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About Varied / Student Eduarda (just call me LPS100)Female/Portugal Recent Activity
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Pixel Art - Full body
Pixelated Full Bodty of a character or canon character.

I can do difficult characters but, simple character would be appreciated.

When ordering for one:
  • Address which character you desire (humans might be quite difficult);
    • Simple characters might be easier, however; I accept difficult characters;
    • Addressing the reference of said character would be a pleasure;
  • [OPTIONAL] Address its position and/or facial expression;
  • Allowance to said request to be posted on Tumblr;
  • While optional, asking for one with "please" in it would be much more accepted;

I might take a while when making them.

Pixel Art - 2 Frames Animation
[Click the image to see the gif]

Pixelated Full Body or headshot animation with 2 frames.

Might be difficult with hard characters.

When ordering for one:
  • Address which character you desire (humans might be quite difficult);
    • Simple characters might be easier, however; I accept difficult characters;
    • Addressing the reference of said character would be a pleasure;
  • [OPTIONAL] Address its position and/or facial expression;
  • Allowance to said request to be posted on Tumblr;
  • While optional, asking for one with "please" in it would be much more accepted;

I might take a while when making them.

Newest Deviations

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.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot:iconreadcplz1::iconreadcplz2::iconreadcplz3:

Please, do not steal my artwork nor my characters.

Just chibi Boxy wandering around.


DeviantArt Point Calculator by charfade DeviantArt Point Calculator :iconcharfade:charfade 19,234 1,872
Weekly Llama Trader Features 3/12/18 - 3/18/18
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Ponzi Schemes: Don't Fall For Them!
Recently, there have been a few accounts that sell discount dA premiums, like CORE membership, cake badges and llama attire. They do this as follows: each entrant pays, say, 20 points for a cake badge, they're put on a waiting list, as soon as 4 people have paid 20 points, the person on top of the waiting list gets a cake badge.
This seems cute, but it's actually a Ponzi scheme, a type of pyramid scheme, and as such it is illegal.
While the starters of such accounts can hardly be compared to Madoff or Shkreli, they essentially do the same thing: relying on the next batch of investors to pay off the first ones.
Thing is, cake badges cost 80 points, and at some point the bubble is going to burst. To pay for 1 investor, you need 4. To pay 4 investors, you need 16. To pay off those 16, you need 64. To pay off those 64, you need 256 investors.
Get it? Exponential growth! Like the grain on the chessboard story, except it grows twice as fast!
Let's do the math - I love math:
Let's say th
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MediBang Tutorial: Sketch Filter by AsymmetricButterfly MediBang Tutorial: Sketch Filter :iconasymmetricbutterfly:AsymmetricButterfly 12 2
I've decided that I'm gonna revamp this account. I was originally going to leave this account for dead and create a completely new one, but I decided against.
One of the reasons why I wanted to make a new account is because I felt like this account was practically dead already. I never posted art and most of my followers were inactive. I barely talk to the friends I have (or used to have? I don't really wanna say that) here, whether it be because I'm too nervous to strike up a conversation with them because we haven't talked in so long, or that the friend is barely or never active here anymore, or they left.
I also wanted to create a new account because I thought I didn't really wanna draw ponies anymore. The thing is though, is that I do still like drawing ponies, but I felt like I needed to give them up in order to become a 'professional artist'.
Another reason (and probably the main one) ties into wanting to be a professional artist. A few weeks ago my Dad set up his paypal so I cou
:iconfievelcricket:fievelcricket 1 0
Silver's spin by FinikArt Silver's spin :iconfinikart:FinikArt 1,050 125
Yes Hello I am OC Meme
Tiggity tagged by T4L1-N7 ~
Everyone's characters have a special place in their heart, but exactly what place do your top 10 favorite OC's take up? Fill out the places below, and then explain why you chose them, if you you feel like it!
Don't have 10 characters? Go for as many as you have!
When you've completed these 10 areas, tag 5 people!

1. Your Fursona/Persona!
Your character that represents you!

Silver! Both human and pony, I mean they're basically the same person. owo She may not be exactly like me, but she is my representation of myself in all forms. The bust size is pretty accurate anyways. owo She started out as an FMA OC, and though she still is, she was a MUCH different FMA OC when she was first created years and years ago, I'd even say that maybe she is completely separate from that first character at this point.
2. Your 'Guardian Angel'
You protect y
:iconsilverromance:SilverRomance 5 2
New Badge - Biting Pear of Salamanca
The new badge looks like this:
To get this badge submit a deviation to the category DeviantART Related - Biting Pear of Salamanca
The original Biting Pear of Salamanca is here:
Here is the April Fool's article of 2017:
Update 1: This badge is no more available!
Update 2: Here is more information about the pear event:
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P2U Breedable Pony Base by sararini P2U Breedable Pony Base :iconsararini:sararini 1,250 1,473
*CLOSED* ~My Little Rentals - Rent My Ponies!~
Edit: I'm guna close this for new rentals a bit, I feel like reworking some of it and organizing it a little better. owo When I reopen I'll post a new journal so stay tuned! All ongoing rentals are still valid until they're expiration date. <3
Do you have an MLP breeding stable? Well if you'd like, you can use my ponies in your stable for breedings! The only thing I ask is that I get to pick a foal from each breeding. :) I will even advertise your stables and breedings that are done with my ponies here on this journal to help boost your awesome little behind. <3 There are a few rules for this, please be sure to read them before renting any of my ponies!
The Rules
1) Please do not inbreed my ponies! Be sure to check lineage before doing a breeding, if you're unsure just ask me and I can look it all up for you. This goes for uncanon breedings as well, even if a pony isn't canon to the parents of the breeding it was produced from, I still count
:iconsilverromance:SilverRomance 37 297
Changeling Portrait Pair -base- by TKG-Kni Changeling Portrait Pair -base- :icontkg-kni:TKG-Kni 237 19 Pixel Art All forms Alola Pokemon Sun and Moon by JaegerLucciano23 Pixel Art All forms Alola Pokemon Sun and Moon :iconjaegerlucciano23:JaegerLucciano23 40 9 Alolan Exeggutor Sprite [NEW] by KajiAtsui Alolan Exeggutor Sprite [NEW] :iconkajiatsui:KajiAtsui 64 8 Hand Tutorial Notes by NemoNova Hand Tutorial Notes :iconnemonova:NemoNova 1,502 38
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The Best Llama Badge Tools And Services:
One Click Llama Button by Kishan-Bagaria This program adds a llama giving button next to every deviant's username.One Click Llama Button Helper by HampshireBrony
This program requires the One Click Llama Button to work. It adds a button to the bottom right side of the page. Clicking on it will give a llama to everyone on the page until the spam filter hits.Visit llama-list's journals to see weekly trader features. I share new llama traders from a variety of sources.
Donate po
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Toy Scott Cawthon has appeard to say hello!




