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Urban fantasy
Set in London
Majority of main characters should be young adults.
Gangs and old institutions are prevalent thought this underground culture
Magic is channelled into wands made of pure magic but they still feel physical. These wands are comprised of one of six elements. They are earth, fire, wind, water, metal and wood (this is based on an amalgamation of both western and eastern classic elements).  Variations can be made by combining elements in a certain order. For instance wood and then fire would create a charcoal wand but fire and wood would make an ash wand. The orbs are created though gnostic meditation which can come in a variety of forms. More than two elements can be combined at once to make a wand and this will affect the outcome. For instance a glass wand would be water, metal, sand. However there are some combinations which always produce the same affect no matter the combination such as air, fire, earth is always the same. The first type of
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Talk jabber
Squawk jabber
Oh so many words
Jabbering in one ear and out the other
Hardly stopping to take a breath
So many words so why oh why
Can't anybody say something?
Thousands of letters with nary hint of meaning
Politicians going days without committing
Papers with without a shred of news for pages
I was told that words are the ultimate weapon
A keyboard can kneecap the planet
A book is the ultimate bomb and
The pen is mightier than the sword
So it strikes me that these days we are all pacifists
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Multi-coloured fish flying through green ices fields
Shifting sands of minds unchained
Jumbled eyes recollecting half remembered sights
A knight fills out paperwork on waterfall of irises  
Murmurings of unrecognised half-truths told by brains half asleep
Pale men with stars for eyes speak of far off ideas
A man in a gas mask asks you to choose between an emerald and ruby.
Dreams make no sense when there gone
Yet they are real whilst we are there
May you dream of wonders tonight
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My weapon
My weapon is both blunt and sharp
My weapons target can be a single person or nations
My weapon is both banned and praised by some depending on its form
My weapon can be taken past a thousand guards without them blinking at the sight of it
My weapon leaves no evidence but can scar for life
What is my weapon?
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The Game station war
A Cynical Fleet arrives on high and disgorges
Dave with a million Yognaught's at his back.
Zam pontificates in his palace as
One Moderately Funny Guy Causes Absolute Total Annihilation.
A Belligerent 23 men dominate the competition.
With their Minds Aflame the enemy they batter at
The walls of the Fort Crafted by the station
A Husky man calls to them to start Crafting the Stars
All to be shown in startling HD
As they Pour Scorn in Your ear
On Artosis TV.
Ahnaris commands the
Liquid Net Team to round up the rabble
Live on Day Nine TV as they yell
Remember Tomorrow because  
No Diggity we will have won this war by then.
Chugga a Conroy crashes through the ranks like a train
As Ryder games them with a
Nintendo controller whilst drinking Capri Sun .
Nin Buzz's around blitzing bombers
As High Class Baily talks to
Josh Jepson about how best to deploy
The 22 Veridiya Gooru's.
Super Skarmory prepares to bring harmony to the battle
As Koshi Sushi prepares the knives
Slim Kirby fasts o
:iconltp15:ltp15 2 2
The ripple of lightning in the palm of your hand
The inferno at your finger tips
The light in your head
As deadly each as the dragons breath
The knife in their hands
The claws at their finger tips
The teeth in their head
As dangerous as drunken dwarf
The hammer in his hands
The staff at his finger tips
The stone of light above his head
To serve a throne stone
:iconltp15:ltp15 2 2
The eyes that look
The Greeks used to say that a look had power
A person could curse with a glance
But these days the belief has faded but the power has not  
An eye may not hold the gorgons power
But a look can hold you in place as easily as cement
Or wither quite quicker than a cockatrice
Perhaps hypnotize far quicker than an Amphithere
And start a fire as more subtly than a chimera
People may forget that eyes have power
But all you need to do is look
:iconltp15:ltp15 1 1
The field changes
The field changes
The earth shifts
Solid ground of
Long held beliefs
Scatter and change
So should you
The dynamic landscape
Your heart and
The shifting sands
Your actions and
The water fall
Your intent this
Is how the
Battle is won
Do not give
In as the
The world shifts
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The truth of we
Some people say that we all need a single truth
They say that everyone will be joyous when it's found
But they don't see the truth right before their eyes
Even as they yell at a crowd gathered around
The truth is truths as different as similar as the very crowd
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Piano in the corner
Piano in the corner
Slightly out of tune
What joy you have brought
Oh sentinel of sound
So gather round
And bring good cheer
As we cry our defiance to any pain this year
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The maelstrom of life
A maelstrom of chaos blows by
And everyone shouts and cries
Yelling to the heaven why after having brought everything to balance
It has been dashed by the cruel hand of fate
They do not stop to marvel at the beauty of this landscape and the maelstrom itself
This chaos so heightened by the sheer attempt to get though it
Stop take five deep breaths
One to calm yourself
Two to look
Three to see
Four to predict
Five to act to bring it back to the balance teetering on the edge
That is life and the chaos is beauty.
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The shadow in the room
Look at them go
Never stopping to think just whirling dervish of drink and noise
The pace never slows  
The lights and the smoke clear for moment and there he stands
A shadow in the room
Hardly moving at all the others flow around like a rock and a river
He listens to them
How much they talk and he smiles at how little they actually say
He cannot help but wonder
Why do they hide behind all the irrelevant things and pretend that they are who they are
He stands in a room of masks
Everyone hiding behind an idea of their self made ideal
The only one content to be themselves
In a room of shadows
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Ash, mud and minerals
Did you ever stop to look?
Not at the sky or the world around us as beautiful as it is.
But down at the world below your feet.
If you do most will see the floor but look further down not at but in to it.
They say that man was made from mud and ash.
Everything we needed to grow and take the earth to the sky.
But stop for a moment.
Each person is like the earth.
A thousand minerals like the thousand traits of a single soul.
Did you ever stop to look?
At the people as different and similar as anything else on the planet.
We are bound to the mud of our bones and the ash in our veins.
:iconltp15:ltp15 1 3
All they do is laugh at me.
Pointless peter
Pity they never really understood
Oh they may have there strengths but they have
Restricted there view about
The truth of my strengths
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eye id by ltp15 eye id :iconltp15:ltp15 1 0
I've always hated clocks
There tick-tock always annoyed me, never a moments peace. Time is caged by the tick, not even the most magical moment can survive the midnight chime. Cant even where a watch, just plain annoys me. My father always rattled on at the importance of time for hours of it.
That was until he went to the docks
Never came back. No end of pity. No end of therapy. Just stare at the clock and talk whilst the man whose only thought is for the next round of golf at the end of the hour and charges by it wrights notes that will be in the bin in a minute. Funny how it all turned out.
My mother changed the locks
That was it. We got on with life as best we could. Placating all the officials, busy bodies and worry warts. Time moved on. Faster, slower never caring. I moved on, got 'better' in the eyes of those above. Laughed when they moved on to the next poor sot who will receive their help.
A single sock
Just hangs in the air. My mother hangs in
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