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BA Terminator - Warhammer 40k Fan Art

By LSDrake
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The last of the requests I did for friends of mine. This here is a Blood Angels Terminator w/ Lightning Claws and quite the bad ass on the field!

Tools: Painter X

Thanks for lookin'! :wave:
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RedNeckBronyVeteran's avatar
Awsome Blood angels for the win!
Broken-Justice's avatar
gotta love that 'shred' rule :D
LSDrake's avatar
Bloodgod47's avatar
this is awesome i like
Texasdeadpool's avatar
Thunder claw's for the win.
kingstonxy's avatar
Big* i mean big not gig lol
kingstonxy's avatar
This looks really epic and i am a gig warhammer fan :P
LSDrake's avatar
My friend certainly enjoys it!
Rubi-Meerkat's avatar
*warhammer :p sorry!
LSDrake's avatar
I knew what you meant! :D
Rubi-Meerkat's avatar
This is Brilliant! I love warhammee!
LSDrake's avatar
The-Imperator's avatar
Totally boss! love the swirling steam next to the lightning claws
SanguiniusReborn's avatar
That's f**king awesome!
CrimsynSeraph's avatar
The claw effect is great!
DeadlyIlluminati's avatar
Thats badass, Blood angels are the best!
LSDrake's avatar
My buddy plays them! I play Dark Eldar and Grey Knights. :)
DeadlyIlluminati's avatar
Thats cool man, dark elder look very cool, so do the grey knights. I play blood angels.
Heh id like to see Wolverine go up against this guy
LSDrake's avatar
He might get torn to shreds in all honesty. Those claws are no joke that they wield! :nod:
Well they are only Mono-molecular blades with a matter disruptive energy field wielded by a veteran of centuries of horrifying warfare...yah wolverine wouldnt fare too well against those claws
DoomTroopper's avatar
A Terminator, nice!
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