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So I took about a year hiatus from :devart:. After looking over my gallery I left behind, I noticed I hardly posted (yeesh!). So my goal now is to at least be more active and post more artwork with greater frequency (I've already beat out my artwork submissions of 2013, so I'm in the black now!). 

To those who :+fav:, comment and watch, thank you so kindly it's all greatly appreciated. 

Seriously, it really is.

Hello fellow artists/art enthusiasts!

From a previous journal I read I was given a link that lead me to Armature Nine. They make poseable figures for artists, sculptors, model-makers, doll clothes designers,animators & photographers.  They need $20,000 by or on Jun 14, 2013 and are very close! If this is something you're interested in then check it out! I've thrown in my monies already as I think it certainly beats the ol' wooden man poser I have now!…
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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 4, 2011, 1:41 PM
Yeah... lost all of my 2011 original artwork files and even stuff I was JUST working on! The carnage didn't stop there, oh no, it even got my HUGE reference folder I've been building up for almost 2 years. Basically, it destroyed my most frequented files. Though, I didn't take the necessary steps to backup my stuff every now and then since getting this new rig so I'm also at fault for this event.

Okay, rant over. Time to roll up the sleeves and get this sh!t done!


Anyone know how to create journal skins or know anyone who does? Paying, of course! (with money, not points)

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What would you do if...

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 1, 2011, 9:01 AM
...Today was your birthday (Well, it's actually my birthday today on July 1st :cake:) and you were able to do one limitless thing?

Would you ride around on your pet dragon showing it off for the day while feeding it toy dogs? Or would you take that day and create that one artwork you've had in the back of your mind just to make sure it sees the light of day? Or perhaps something else?

Huh.... felt like it's been a year since I posted a journal like this... :paranoid:

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Thank you for the DD!

Journal Entry: Fri May 6, 2011, 9:02 AM
Absolutely awesome!

First, I'd like to thank :iconalicexz: for suggesting it and to :iconatramina: for featuring it!

And thank you for all the comments/faves, etc. I got my work cut out for me later on. ;)
The Fish and The Cat by LSDrake

-I'd write more but I'm late for work!

To be continued....

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T'was awesome! Nuff sed.
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I'm looking for some new groups to watch and potentially submit art to. Anyone have some suggestions? Even list your favorite groups that you watch, that would be great too!
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Time for another update! :thumbsup:

Any online gamers reading this? If so, what do ya play? What's your favorite platform/genre? Any games you're looking forward to that isn't out yet?

Anyone play StarCraft II?
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Finished the challenge I issued myself about a month ago! I have no way of posting them for those interested to see (no scanner) so you'll just have to take my word on it for now. :P

Anyone else who took up the challenge make any progress? Let me know!
Yup, yup! And a good start it is! I was able to find out the official release date of Final Fantasy XIV was announced earlier!(I've also got my CE order in too ;))  :ahoy:

EDIT: Anyone have any plans for this holiday weekend?
I figured I'd update my journal and get an entry in at least once a month.

Anways, I'm challenging myself to draw 100 faces from ref and w/o ref with only pen. Something I think I need to really nail down and will most likely do with other areas I'm weak in.

10 Down so far!


P.S. If ya decide to take up the challenge let me know! I'd like to see! No time limit!
Finished filling up another 11X14 100pg sketch book; time for another.

One more thing...


That is all.
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