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Inktober18 Day22 Clestial Unicorn (collab) REDUX


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Watercolour & Ink on paper, 20*15cm
Collab with Sieskja (sketch)

Original available for sale

Edit 30/11/2019: rescanned and re-edited to match better the original

Something crazy because we need it =D

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demihime's avatar
The unicorn looks so wonderfully ethereal~ Beautiful work!
LualaDy's avatar
thank  you ^^
CatSalinas's avatar
Wow, this is so beautiful! Did you use salt for the pattern in the background? I've tried using salt in my watercolors and I've never gotten that pretty of an effect.
LualaDy's avatar
hello, thank you!
indeed it was salt!
for a nice effect you can try wetting the paper first, then adding colour and while it's still well wet, drop the salt in there!
tell me if it worked!!!!
Kirschpraline's avatar
Beautiful, it looks like the unicorn is glowing C:
LualaDy's avatar
yes yes thank you =D
groundivy's avatar
The ink and watercolors work together very nicely here, love it.
LualaDy's avatar
Avoice's avatar
Oh my gosh!! this is gorgeous!!!!
rainbow000pegasus's avatar
Love the glow, nice work!
Nimiszu's avatar
This is gorgeous! Lovely work with the background texture in contrast with such a smooth, and believably bright/shining unicorn :love:
LualaDy's avatar
thank you so much!!!
szynszyla-stokrotka's avatar
That's awesome! Your unicorn looks so tough and badass! I rarely see them like this. I love the subtle hints of purple in the background and in the horses fur (its hard to explain what I mean but I really love how it looks)
LualaDy's avatar
thank you! I understand!!!

I think in modern days we tend to draw the unicorn as a horse, rather than a goat as it was in medieval times
szynszyla-stokrotka's avatar
You're welcome :)

Really, it used to be viewed as a goat? That's cool . . . I know it had that goat-y beard but I always thought the original "unicorn" in the Bible was a rhinoceros and people misinterpreted that as being a fantasy creature with one horn (unicorn specifically means a creature with one horn and can in theory be anything lol). I know medieval drawings of unicorns were a little . . . special . . . but I never realized they were supposed to be goats lol :) So that's why they're so short and with such mischievous expressions lol
LualaDy's avatar
yes ^^
I agree with the vision that mythical creatures were actually just people seeing some animals for the first time and describing them with what they already know
but then when people listen to it, they imagine some fantasy creature instead ^^
HollyRoseBriar's avatar
This is so pretty!
LualaDy's avatar
SpectralClandestine1's avatar
So elegant this unicorn is! He looks as if he is staring directly at us
through the bright moonlight, but were only getting its shimmering through
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