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Hes Just A Platypus..Or Is He?

Phineas and Ferb

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Ponies N' Friendship

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MLP Model Release Public Beta Information

A couple months ago, my $300 Patreon goal was met. It actually kind of caught me by surprise. I've gone around two years where that goal hasn't been met. But now that it's met, I have to live up to the promise and release my models early! Special thanks to my Patrons for this. Seriously. The financial help has seriously helped, and I really appreciate it. And after almost three years of making this model and rig... after three years of this learning experience. It's now going to be out there for people to use and learn from as well. First off, here's some documentation I put together giving you the essential information you need to know about the models in order to use them: Please refer to this documentation if you decide to use my models. It should help you get started and understand it. Secondly, when using these models, and if you ever encounter any problems, or if you have any other forms of

YouTube Reference Art

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Spell [MLP Twilight]

Twi, Twily, Twilight Sparkle

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Comm: Warm Hug

Dash, Dashie, Rainbow Dash

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'NO! Nonononono! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?'

Apples, AJ, Applebloom and other fruity pones.

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(Request) Derpywhooves Cuddle

Derpy, Dr. Hooves, and Other Background Ponehs

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Finished commission

Other Characters, Amazing OCs and Backgrounds

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