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Inktober18 Day4: Fairy

By LualaDy
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Markers on bristol paper, A5
ReferencePerit 24 by Sitara-LeotaStock
Theme: inspired by Shesvii's suggestion, flower fairies

Tadaaaaaaaaa! Well, yes! Markers are made from ink (and plastic, we'll try to excuse my addiction by slooowly exiting this space)
(the comming back as if nothing happened)

Ok, so, today I had to draw at HANK PIZZA (love this place), so instead of bringing the messy ink... I brought the messy markers... logic!
This took me so much ressources that I again broke into a I'm never gonna use markers again crisis.
And yet I know I will come back...

Ok, whatever, do you like the fairy or not? =D

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Lovely work! I love her pose and the dress looks so beautiful!
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So gentle
And l like the that violet😃
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thank you ^^
purple is my favourite colour
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yea its pretty:D (Big Grin) 
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Aaw, the dress is so sweet :aww:
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So pretty, I love her calm pose.
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Day 5 Fairy: Purple really suits her like a pedal. A sure work of art and wonders to perform. Nice.  
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So pretty. Once again, I love the colours :D 
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This is lovely. The colours you chose are so appealing, and the lighting and shading is so soft and pleasant. Finally, the figure is so graceful and dainty, it's exactly how I imagine a fairy! Great work on this one.
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thank you so much!!!!

I love fairies, but didn't want to go to the obvious winged depiction
I'm glad that even though without the wings, she still looks like a fairy to you ^^
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No problem!

I think you did great, the wings would even be a bit redundant.
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C'est superbe I think I've fainted. franchement je n'aurais jamais pensé que ce serait du feutre! on ne voit aucune marque, tout est parfaitement fondu... comme de la peinture.
On va quand même espérer que dans le mois il y aura un petit deuxième aux feutres pour lui tenir compagnie! :D
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yay merci!!!!
oui il y aura sûrement un 2e!

j'utilise ceux avec une pointe pinceau, normalement, si on les utilise bien il ne devrait pas y avoir de marques!
c'est bien pour ça que je l'ai mis en "painting" parce que pour moi c'est pas du dessin
par contre c'est beaucoup de boulot!
GIF Steven Universe - Is she dead? 
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