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Cronotopo Recycle 1.3

Italian minimalistic recycle for Rainmeter

New CHANGELOG - VERSION 1.3 (September, 17 - 2016)

Bullet; Black general optimization in code and graphics
Bullet; Black improved settings panel
Bullet; Black bug fixed: skin was not showing the correct font
Bullet; Black two sizes: normal (140 px) and small (80 px)

Rabbit hole FEATURES

Bullet; Black available in 2 different sizes: normal and small
Bullet; Black available in 2 languages: english and italian
Bullet; Black customizable
Bullet; Black animated
Bullet; Black integrated settings panel


Flag of Italy Italian
Flag of United Kingdom English
If your language is not present check the instructions below for including it by yourself! :) (Smile)


1. Send me a private message in which you tell me you want to include a certain language
2. I will reply giving you a configuration file in english which you will need edit to your language
3. You will send me back the file
4. I will include it within a new upgrade for the skin mentioning you and your contribution :) (Smile)


Cronotopo Recycle - Demo


This skin uses RainRGB4 by Jeffrey Morley


If you like this you may also like Cronotopo Clock


Please help me improving your experience by answering some brief questions.
What is your favourite size for a Rainmeter widget?
What is your screen resolution?

If you like my work and want to support me please donate
Thank you!
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i cant download it

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Great work!!!
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Update 1.3 is out! Firelite-photo
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I'm dying for a smaller version of this, I have a 1080p screen so this this is just humongous. 
lucamennoia's avatar
Hi, i also have a 1080 screen and it's not too big.
Are you sure you're not running the big variant of the skin?
You can check it by...
right click on Rainmeter tray > Cronotopo Recycle > Variants
Let me know
Asainguy444's avatar
Yup, too big for my taste. It's on smallest. like 50px is good for me.
lucamennoia's avatar
Ok thanks a lot for the feed!
MunaNazzal's avatar
I like the design ;)
userforusing's avatar
Love the update. Really nice design overhaul and thanks for the colour customisation.
unisira's avatar
It's awesome, just what i was looking for
miss-azule's avatar
Great skin, exactly what I've been looking for.  Love the color customizer~
Is it possible to change it so that left click empties the bin and right click opens the bin?
lucamennoia's avatar
Yes! You can easily do it if you edit the code. Just swap the "Left" and "Right" substrings in rows 57, 58 and 70, 71 and refresh the skin.
userforusing's avatar
Thanks for the skin. I really like it but have one request. Is it possible to show how many files are in the bin and how much space they are taking up?
lucamennoia's avatar
This skin is not designed to show those info although Rainmeter's functionalities allow to do it.
I mean it's possible, but only if you change the code.
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I've just released version 1.1. Check out the news!
userforusing's avatar
Big thanks for the update. Much appreciated!
lucamennoia's avatar
Your feedback too! You're welcome!
Is there any chance of making it even smaller?
lucamennoia's avatar
Not so is theoretically possible but you'll need to properly change the code and some graphic stuff.
I don't reccommend it but i am curious on what's pushing you to need a smaller skin, this is a common necessity among users.
Don't get me wrong, it's a great skin and while it isn't actually too big, I'd just like it a little smaller so it would fit my setup a little more.
Overall it's okay, I wouldn't mind it if it stayed this "big".
lucamennoia's avatar
Don't worry, i'm interested in knowing these details because i always think hard at better "coding strategies" to meet those needs like the one you've just raised. Thank you =)
teddybearcholla's avatar
Love it!!!  Thanks for sharing!!!
lucamennoia's avatar
You're welcome!!
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