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Hans X Seras -Possesive-

By Lsayaku
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(LOL) Hans and Seras get caught makin' out.
I think whoever is watching better back off quickly! X3
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Imagine integra walking in in confusion and finding these two.
"Hey seras-" integra froze and seras jumps back from hans who stays where he was and glares up at sir.integra.
"Sir I can explain-"
"What's taking the police girl so long shoildent the dog be dead by- uh hum... alucard... don't come in here." Walter says and turns covering integras eyes.
"Why not?" Alucard walks through the wall and gapes at the two.
"M-master?!" Hans stays like he was just looking up at them and waiting for them to leave.
Awkward , right? ^.^
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is hans the werewolf?
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Yeah. He is called captain but his name is Hans Günsche ^.^
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is it just me or is hans like a mixture of germany and russia
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I see the resemblance but hans is tanner than both of them.
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Seras, wanna trade places
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My bet is Jan Valentine - That perv will do anything to get a look!


Bullets, knives and poison - a man does not die from these - no, a man dies when he is forgotten!
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Owww...caught!! *runs away*
I love when a man get's slightly possessive X3
I dunno, it's just cute X3
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I wonder who was bold enough to just walk in.

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Hans: you have 10 seconds to re-live the happy moments of your life.

Karl: but i'm your brother!!!

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I just love ur drawings og Seras and Hans together. I can actually make stories out of your pics of them! XD
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his trousers make him sooo!!!!▐▐▐
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oh meh gods :omg: :faint: XD blame it all on the pervy Feyonce (my chara)

Feyonce: wha?...WTH?!? AAAAAAH! I BETTA RUN!! :sprint:

Jani: u better run girl!

epic pic ever! XD Captain is ready to kill anyone XD
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His hands are fuckin' gigantic! Not in a bad way of course, the dude's a scyscraper. It's just funny to see the size of his hand directly compared to what he's squeezing. Wink wink.
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LOL :D I do like the tall and silent type ;P
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And you're right, his hands are f*%#kin' HUGE...But in a cool way ^^
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I'd pay for a moment with him like this =ç= XD nice artwork *w*b
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your work is really awesome
i love this pairing ^.^
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