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never again. e-o
yes, anyway this is a LOT bigger than any of my usual works, this is 38in x 18in (98cm x 47cm) compared to my normal A4 size, so this is the biggest thing i've done to date. ;p points for me. (;

there were too many problems that i had finishing this, the main thing being that i used flimsy paper straight onto a wall, which killed a number of pencils in the process. -_-
but at least it left a lot of interesting marks on the art itself. :p

i actually scanned this one in as well, seeing as any picture i decided to take like to screw itself up before uploading. technology hates me. D;
so it was painful trying to fix the scan lines, but hopefully they arn't TOO noticeable. :phew:

&& i know this alien ref has been done to death but i just wanted to try it for myself for a first try of something big. DONT JUDGE MEEE. C;

done on custom sized cartridge paper with prismacolour and polychromo coloured pencils.
in around 47 hours.

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thank you! :hug: (:
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omg that is so badass im a fan of avp ! can i get your advice on how to make the ribs of the alien
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I don't know why but I Like unsual monster
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I love the shinny tail. Makes the liquid normally seen on xenomorphs much more gooey :3
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you've got some mad skills, bro XD
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I'm frightened and it's really exciting. Nicely done :clap:
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This is what nightmares are made of, beautiful work and the detail is stunning/
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Great work!!! 
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So cool have you ever heard of The Black Dragon fish?
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I only see one scan line and I had to realllllly look for it so I think you did pretty well lol! =)
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Wow! This is probably one of my faves from your collection. Really love the detail you put onto this guy it's so good! I really love your artwork. You deserve a fave :)
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thank youu! :la: it's one of my favs too. (; i'm really glad you like it, thanks again! :glomp:
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Dis is amazing dude :O

Great work :)
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thank so much! :heart: (;
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That is seriously some awesome shit dude~! A bit creepy but amazing~! When I first saw dis I was like holy shit~!
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thanks very much! :tighthug: creepy's the idea. ;p
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your welcome~! ^^ :3
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