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Aika Halloween night

I really hope I post this in the right category >.<

So this is a drawing I made for an game called Aika Online, it is for their halloween contest to win some in-game goodies :meow:
The contest is to make an calendar of the month october that is Aika and Halloween themed ^^.

To give a little explanation of what you see:
You see a cleric (the healing *and most cutest* class of the whole game) killing some pumpkin monster (which is also in the game) to make it into an halloween decoration.
The other pumpkin monsters are watching in fear because they might be next.
One of them tries an desperate attack to fear the cleric away but it won't help. Another one lies depressed in it's little emo-corner.
On the background you see a mean personality pran (which is your companion in game, all characters have a pran that follows you around everywhere. They have different personalities depending on how you raise them). The pran in this picture has done something terrible and plans on doing something really bad as you can see from the evil look in her eyes.
Maybe she will come for you O.O, creeping around like that can't mean anything good
Quick! Hide, hide now you still can :nuu:

I spend quite some hours on it :faint:
I hope that I win :squee:

It is made with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop :heart:

For all the people who's stock photo's I used: I hope I don't violate any of your rules with this, I read them all but if I understood something differently then you meant to I am very sorry >.<.
Also, if you see your stock in this picture but it is not listed below, tell me so I can add it ^^
*I will note you that I used your stock, I just uploaded this so it will take a little time before I told you all* I think I told you all now ^^

Stocks I used:
[link] - ~chop-stock
[link] - ~DarkMaiden-Stock
[link] - ~BGSW
[link] - ~violety
[link] - ~RosalineStock
[link] - ~stock-pics-textures
[link] - ~Dori-Stock
[link] - ~insurrectionx
[link] - ~NadinePau-stock
[link] - ~venom-stock
[link] - ~Jiko-Stock
[link] - ~Andrei-Oprinca
[link] - ~kool007kat
[link] - ~wojtar-stock
[link] - ~slobo777-stock
[link] - ~lostandtaken
[link] - ~Lostmolotov
[link] - *rustymermaid-stock
[link] - *Inadesign-Stock
[link] - *venomxbaby
[link] - *Hjoranna
[link] - *CAStock
[link] - `FantasyStock
[link] - `FantasyStock
[link] - =ftourini

Fonts I used:

Brushes I used:

Don't use this image anywhere, I spend a lot of work on this and don't want someone else to claim it as theirs.
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