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Anorexia paint 5

A draw made in paint to art class proyect

Anorexia is a terrible big problem in the society.
Be carefull with the diets.


Un dibujo en hecho en paint para el proyecto de la clase de artes.

La Anorexia es un terrible gran problema en la sociedad.
Sean cuidadosos con las dietas!
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This is why women are stupid. You won't swell up like a balloon when you merely look at a drop of water. Just because you can pull some of your skin doesn't mean you're fat. Skin is naturally stretchy. Anorexic people are nothing but attention whores
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I'm going to use this image with my 13 yearolds student on obesity versus anrexia in S.Korea. The lesson won't be done until next week but here's a link...…
A friend has gone through anorexia and pulled through...I wish I'd had this to show her. it was scary.
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it'd be a honor :o
Very poignant indeed. I don't have the disorder myself but I imagine that the image is exactly how a person with anorexia would view themselves because of poor self-image.
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This scene, the girl in front the mirror is very famous, it's the icon of anorexia.
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That's a powerful piece.
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Thanks! ^___^
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