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A flame that starts as an ember
Taken care of from losing its light and vital heat.
One piece of scraps and another added as kindle for the little ember. A tiny bead of heat.
Slowly it grows and sprouts a tongue that licks paper and wood splinters.
It licks to taste, then bites to grow.
Little by little it grows, little by little the heat rises, little by little the ember becomes a flame.
Then flame grows and hungers for larger and the tongue dances around the oak logs that's once brown
Becomes charred and black.
It grown from the center to what it is now.
A consuming flame that is now maintained
By oak logs.
:iconlshack:lshack 1 2
Returned and gone
Came back on the old path I once tread
Dust and stones kick up.
Walked and found my old way to write and think again.
Old memories arise as ghosts from the shadows of this path.
Memories of friends and those that I have met.
Time to rediscover all that I have left.
:iconlshack:lshack 3 2
A path
Wake up wanting war
You see it with every interaction.
Wake up wanting peace
You will need to find it in every moment.
It's a path
A choice you and I
At every moment
:iconlshack:lshack 3 2
a drawing and a description  by lshack a drawing and a description :iconlshack:lshack 0 0 poems  by lshack poems :iconlshack:lshack 1 0 The Black Swamp  by lshack The Black Swamp :iconlshack:lshack 1 2 Poems by lshack Poems :iconlshack:lshack 7 0
In distance by the once frozen pond
In the woods near by I hear the frogs once more.
A sign of the shroud of winter has fallen and that warmth shall come.
the window open brings fresh air sweet that once bit in the winter.
Frogs herald the coming of spring
And soon
The heat of summer.
:iconlshack:lshack 2 2
Fence in the snow by lshack Fence in the snow :iconlshack:lshack 0 0 winter returned in spring  by lshack winter returned in spring :iconlshack:lshack 2 0
Sore on wrists and legs.
Coldness creeps in, weaker I become.
Under shelter of artificial heat
In hope to flee from the cold that's creeping in.
My wrists pain with movement creating
More discomfort.
Limbs join with symphony of discomfort.
Light pain just more discomfort
As cold creeps in.
:iconlshack:lshack 1 0
Dreams once sat high above.
Light colors with multiple hues as I seen cities in different shapes.
Shapes of the buildings can never be the same inside that dream.
Strange shapes indeed but one did stand out.
A great center was seen, Gothic structure high above the clouds.
Buttresses and windows painted high.
Not of one diety, not of one divine, just windows and black stone.
Felt menacing and aspiring at once.
:iconlshack:lshack 1 0
A setting I did by lshack A setting I did :iconlshack:lshack 0 0
A fun story
I traveled to a place that is known as Ikea, and inside I found a man who sat on the bench inside. A man of age who had a long beard and drew my attention. Such an age man in a new building who had a posture of a story to tell drew my attention. I sat down and after pleasantries were exchanged I asked him why he is there and he stopped to look at me. He replied in a drawn way, "In here, the brick might be new, the walls are repainted, but my friend these are ancient ruins redone." I asked him and he asked if I wanted to hear a story. I agreed to such a request.
"The story began when I walked in here as a young lad. The halls were large, filled with many things that interested me for a short time. Just for a bit I stared at designs and woodwork, desks and blocks all around. I saw in many shapes of chairs, strange designs that seem, at that time futuristic. I saw books, and as avid reader checked it out. It might have been written in a strange language, I asked a person who worked here a
:iconlshack:lshack 0 2
Long walk down solid bars.  by lshack Long walk down solid bars. :iconlshack:lshack 3 0 Normal to unnatural by lshack Normal to unnatural :iconlshack:lshack 2 0


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The Risk
Sometimes in the process
of making our dreams
come true
we realize
we have welcomed
a nightmare
into the room.
:iconcerealnovels:cerealnovels 6 6


Well right now my drawings are unable to be uploaded. Gonna try different things out before I redownload this.


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Logan Shackelford
United States
Well a writer and try to draw I keep on posting different works. Always practicing. Most of my drawings are pencil and paper but some on sketch pad. I will write and if you want I can write some poems.


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