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The Sleepover

While the place where Book Horse had her first slumber party, Golden Oak Library, is no more, it still exists in the realm of dreams. There, in that place of fond memories and friendships forged, she is hosting a slumber party for her Canterlot friends as she rest peacefully in her new bed. It is a dream of old friends of many kinds.
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every pony had wish lyra could of join twilight in re connecting with her canterlot friends
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LOVE this scene and the description, awesome concept! Well done!
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That's some very impressive lighting you've got going in this scene. It really makes the whole thing work in my opinion.
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This makes me feel many feels.
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Your posters always come out excellentLuna Yelling icon 
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So... they're all in the library as Twi remembers it via dream-linking? Luna owes her at least that much, but it does seem kinda overkill. Cool to see the Canterlot gang making up for lost time. Where's Twinkleshine?

Great job.
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Why is Lyra phasing through the bed?
(Just say "'Cos it's a dream")
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Wait, those aren't the other five main characters! IMPOSTERS!
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