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Imagine it. A union of that kind.
In the first place it was ridiculous, but what happened after… even more so.
My mother, poor fool… she actually believed him. For a while at least.
Do I think she was foolish? For believing one of them, yes.
For keeping the child even after she realized just to what degree she would be shunned? Yes.
Blood Elves and Draenei… not the best of friends, at the best of times.
But a child born of the two?
Ridiculous. It would be a monster. An abomination against the light! It would crave magic, just as the damned high borne did. The Naaru would condemn it, for its allegience would for certain lie with the horde. The Blood Elves dark nature couldn’t help but overpower the purity of the Draenei, surely.
Or perhaps it would be the most powerful Draenei shaman ever! With magic akin to its soul, it would wield the powers of the cosmos as no Draenei ever had before it!
Perhaps, though no one thought of that, perhaps the child would just be another, normal person. Not deserving of the disdain, of the hate directed at it.
The innocent child would be damned among the Draenei because of the father, and condemned among the elves because of the mother…
Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful and all, it meant I stayed alive, but I still think my mother was a fool. No. Not a fool. Foolish. That’s different.
How could I find a place to survive? How could I find a place to just exist, and be allowed to exist?
There is no home for me.
I am the only Draenelf in existence, and the very heavens condemn me for it.
Which side will I take? There is no side for me. No one is on my side.
I walk the middle, the twilight world. I exist, and yet I do not, for none with acknowledge me.
But they will…
One way or another…
… they will…

I found a NPC in wow a while ago, that was a Draenorc, Draenei/orc. From there came the idea of what the combined races of wow might look like. Elf orcs, troll elves, that sort of thing.
Well, this one was the most appealing to me. A Draenelf.
She is half Draenei, half Blood Elf (duh)
Actually, a whole little story was brewing in my mind while drawing this :lol: as you can tell from the write up. I'm going to paint/manipulate her again, because it was actually quite satisfying.
Now she just needs a name :) Suggestions?

Couch by :icontattoomaus78:
Female figure :iconmjranum-stock:
Everything else: painted by me.

She has no facial appendages, nor tail, because i didnt want her to have them. Personally, I like the legs, but not the tentacles and tail, so on my character, which i have made up, there are none. The whys, wherefores, and disagreements with me on whether or not she should have them are moot, because Blizzard have not created nor rendered a Draenelf yet to my knowledge. So its all just theory anyway! :> ty </rant>
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I don't see why it wouldn't be possible, or even implausible for that matter. Even form a lore-standpoint. Draenei and Sin'dorei worked closely together for a while during the Shattered Sun Offensive. The Aldor and the Scryers had to put aside their differences to accomplish the common goal. Granted, I don't doubt that most did so begrudgingly, but you can't tell me that not one pair developed any personal interests exceeding that.

I personally believe a product of such a union would be extremely fascinating. And I'm very impressed with your depiction of such. I personally would keep horns or forehead "ridges" as a dominate trait, albeit subtler. Maybe even a more lighter lavender skin-tone, or possibly a gradation of the purplish tone from the tips of the limbs. These are not criticisms, don't worry; More like variations of genetic inheritance. This child, in particular, could simply have Sin'dorei genes as a dominate trait. We as human beings "skip" generations all the time when it comes to that.

Lovely piece, over all. One of the better hybrids I've seen so far. :3