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I like the art. It is a cool oc. However it needs work on the technique and some features should be added. Bit it's your oc so you draw...

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Determination Stone (Uncoloured) - Combat Tale
Hey guys! So, this one thing... Is part of the Ctale Au story. This was wa schematic used for the cover of another book related to CTale though...

Still, this can be found at:…
Well, enjoy. Don't forget to check out… first before diving in the other book. 

I will update you on new pages and stuff :)
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This is a small concept I made during English class. Not too detailed and took me around 20-35 minutes to finish. I like it though. I think this experimental style is good enough. Tell me what you think
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This is an Unfinished piece of mine, which I did in a chat art contest. Yes, this was the winning piece before you ask. And if I plan to finish it? Maybe, maybe not. It's a bit of a dilemma, since I really hate painting. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy

King Fluffy Buns - Asgore
Another piece I did, using that same black ink style from the other ones. It took my quite a while. Do you know how hard it is to shade with gel pens without a mistake? It's HARD!

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51b4eee3e50049c8aea30c773ef12f2d246a5ef6 Hq by LucarioFreeman1

You guys might have noticed (of course you did -_- it's pretty obvious) that my art has changed, not only the style but the themes.

The reason for it is because I got tired of making Pokémon artworks and to be honest, some of the old ones (digital ones) aren't exactly what I'd call "good".

Sure, at the time I thought it was awesome, but nowadays I don't really enjoy it that much.

I think you guys remember the "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Lost Souls" stuff I was going to make. Well ya, consider that project scratched. I still do love pokémon, and even my locked computer screen has a Mega Lucario as the background, but right now Undertale has pulled me more.

Since the release of the game, I've been enjoying it. At first, when I saw the gameplay, I didn't find it interesting. That was until i started playing it.

It's an amazing experience, which I recommend the old-school RPG gamers to give it a shot. Incredible story, awesome soundtracks and the characters have that unique touch with different personalities. To me, that is a hell of a recipe for a game.

And then there's the fan community... Well, it isn't bad. I am part of it and I enjoy the art, the music covers (that's actually my favorite part) and a lot of roleplays and different universes or "AUs".

When I saw some animations (and I mean the well animated ones that have a lot of effort to them, I became inspired to make my own AU. And that's when I started to make some Undertale art. I didn't post here right away because I was busy. Too focused on my newest addiction.

And after 2-3 years I just come back. I really want to make more art and post it right here as well. Now, I share my artworks in the Amino communities, here and sometimes on G+.

My Youtube channel has been halted for 2 months now. That's due to me not having the patience nor the time to record any videos. but anyway...

Back to the new AU, I started to post my art on the amino group and the Feedback was off the charts! People really loved my new art style and it felt really good. That was when I decided to make a comic... well, that's where I stopped for a while.

To this day, I still don't know how will I make a comic. And to be honest, I can't draw most Undertale characters yet. Or at least, draw them well in my style. But I still keep on trying everyday.

But back then, there was one major problem. Naming the AU.

I didn't really know what name I should put. I was disoriented, my head was burning with so many names to choose. A "skele-ton" of names have been made and I had a very difficult time. Until I started thinking on the story. And the name came out of it.

Simply put, since the story would have fights and stuff, I thought on a name that was a synonym to "fight". And I remembered the word "Combat". Adding the Undertale touch with "Tale" I mixed both words and it was born: "combat Tale".

When I searched the name online, I found something interesting in here. There was someone making one AU with the same name. I got devastated, until I noticed it had been discontinued. I cheered.

3 months later I searched Combat Tale on Google, only to find my art there. I was happy. I looked into the site of Amino and found out someone was making an Au with the same name as mine. I checked it and I am going to be honest... The art isn't really good. I hate to say this, but it really wasn't. I won't get into details. But at least, the person tried...?

Anyway, I had the "brilliant" idea of sending a message to that person to explain that the name was already in use by me, since that artist had made the "AU" after me. No answer was received until now.

Sometime before, I watched the Glitch tale series ( A new episode came out already! If you're a fan, go watch it! It's really awesome!) and my inspiration became bigger and bigger.

So to simplify, Undertale has a special place in my heart, and I really want to do my part.

Now, There is one issue. A few weeks back, I made a Poll on Undertale Amino. It was called "Should Combat Tale (CT) become:" and there were 5 choices. I will put the current results here.

One - Comic = 35,7%

Two - Random Pages/Drawings = 0%

Three - Game = 10,7%

Four - Animation Series = 42,9%

Five - Q&A dubbed = 10,7%

See the numbers? Now, what I actually like to do is make them all. So, what I will (probably) do is the one with most votes first. Which is.... for the worst of my sins... Animated Series.

I am looking for animators already since I never tried this before, and I would like your opinion on the matter.

I will even create a channel JUST for this AU. This will be a helluva ride. But anyway, the Q&A will be done here on DeviantART so if you really want to check it out, don't forget to add me to your DeviantWatch (shameless and disgusting self-promotion again ~(~o~)~ ) and/or share with your friends and other fans of Undertale.

So this basically the "why was I gone for so long" story. I will start posting here more often for you guys. And if you're a skilled animator, you can contact me here by seinding me a message. I really appreciate your support guys!

Hasta luego! See Ya later! Até logo! À bientôt!


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