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1901 Axe



The Model 1887 was the first truly successful repeating shotgun with its lever-action design, a recognizable feature of the Winchester company at the time. However, it was soon realized that the action parts weren't strong enough to handle early smokeless powder shotshells, and so a redesign resulted in the stronger Winchester Model 1901, only avaiable in 10 gauge during its production time.

This 1901 was crudely modified to be used as a battle axe in close counter combat situations, with the lever doubling as a handguard and rebar reinforcements in place of the wood forend pieces. The stock was sawn off to increase maneuverability and reduce weight, dislodging the mass center closer to the axe head, therefore significantly increasing the impact force of the blade or hammer. The most obvious drawback is that, being a point heavy shotgun, if the user is not strong or skilled enough to used it the aim can be severely affected, althoutgh somewhat compensated by the bigger caliber and shorter barrel that gives it a larger spread.

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Gun axes were pretty common. Especially with boarding crews. It doesn't surprise me that somebody would put an axehead on the end of A repeating shotgun.