovic:vladimirpetkovic 2,447 249 Steampunk Extravaganza by FionaCreates Steampunk Extravaganza :iconfionacreates:FionaCreates 401 16 Steampunk Rifleman by TheRollingMan Steampunk Rifleman :icontherollingman:TheRollingMan 704 10 Steampunk by PReilly Steampunk :iconpreilly:PReilly 10,664 788 Steampunk by Sumerky Steampunk :iconsumerky:Sumerky 2,327 0 Steampunk Hero Villain by VladMRK Steampunk Hero Villain :iconvladmrk:VladMRK 226 10 Fat Bad Guy :: A character by JinxedJinx Fat Bad Guy :: A character :iconjinxedjinx:JinxedJinx 4 13 steam punk 005 by dinmoney steam punk 005 :icondinmoney:dinmoney 522 27 Pocahontas : YouTube! by rossdraws Pocahontas : YouTube! :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 13,885 247 Corgi and fairy by sandara Corgi and fairy :iconsandara:sandara 15,527 744 DVa Hanbok by chinchongcha DVa Hanbok :iconchinchongcha:chinchongcha 6,642 196 Gina by reallyruds Gina :iconreallyruds:reallyruds 3 0 jk water color 006-5 by surached jk water color 006-5 :iconsurached:surached 371 30 Facial Reference: The Nose by CGCookie Facial Reference: The Nose :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 33,074 609 Yuna by wlop Yuna :iconwlop:wlop 6,025 143



Title says it all I think. Looking for character art for an upcoming project. Simple with no backgrounds. Commercial rights needed.

Since these kinds of jobs get so many responses I'll only be looking at responses in the first 24 hours. 

Have a good one! 
Hello again everyone! It's been awhile...

There are a few icons I'm looking for but I'll start off just with the one for now. If we get along well I'll ask for more.

I'm looking for a simple icon(300px x 300px) of a "lock". Looking to pay between $5-$10. Silver, non-combination lock. Think the key "Master Lock" type idea. The base color for the stripe is orange (#FFA500). Looking to have this pretty soon.

I'll need rights to use it for whatever - but I don't need sole rights to it.

There will be more to come, but for now this is what I'm looking for to get started. 

*Remember, it doesn't matter if you think your art is good enough. What matters is whether or not I think it's good enough. Go ahead and comment/message me if you're interested.


Nick Ty
Necro-Alchemist- Duels of the Planeswalkers
I've been working my way through and painting these for practice before doing "better" minis. Still, I like the way this guy turned out. It's a good starting point at least - let me know what you think.
Werewolves - Arena of the Planeswalkers
I decided to start getting back into painting miniatures. Just picked up the Arena of the Planeswalkers a little while ago and now have a plethora of unpainted minis. Didn't go through and sand them down/get rid of the seams. But hey, it's a good start, right? Let me know what you think.
You may have seen me hiring out artists for various projects in the jobs forum. I'm looking for someone to partner with on a project. I can provide details to anyone who's interested. Serious inquiries only.

This current project is for a card game using simple artwork (think The Oatmeal). There are a few illustrations that are still required.

I'm located in Utah and it would be great to have someone local, but I'm open to looking outside the area. Send me a note if you're interested.
First off: Hi there! Nice to see you coming my way.
Incinerate 3D Abacus by LucentLight Emancipation Abacus by LucentLight Borderland Ranger Abacus by LucentLight Divination 3D Abacus by LucentLight Slithery Stalker Abacus 3D by LucentLight Magic Card Card Deck Deck Box by LucentLight

Looking to trade (or sell) some art! Yes, I'll mail you a physical thing. These are 3D art with abacuses attached.
I have no problem doing custom pieces for you either if you have certain cards you want. I will also
sell these for money (via paypal) if you don't feel like doing a trade.

See I'm getting together artwork to make a board game. Any concept art is welcome, though I'll need to own the piece if you want an
abacus (the little deck boxes MAY be available without ownership). 
Here's a video to help you see the 3D effect of the cards. If I may say so, they are pretty "dope" as the kids say.

Interested? Comment here or on the post or note me and let's see what we can do. I'm looking for all kinds of artwork, so we can probably work something out!

I look forward to trading stuff. (Or selling stuff.)  :D


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Nick Ty
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United States


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