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Rogue Kusa Art By Fluffypepole

By lTalon
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Character belongs to me. 
Art by the wonderful fluffypepole 

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Sketchpage + Half body Full colour commission  $40 

[Sketchpage + Free halfbody] Reopened LAST batchUpdate: Reopening this ! I won't be adding more slots anymore once all is claimed. 
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Sketchpage + Half body Full colour commission

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[for sketchpage inc. b&w flat sketches ( 1 full body, 2 headshots expressions and 1 half body)] & full colour half-body comm!
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You can get more than 1 slots. ^^
Here are examples for the sketchpage:

Rogue Kusa by Fluffypepole by lTalon  

Full Name: Rogue Kusa
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Race/Homeland: Chenese, Chenzhao. 
Hair: Medium length, jet black.
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Light blue.
Height: 5'9
Weight: 150
Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc): None.
Personality: Cold, merciless, loyal, intelligent, and carefree. 
General Happiness: Fairly decent.
Social Level: Rogue isn't a sociable guy.
Likes: Peace, rain, birds,and the cold.
Favorite Foods: Grilled yellow-tail.
Favorite Drinks: Water.
Favorite Colors: Light gray.
Dislikes: Talkative people, smelly perfume, nobles, harming the innocent.
Hobbies: Sleeping and training.
Relationship Status: in a relationship with Reka Salko.
Place of residence: Chenzhao, Jiang-Sho
Place of Birth: Chenzhao, Jingsong.
Occupation: Shogun Intel/Ninja.
Enemies: All of Japah.
Wealth Status: Makes enough to live off of.
Favored Weapon: Cursed Ninjato, Hyōketsu.
Weapon Skill: Elite.
Weapon Soulstone 
Abilities: Ice manipulation, being able to freeze anything his sword touches.  His sword can freeze up to 120 inchs for 5 minutes at a time.  Any place with water is in  his favor, hot places tend to weaken his swords soulstone to freeze to half of what it can when in wet or cold places. This is the reason Rogue prefers to stay in places he knows his sword will  have a better outcome when using. His sword is known as Hyōketsu, who is seen as a curse. If the user is not accepted by the sword, it will freeze them to death. 
Parents: Father: Daisuke Eiji (Noble from Japah.)
Mother: Kaiya Kusa. (Prostitute from the Chenzhao redlight district.)
History: Rogue was a mistake at birth, his mother a prostitute slept with a noble high class man from Japah. Getting pregnant soon after sleeping with the noble a few times, she'd plead for the nobles help. Not believing a prostitute he'd shrug her off, while giving her some money to keep things queit between the two, so Rogue never grew up knowing his father. His mother tried to raise him while she continued her work in the redlight district of Jingson Chenzhao to support the both of them. Rogue grew up around drugs, alcohol,  and slutty women. It was hard to see his mother drugged up and while bringing different men to their home every night.  Knowing this life wasn't really suited for her child she'd make the hardest decision by placing Rogue in an orphanage where he meet Shogen. Living there for a couple of years Shogen, his sisters, and Rogue would be taken in by Chenzhao Shogun Fang. The two would undergoing extreme training to server Shogun Fang and later on Narrow. Rogue and Shogen follow a rough dark path that helped them escape their old despairing lives.  

The look was created by Kamikachan on DA. 

RP word map.

Fukitsuna Map by lTalon 

Ltalon1 By Witchybase Ddhsca4-pre by lTalon 

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