Okay, I confess... I want to build a real robot!

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The RAL project is aborted.
If I ever build any kind of robot, it will be an Arduino hobby kit or a service appliance. Just for fun. MFCs are still cool and I'll see if I become able to create an electricity generator based on organic waste to recharge phones, etc.
All the RAL designs for robots I created so far will be used in some of my Sci-Fi work.
That's all. Thanks for being here. :)
- Luana, out.
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That's - actually things my own kids work on here - making robots. I've worked with them at the technical facility here where we live and it's exciting but rather complicated, particularly the basic programming. Building the functioning bot isn't hard depending on the task but writing the software for things like movement and response to say - barriers they come across - takes a bit of training.