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Little Red Riding Hood
United States
Favourite style of art: surreal - anything but abstract
Favourite cartoon character: Terrance and Phillip
Personal Quote: "HEY! You could have put my EYE out!"
Several years ago, or maybe a little longer, the internet was fun.  Forums were worth posting on, you could usually find a decent discussion.  The communities and groups were just more intelligent and interesting.  Now it seems like the majority of the people on the net are teenagers, and, no offense to the younger people, that took all the fun out of most discussions.  

Deviantart used to be a much smaller community with decent art posted - and I don't think I need to point out the number of non-art deviations that are being posted every .5 seconds.  The forums, on this site and most others, are riddled with children and their hollow comments and insults - ah, our little uncultured pearls.  

I've been a member of several sites since I've been on the net (that's about 9 years now) and they just aren't fun anymore.  Maybe because parents are upgrading their PC's and giving their hand-me-downs to their kids.  -OR- maybe its all the psychotic OCD adults who don't have any resposibility during the day and use the net as their emotional punching bag - what great people.  We've all run into these trolls here and there, lol.  Funny, but sad.

I'm spending less and less time on the net, and I'm not really missing it.  Real life is just more enjoyable to me. I'll be on here when I'm in the mood to look at some art, however, that's getting more and more rare of a mood for me. But just in case someone stops by, maybe you'll get something out of the second half of my little journal here... :movingon:

:ninjaplot:     :pumpkin:     :skull:     :absolut:     :zombie:
posted before Halloween --- Its getting close to the greatest holliday ever, but please keep something in mind:  Don't let your pets out on Halloween day - there really are creepy people who think that they need your pet for their "religious" purposes.  There are a lot of kids who think that satanism and wicca are very cool and they need your pet to justify the little chip on their shoulder - OR they just want an excuse to do something mean.  Whatever the reason, it DOES happen, every year.  Love your pet, they aren't an accessory, they are a member of your family.  And what's with the people in those religions all dying their hair red or black???  I don't get that.

***  Allergic to cats??  You can still have a Cornish Rex/ La Perm :)  Contact a cat rescue group if you are interested

The only wasted vote is a vote for the lesser of two evils.  If you like the thought of more freedom and less BS government beurocracy, check this out

For every child that is born, 45 puppies and 30 kittens are born as well.  Spay/Neuter your pets.  If you want to adopt (even a purebred) try an animal shelter or a rescue group (they are the ones that locate the purebreds in shelters)

There are elderly people who have NO income and are living in substandard nursing homes.  Imagine how depressing that would be.  I never want to have to live like that.  Dave Ramsey helps people live well now, AND not have to worry about life in their old age.

Just learned about a company that doesn't test on animals in any way, and they donate to the American Humane Society

Learn about Buddhism.  … I've been involved in it for 14 years now, and I'll never go back to Christianity - its so much more helpful in real day to day life, dealing with mistakes, and not taking yourself too seriously.  Learning to forgive and letting go of negativity and hatred can't be beat!  :meditation:  

Great art supply store


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Hello there! In the past you’ve favorited my photography work and so this is just a note to let you know that I've moved my photography and will now be uploading those sorts of things on my new account: :iconjustblieve:

So please, if you want to continue seeing my photos please watch me there!

Thanks :)
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