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Steampunk 6: Asian Aeronaut

:D I took extra time on this one, trying out some new shading and highlighting techniques. I think it makes the metal & fabric seem more real.
Well, except for the mandarin top anyway. I don't know why that didn't really come out very well. :/

Blue silk mandarin top with gold accents, muslin undershirt with kimono-style sleeves, cotton underbust corset with a map print, green bustled overskirt with beaded fringe in the front, indigo silk bloomers, leather boots, harness, and pouch belt. Oh, and goggles.

Oh hey, I also tried giving her a shadow. What do you guys think?
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May I draw fan art of her?
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Your characters/drawings are very interesting. If you give them personalities and names you could really make them interesting. You should try making the people around you into fantasy characters. I do that when I'm bored.
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Original desing, I like it :)
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I LOVE THIS, i love how you did the sleeves :)
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oh wow o-o the mixing of the two concepts is profound. Looks REALLY awesome. A splash of oriental asia with a couple gears here and there and wooohhooo steampunk! >: D!
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Love the idea of it and it is beautiful, but the practicalities of an aeronaut with such extravagant sleeves and the bustled train does bother me. It would be rather unwieldy when it comes to doing her job...
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Yeah... I think I named it that because of the aeronautic aesthetic rather than what I thought you could do wearing it, although honestly I don't remember anymore! ^_^; On the whole, though, I do support realistically utilitarian costuming in steampunk, even though I've noted it's very very common for women in particular to wear very uncomfortable clothing like corsets and bustles when their persona's profession is something very active like paleontologist or explorer, etc. :/
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wow great job on this XD, it sorta reminds me of steampunk X)
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Love the design, and you really did do a fantastic job on the shading. :clap:
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I really like the sleeves!
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Great choice of pieces!
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I really like this! Nice details, the blouse is especially cute.
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Love the top bit, with the Mandarin top and the corset and leather. still getting the 'I must make this' urge...attempting to supress...not working...

Fabtabulous, anyway. With the shadow, it's peachy, just needs to be pulled out to the right a little more, because her arm would cast a shadow too. I like the idea of making her a little more exsistant, not just a design element.

Also, I was in our local thrift store buying Doc Martins and pinstriped pants thinking steampunky thoughts today. Just for you.
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Some things suck about having size 9 feet, and one of them is you can be pretty much guaranteed you will not find shoes that fit you in a thrift store. Which means if you want Doc Martins, you have to buy them new. Which is expensive. :cry:

Thank you for your shadow advice, like I said it's my first attempt and I haven't figured it all out yet. ^^; That definitely helps.
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My feet are the same size as yours, actually, and I was a little worried about these because they're actually eights, but they still fit. And I mean, they were still fourty bucks, but they WEREN'T one fifty, so that was cool. You just gotta keep trying, really. I tend to get most of my shoes at thrift stores now. And...well, most of my good clothing.

Shadows are wonky. They'll do what you say, eventually.
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It looks very aristocratic. :D I like aristocratic aeronaut.
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