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Inktober18 Day19 Tanuki Momma (collab)


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Watercolour & Ink on paper, ~A5
Collab with Sieskja (sketch)

We all know the Tanuki for his testicles (what??? you didn't know????), but who cares about Tanuki moms huh???
Well... you may actually not want to meet one if they really look like the one in my illustration mouahahahahahaha!

Please give some love to creepy tanuki moms!

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Les couleurs de ces lampions sont superbes !
LualaDy's avatar
Merci beaucoup ^^
Monseo's avatar
You have been featured here Show Me Red, Orange, and Yellow. :orange: :lemon: :heart:
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oh, thank you for telling me
DA did not send me a notification for some reason =O
Monseo's avatar
^^ no problem. lol, it'll be a surprise if it shows up in a few days
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Explosive Masterpiece !
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mhm - what's under the tanukis robe? :)
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wellll, this one's supposed to be a lady =P
Feuersteincomics's avatar
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it's not very visible now, but from the sketch I can tell it'sa female kimono, so this is why I called the piece "tanuki momma"
since the tanuki is a real animal, I figured they would also have females ^^
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"We all know the Tanuki for his testicles" Wtf!
The colors are beautiful btw!
LualaDy's avatar
hahhaha thanks

well yeah, that's supposed to be their main features =D
Aya-Lunar's avatar
Cool! I like the colors and the glowing light from the lanterns, nice work!
LualaDy's avatar
Leochi's avatar
Love that colour combination! :heart:
LualaDy's avatar
MegapixelMasterpiece's avatar
Creepy moms and magical balls! Hahaha
The yellows and oranges are so nice against the darker colours 
LualaDy's avatar
Lovely Shoujo (Nods) [V4]  ever since I saw this sketch, I knew it needed lanterns!!!!
MegapixelMasterpiece's avatar
Yes! The lanterns just feel like they should be there for sure
theIceOrchid's avatar
Awesome. Love those lanterns.
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