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Steel Family Crest Sigil _ Mk7

By Lucario-Stl
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"Your family's crest has had many meanings throughout history,
The Vigilant Watch, Unbreakable Spirit, Flourishing Roots... but most importantly, is the Core."

"The Core?"

"Yes. Perhaps in itself has more meanings then the rest combine.
Remember this; watch over, protect, and never forget..."


Yay! I made something for once! La la la la 

Sort of anyways... Special Thanks to CalicoStonewolf and his Pokemon types designs for the inspiration! 

So this is the 7th Variant, the current incarnation of the crest I think. I've been editing and tweaking this design for awhile now, and odds are I might change it again in the future xD
But for now, this is it. 
Should I post marks 1-6 too? I'll leave that for you'll to decide.

Don't forget to comment down below. 
Ask questions, I'll try to answer them.


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I like it! Good work! =D
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I hoped you would. That's the crest on the pauldron. Well... a modern form I think.