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Who Do You Ship Me With by LSDInkvizitor Who Do You Ship Me With :iconlsdinkvizitor:LSDInkvizitor 1 1
Mass Effect: PC:A
Prothean Cycle: Afterlight
„Reaper presence detected. This galactic cycle already reached it's extinction terminus. Your remain time is also at the end."
- ‚Vendetta'

Music:  (Audiomachine – The Last One)
Dantus Primaris. Long ago, witness of ancient battle between Reapers and something hostile to them. Somebody powerful and absolutely unknown.
Interior of prothean research facility was cold cold and dark, as usual in these desperate times. Only light in room was communication device, using by overseer, with prude archknight's face before him. Protheans never weren't really good in facial expressions as other species, even not a little like Oravores always could be. But suspicious coldness is something what everybody can see on this face.
„What about danger of indoctrination?"
„We have long distance from mainframe in wreckage, and this link isn't direct. Our own computers and routing devi
:iconlsdinkvizitor:LSDInkvizitor 0 4
Mass Effect 3: Endings, what you MUST love
I would prefer endings what depends on paragon/renegade points, most important choices and upgrade official endings then.
"Ultimate" is extreme and hard - you must save all what you can in all games, or choose die in most of the times. So exclusively only for ones which played all 3 games! :icontrollface:
Shepard die in EVERY ending, no matter what. I HATE american disney endings, and battle for Earth is good day to die for savior of the Galaxy! Except Control, but this is only mind, not a body, and only in three cases from four:
Control the Reapers - generally Renegade option
- Ultimate Paragon - All Reapers are lead to the Sun to die as well as ascended Shepard as new catalyst.
- Paragon - All Reapers are lead to Sun, except one, where is Shepard soul.
- Renegade - Reapers rebuilding mass relays and new Citadels as calm eternal servants and guardians of organic species.
- Ultimate renegade - Shepard become something god-like immortal Emperor of galaxy with Humans as superior,
:iconlsdinkvizitor:LSDInkvizitor 1 68
Dragon Age: Downfall, Part 2.
     Title: Dragon Age: Downfall
    Main Characters: M!Hawke and Merrill
     Disclaimer: Hawke, Merrill and the rest © Bioware
Dragon Age: Downfall, Part II.
The Elvhenan lies at your feet. Your deeds will be remembered for generations and recited by children whose parents are not yet born. Remember, though, that empires rise and fall like tides, and nothing is forever.
- Dumat, Dragon of Silence, to archon Darinius

Siren's Call II., Waking Sea
Captain's cabin is very huge and luxury to ship of every size. But what is extensive for one person, is just for five people, including servant
"Breakfast is there, Master. Are you satisfied?"
"Pretty much, Orana. And how many times i'll must tell you, that i am Hawke, not your Master? You're free, not slave."
"Of course, Master.", she almost whispered and left the room.
"Poor girl. I am glad, that you cared about her. Former slaves used to be lost and confused. I saw it
:iconlsdinkvizitor:LSDInkvizitor 4 0
Dragon Age: Downfall, Part 1.
Title: Dragon Age: Downfall
Main Characters: M!Hawke and Merrill
Disclaimer: Hawke, Merrill and the rest © Bioware
Dragon Age: Downfall, Part I.
New home, Our Lady told to children of Elvhenan,
Promise born from slavers graveyard.
A hope in hearts banished despair,
For oath to Her was dying any elven clan,
On Our Lady's holy side in every fight.
-Shartan 2:16, Dissonant Vers

Minrathous, Imperial Palace, 9:42
At night, Archon's steel eyes seeking some interesting point in his view. White and golden walls of the palace almost reflecting whole city.
New quarters built with powerful magic, contrasted by destroyed surroundings. He could see three dried Qunari heads on pikes in the middle of palace gardens- the skulls of important figures- flanked by many more. Arigena. Ariqun. Arishok. The head from another Arishok. And around them, more heads. To be more precise, 38 skulls from renegade magisters, that did not agree with the new order.
Five years from the battle at the G
:iconlsdinkvizitor:LSDInkvizitor 4 4
Mass Effect: Interstellar Love by LSDInkvizitor Mass Effect: Interstellar Love :iconlsdinkvizitor:LSDInkvizitor 58 21 Mass Effect: William Shepard by LSDInkvizitor Mass Effect: William Shepard :iconlsdinkvizitor:LSDInkvizitor 1 1 Dragon Age 2 MEME by LSDInkvizitor
Mature content
Dragon Age 2 MEME :iconlsdinkvizitor:LSDInkvizitor 6 4
Merrill and Nicolas by LSDInkvizitor Merrill and Nicolas :iconlsdinkvizitor:LSDInkvizitor 5 3 Little one from forest by LSDInkvizitor Little one from forest :iconlsdinkvizitor:LSDInkvizitor 5 3


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please, don't believe it, my country is number 1 there! :)


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hey, since you're an expert about 'Murica, it seems, how would it's society changed, if (during WW2) USA lost 30% of population (killed), NY, DC and Philly nuked, occupied and pillaged for next 10 years? :P
I am just not sure, if such hellhole would created extreme lefty or extreme righty feels in remaining population :)

it's for my alternate timeline project ;)
FinerSkydiver Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well since it's WW2 I'd assume that the occupiers would have to be the Axis powers. If it was occupied by Nazis, the Empire of Japan, or both I'd say it would create a very Fascist setting. Perhaps they would very in their degree but ultimately it would create a very "extreme righty" feeling. I suggest that you read the book/watch the show "The Man in the High Castle" for inspiration on this project of yours :)
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