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Warrior Angel - 23-06-12

Female warrior angel.
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Absolutely amazing work!

Powerful thank you so much for sharing

i am new to devianart

Do you sell your art to be used for inspirational social media posts? Thank you

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I have used this artwork many times; job well done!!!
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This is a wonderful picture! Well done!
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Thnaks! Is a bit old already. I am thinking of re-doing it.
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It's still nicer than anything I could do. ;)
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Amazing work. I needed an image to let a friend see herself through my eyes. You had the perfect one, which I linked (comes back here). Thank you.
Fighting to maintain one's sovereign power and integrity is hard work, whereas the damage done by submission and loss of personal will is even more of a toll. It is even greater hard work to propagate a criminal attack on someone in order to boost your own sense of self-worth. Lies are very expensive to maintain, and the karmic blowback is accumulative. In the past a woman’s honor and integrity was upheld by her father, brother, uncle or husband. Nowadays a woman has to uphold her own sovereign dignity in order to maintain her full cognitive and spiritual power, and to prevent her energies being dragged into the sewage of Hindbrain power politics. Since it is early in the game of sovereign female righteousness we must learn by trial and error how to maintain our honor in a power-corrupt world without having to rely on a man to do so. It is weak and underhanded to “use” a man for defensive or status functions in order to sustain a healthy social environment. A woman must learn to stand in her own light and not be undone by perverts, cannibals, parasites and predators of all types. You cannot gain sovereignty and experience the freedom and license of doing so by playing a victim! You must stand your ground and fight pathology, and free yourself from its influence.
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Thank you. I have ben looking for her. And now I finally found...
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ok, this may sound silly, but what color are her eyes? I can't really tell and eye color is kind of an important factor to me xD don't get me wrong, this is an utterly beautiful drawing. I could never HOPE to do something so lovely, not in a million years, but I'm curious o.o It goes to color coordination. I like to see what colors people use in certain combinations.
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I love this! Is there any way I can post this to my website as a chapter header for my free story, Wisdom and Folly? I would link back to you and give you full credit! My website is if you would like to see how I would use it. Thank you so much! Such an incredible picture!!!
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Of course you can!
Just give the full credit with an link to my deviantart page :)
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Thank you so much! I will let you know as soon as I am able to use it! :)
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Looks amazing! Love 
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She is magnificent, a true Warrior Woman!
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Amazing, you can see her power, thanks for sharing
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This is amazing, really like this concept.
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