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Monet Talks pt.2 :iconlstkntlft:lstkntlft 0 1
Mature content
Money Talks pt.1 :iconlstkntlft:lstkntlft 0 0
Mature content
There are a few things that I :iconlstkntlft:lstkntlft 0 2
Mature content
A Time for Everything pt. 12 :iconlstkntlft:lstkntlft 1 0
here comes trouble,
across the floor and faster than you'd believe,
walking around the corner and faster than you'd have thought to preceive
eyes wide with a wonder and wild desire,
setting off to explore with a soul on fire
the many questions of childhood's inocent bliss,
are left on the ears of those eagerly waiting for todays new wish
now he's off to learn the world,
reading, writing, and maybe even girls
it seems like so little time has passed,
to where he now stands with friends and family massed
and now here he stands, after many hospital trips,
with the very same words on his lips,
here comes trouble
:iconlstkntlft:lstkntlft 1 0
Beautiful Dreamer
I met a girl just the other day,
she had diamonds for eyes, and a special kind of way
she told me I was a knight,
all I can do now is whatever I must to prove her right
it only started as a feeling,
and now all I want is to dance and sing while it's raining
I've been dreaming of angel wings,
of gentle kisses and all the songs that devils may sing
my soul is now on fire,
a light so bright that I mistake it for a funeral pyre
so many words written already,
I'd forgotten what they meant until my heart beats fast and steady
I met a girl just the other day,
she had a diamond heart, and dreamed crystalline dreams when she came my way
:iconlstkntlft:lstkntlft 2 9
Mature content
One Way or Another entry 6 :iconlstkntlft:lstkntlft 0 0
Mature content
One Way or Another entry 5 :iconlstkntlft:lstkntlft 1 0
Mature content
A Time for Everything pt.11 :iconlstkntlft:lstkntlft 1 0
Mature content
One Way or Another entry 4 :iconlstkntlft:lstkntlft 0 0
i'm staring at the door again
i'm praying you're not on the other side
i'm dreaming about our nightmare
the time has come for me not to hide
in my dazed wonder
i can feel all the sad, sad songs
all those moments lost in my mind
in my head, i try to right all those wrongs
everyone is talking in tongues
senses aren't making sense
i try to atone for my sins
but i'm a sinner now and forever hence
and i want to walk away
i want to fly to the place where we were
but i'm tied to this wretched state
and i can't fly anymore
:iconlstkntlft:lstkntlft 0 0
The Bed I've Made
morning has found me again
in a bed filled with meaningless dreams
and sheets of warm regret falling over me
my eyes have finally settled on the memory above me
it's a picture of what was worth staying for
but now it is no more than a shadow
the picture is a constant reminder
of the one i can never have
the one that will never love me
my bed has become a monument over the years
i've never noticed until today
a monument to shattered things that need to be forgotten
time presses forward, as it always will
finally, the time has come to wake
and the ever brightening sea of stars slips into view
i rise from my bed
straiten my collar
and set off for another regret
:iconlstkntlft:lstkntlft 0 0
Heart of a Dead Man
i fall, only to rise again, no phoenix needed to revive
my heart will not stop beating, it is no longer mine
it was stolen by the angel with the burning wings
and in return i've gained such a stranger thing
the heart of a dead man beats in me
each beat brings a new life for me to see
my past now lies before me in a grand, dramatic view
and in looking in your eyes, i find that my life is finally true
on wings formed from the tears i've bled
i com to the place where my blood was last shed
the ground here is soaked in memories
i must take flight, for here come the monstrosities
in black alleyways off of darkened streets
the lights flicker and hum in tune with my heart beats
and when the demons come from their respective shadows
i keep them from you, keeping your mind on peaceful meadows
once again i stand before the eyes of heaven
to answer for my sins, one through seven
but the dead man' heart won't let me die
forever kee
:iconlstkntlft:lstkntlft 1 0
Laura's Song
i never got to tell you goodbye,
i somehow got lost along the way.
i made a promise that you'd never cry,
guess i'll have to keep it another day.
i went and fell into this hole called life,
twisting and turning 'till i hit the ground.
i have sat, perched on the edge of this knife,
and wondered of things so profound.
i didn't want to leave you there,
i didn't want to go at all.
of all other things, i don't care,
i must pay this back once and for all.
i didn't want to leave you there,
i didn't want to go at all.
i never wanted to give so much care,
damnit, why did i have to fall?
of all the things to be lost,
my heart was the first to go.
my memory heightened at the worst cost,
bringing back what i already know.
too many times my path has strayed,
too many times life has done what it does.
the world has moved on yet i have stayed,
lost in a fleeting moment just because.
i can't sleep, my dreams are cursed,
that last heightened memory.
the d
:iconlstkntlft:lstkntlft 3 0
A Time for Everything pt.10
     We've all been there. Mom caught you with a hand in the cookie jar. The wife finds you smoking when you were supposed to have quit. The boss catches you slacking when you should be working. We've all had that one moment where the first coherent thought to enter the mind is, 'oh shit.'
     Drake Stanton has had more than a few of these moments in his life, and has prided himself on coming up with exclamations that are little more … articulate. So when the three remaining generals appeared across the roof, staring him down like he owed them money, Drake's mind began articulating.
     "Sweet likeness of christ on a waffle."
     Both Tuxedo Mask and Nephrite slowly turned their heads to the young man and responded in unison, "What?"
     "What are you doing here?" said Drake ignoring the inquisitive looks of his companions.
:iconlstkntlft:lstkntlft 3 0
the monsters are here,
but none of their cries will reach your ear
i close my eyes to see your face,
even though i try, i can't keep your pace
i've danced around you, though you didn't see,
always wishing that you'd dance with me
even together we're always apart,
but my mind is never too far from your heart
another had clouded my sight,
it took her to realize that you were right
i've killed myself a thousand times,
just to think of the right word for the right rhyme
time slipping further and further on,
but i just sit and wait for the dawn
the ache in my soul, wanting to be,
some part of your heart, my sweet victory
:iconlstkntlft:lstkntlft 4 0

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United States
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Personal Quote: "even the damned love." ~ stephen king
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finally, Finally, FINALLY! after countless hindrances, an numerous set backs, i have finally finished part 12 of a time for everything. on a related note, i am also making good headway on jason's gift story (yeah, i know, i'm all late and shit, so sue me). i hope that this small bout of literary luck turns into a streak. who knows? i might even get the chance to finish the first chapter of my new jake ashley story. one can only hope :)

long days and pleasant nights


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