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My Plenty of Servofish Submission by lSoulCollectorl My Plenty of Servofish Submission :iconlsoulcollectorl:lSoulCollectorl 0 0
Wingdings: Segoe UI Font (My version)
(NOTE! Not all of the symbols are accurate. I went through all of the symbols supported in Segoe UI, in Microsoft Word. Some symbols either don't show up right, or aren't even included in the font itself. If you have a replacement for a symbol, feel free to comment below. I may update the list with your symbol in it. I'll credit you for finding it, to be fair.
-In eternity, Soul Collector)
Aa: ✌♋
Bb: 👌♌
Cc: 👍♍
Dd: 👎♎
Ee: 👈♏
Ff: 👉♐
Gg: 👆♑
Hh: 👇♒
Ii: 👋♓
Jj: ☺℘
Kk: 😑&
Ll: ☹⬤  
Mm: 💣❍
Nn: ☠⬛
Oo: ⚐⬚ (Yes I know the lowercase o is supposed to be a box but look below)
Pp: 🚩⬜ (I used the normal box for lowercase p since the thick box doesn't work)
Qq: ✈❑
Rr: 🌞❒
Ss: 💧⬪
Tt: ❄⬧
Uu: ✝◆
Vv: ✞❖
:iconlsoulcollectorl:lSoulCollectorl 0 0
I stare at my shadow,
and I know she's staring back.
In the void, where there is no light.
My shadow is there, waiting.
And when I'm asleep,
I follow her through the dark.
:iconlsoulcollectorl:lSoulCollectorl 0 0
Anger is one letter away from Danger Poem
Anger, is one letter away from,
A game changer that renders friends,
Everybody tells you to just,
 stay calm.
But it’s almost impossible to stop,
 a timed bomb.
It only takes a bad name.
To set you off, insane.
A finger on the trigger
and a twitch away from death.
All the power to the wicked
Whilst the good can’t take a breath.
Quiet, not a single soul cares.
Regardless of the fact that you’re trapped in despair.
But y’know, “just smile.”
None of it is real, your mind’s just vile.
We’re gonna ship you away to where you belong,
Why haven’t you been here all along?
A place of pure white walls,
They contain all of the screaming and humanity’s faults.
Kid you’ve earned your admission.
You just can’t be free with your condition.
This is a place to write novels,
You no longer keep your hate in bottles.
A daily routine of screams and shouts,
“Christ alive, don’t they kn
:iconlsoulcollectorl:lSoulCollectorl 0 0
Memories: Soul Collector
Memories, memories,
they can be your worst enemies.
Capable of ripping you limb from limb,
rending you at your wit’s brim.
Leaving you in pain,
questioning if you lived your life in vain.
Pondering the sanity in your brain,
and if you should be detained.
You’re left feeling drained,
what have you even gained?
Now you’re strained,
chained, ingrained in all of their lies.
Their friendship a guise,
they can’t see through your eyes.
They can’t see the damages,
their cruel mismanages.
That make you want to die.
Remember, remember,
the smoldering embers.
Where your soul burned bright,
before the bite of blight and the cold of night.
Left in contrite, you wish your soul would burst in flame,
but you remember, it isn’t yours to claim.
You’ve sold your soul, your being, your very meaning.
Looking back, it’s so demeaning.
Remember, remember,
that dark dreary December.
:iconlsoulcollectorl:lSoulCollectorl 0 0


My Plenty of Servofish Submission
I had no clue what to tag this as honestly, but this was the best place for me to actually upload the image so, here it is <3 
edited in pixlr express


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Bec Hill
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Creation is destruction, peace of mind is descent into madness. Everything we know has been turned upside down by only one thing. Human evolution, our advancements is our downfall. There is more to our world than what we see. There is more within our universe, things we are never meant to see.


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Rookie141 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks a bunch for the watch : D
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lSoulCollectorl Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016  Student Writer
Dearest friend I really don't think you would want that, you'd be in agonizing pain constantly. I respect you too much to accept such a wish...
aTotalNewbie3456 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
lSoulCollectorl Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2016  Student Writer
Ok ok OK don't yell I'm on it lemme just go find a jar I know there's one around here somewhere...
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Thanks for the advice you gave me. Lol
lSoulCollectorl Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016  Student Writer
No problem :)
aTotalNewbie3456 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I will do this one day lol
lSoulCollectorl Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016  Student Writer
Do what? Spiral into madness? I promise it's worth it~
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