Eduarda (just call me LPS100)
Artist | Student | Varied

Heyio, I'm LPS100.

Welcome to my official DeviantArt page.
I rarely visit this account, however, I'm super active on Tumblr.

Side-Accounts and Groups:

LPAsk (to be deleted)
LPS100-The-Dragon (base account)
Fillychu100-bases (Co-founder)

LittleAdoptableShop (Adopts group)
Short Warning about Khenhousinz:…

SilverRomance's Card thing:

Other sites you can find me:

Tumblr: LPS100/scottening (co-founder)/Nerd-Breached-Containment
Youtube: LPS100 (…) and LPS100's Second Account
Steam: Steam_LPS100/LPS100
Discord: Ask me
Trainer ID: #88879309 (LPS100) (unused)
School of Dragons: LPS100
Questions and Answers: Soon
My birthday badge

I don't do Chain Mails nor tags (please Do Not tags me). Anyone that thanks me for faves, watch, ect..., you're welcome!

Bubsy Stamp by bonessel

Every quiz I did:
Why the fuck did I even bothered to open the Mini-Journal doll Point Commission if it's just gonig to get ignored.
Point Commissions - Open by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Open by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Open by SweetDuke
I'm re-opening them again as well as using this as an "excercise" of sorts, because I'm planning to do something bigger in the future.
Little Hearts Divider (Red) by JEricaM


  • Only ponies allowed;
  • Maximum number of characters per request: up to 6 characters;
    • If I get a 6-character request, I'll most likely put the P.Commission on hold until they are all done;
  • Please, only pay after I'm done;
  • Not that much of a must but I appreciate if the character's/s' reference in a medium-to-high quality image, without any blurred lines;
    • Transparency isn't a must, just as long as is in said quality, I'm good;

You can choose for...:

  • Single - One sole mini-journal doll: 5 :points: (example: Point Commission: Katacombs mini-journal doll by LPS100)
  • Dual - Pair of mini-journal dolls (face to face; uploaded seperately but, the requester can ask to post together): 10 :points: (example: Point Commission: Silver Romance mini-journal doll by LPS100Point Commission: Sergeant Hammer mini-j. doll by LPS100)
  • Group - Pack of 4-6 mini-journal dolls (face to face; uploaded seperately but, the requester can ask to post together): 20 :points:

And the animation:

  • Blink: 1 :points: (example: )
  • Mini-speech (mouth only): 1 :points:
  • Mini-speech (symbols like heart, ?, !, ect.): 3 :points:
  • Mini-speech (sole words like hi, love, ect.): 5 :points:
  • Bouncy head: 2 :points:
    • Example: Point Commission: Draco Stormhoof mini-j. doll by LPS100
  • Headbang: 7 :points:
    • Example: Point Commission and example: Leilah headbang by LPS100
  • Walking: 10 :points:
  • Flying: 25 :points: (still in beta)



  • Blink+Bouncy head: 4 :points:
    • Example: Point Commission: Katacombs mini-journal doll by LPS100
  • Blink+Bouncy+Mini-speech (anything to do w/mini-speech is up to your choice; can be mixed up; price depends on which mini-speech you choose): 5-8 :points:
    • Examples: Kenzi mini-journal doll animated by LPS100Zombie mini-doll animated by LPS100V2 by LPS100 (bubble speech and thicker letters are optional)
  • Bouncy+Mini-speech: 6-9 :points:


  • Blink+Headbang: 6 :points:
  • Blink+Headbang+Mini-speech: 8-15 :points:
  • Headbang+Mini-speech: 7-10:points:


  • Blink+Walking: 10 :points:
  • Blink+Walking+Mini-speech: 12-18 :points:
  • Walking+Mini-speech: 11-16 :points:


  • Blink+Flying: 28 :points:
  • Blink+Flying+Mini-speech: 30-38 :points:
  • Flying+Mini-speech: 29-34 :points:

Patterns (if uploaded together):

  • All at once - characters bounce/headbang/walk/fly at the same time: +10 :points:
  • One-off - Some bounce/headbang/fly upwards and toher down (walk is more a different frame, ex: some extend their legs, other remain in their normal pose): +15 :points:
  • Wave - Have the characters do the wave: +25 :points:

WARNING: If the character/s is/are difficult, an additional 2 :points: is added (for each character);

Little Hearts Divider (Red) by JEricaM


Paid: Button - Unpaid by happy-gurl/Button - Paid by happy-gurl








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