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2015 Update

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Hi everyone!  I know it has been very long since I have shared anything new, and since I have spent any time on deviantART. Not sure how many people even follow me here anymore, but either way I thought it was time to give you all an update!

I usually don't like sharing personal stuff on my life.... Well anyways here it goes..... I have been dealing with anxiety & depression for a while now, it has gotten worse over the last year. Which is why I haven't been sharing new art or been very active on here and other social media lately. This isn't the first time I have dealt with this, and I am currently getting help for it. Which has been helping a lot. My husband and I also just adopted a dog! Which has been a huge help and has lifted my spirits quite a bit. His name is Barron he is a pit mix between 1-2 years old. He is such a perfect dog! And I am so happy to have finally rescued a dog, especially a pittie! Since adopting him I have been much happier and I have finally started working on my art again. I have been going through this art block for a long time now due to my depression and lack of self-esteem. But I am hopeful things will keep getting better. Anyways HERE IS my latest work! I decided to make a wallpaper :) So Feel free to check it out and share it with others! I hope everyone has been doing well so far this year! And hope to share new art again sometime soon! :) 

The Magic Path by LT-Arts

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Hi all :wave:
Not sure how many people even follow me on here anymore :giggle: I know that is partly my fault because I have been very distant for a while now on here. So I apologize for that! 

My gosh I know it has been FOREVER since I last wrote. It has been a very crazy busy year for me. With positives and negatives. I will admit things have been slowly getting better since I last wrote in February, it has been almost a year now since my grandma Lucy passed away (aug 28th) And she is always in my thoughts everyday, I miss her dearly, but I know she is at peace now and no longer has to suffer. I feel as though I have been stuck since she passed...well even before she passed away, Alzheimer's  is a horrible disease and to see your loved ones suffer through it and not be able to do anything really is heart-breaking and puts a tremendous amount of stress on the entire family. But I will always remember the good memories I had with her when I was younger, she was the sweetest grandmother in the world. In other news, my husband and I have been home-owners for over a year now. And having a house is a lot of up-keep so we are always busy with projects around the house, we built a wood fence over the summer and hope to get a dog soon!! I also planted my first garden, which is a lot of work, and I planted too much for my first garden! But it is nice to have fresh vegetables around :)  I also have been focusing a lot on my business lately. I have been creating a lot of cover designs this year. And some of you may already know about my RONE AWARD for "Best Cover Design" I won in July. Which I attached a photo of below..... Although I wished it said cover artist & my name instead of author lol either way it is an award and I am thrilled that I won! And hopefully I win many more in the future! :) Anyways I do have many arts I have been working on, I just haven't finished them yet. But I do hope to share new work soon! I hope you all are having a great year! God bless all of you! :heart: :dalove:
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:star: I am currently available to design Book Covers & CD Covers. I also have some pre-made covers available on my website If you are interested in having me design your cover or have additional questions please email 

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new art! :) something a little different!

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