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Hello Pu reum lee, I came here from YT's Epic Music VN's video - Dwayne Ford's - Fortuna video - fabulous song and an even more incredible image to go with it - how fabulous!!!!!!  The character in your picture is 'burning', she is so intense and ready for action and the music encapsulates that too I think.

This brings a much wider audience to see your fantastic work, well done! 

Incidentally, I think the song has huge echoes of an amazing epic song called Sonera written by Thomas Bergersen of Two Steps From Hell - one or my favourite epic artists.  In fact, I think it is based on it but not going to say that on the YT comment.  Many epic songs are similar to others, it's inevitable really.  What do you think?

It's truly and absolutely a magnificent epic song and THE and my absolute favourite.  It gives me such inspiration and highs!
Some pretty inspiring comments on there too!!! Chat Noir Wink Plz   

I love Epic music and my comments are on many videos. It is also where I find some stunning work from artists such as yourself too. 

Your work is amazing, thank you so much! Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) Heart Bratzillaz - Fianna Fins Icon  :blackbluefire: 
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Great Beginning For A Great Wizard  
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Thank you very much.:)
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JohnTheRHobbyist General Artist
You Welcome You Magnificent Person!