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How to get down or up...

Little fellow didn't know how to get off the little house. In the end he went up in the trees.
One of the two baby Red Pandas @ Blijdorp, Rotterdam - The Netherlands.

Moar babies?

Thank you for the faves :hug:
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Nov 28, 2010, 1:50:09 PM
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Oh my gosh!! It's so cute it breaks the universe!!!
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Wow, this is a really good picture of a little panda, which is pretty uncommon. (AHH, HIS ARMS AND TAIL ARE SO NUBBY, I CAN'T EVEN!)
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Too, too cute!
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OH WOW. Never seen a baby before! SO cute.
LPhoto9raphy's avatar
was my first time I saw one. Tail is so cute :)
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When I saw this I linked it on facebook to your site and picture and so many people fainted at how cute it was. Never seen one before. I googled it since we have SO many red pandas but never a baby...
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They were cute yes. It's a shame I didn't get to take more photo's of them. Hopefully more babies will come :) And you have very lovely photos :D
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I hope so too. We have several red pandas but I don't know that they ever breed... I actually don't know if we even have boys... Maybe I will look into that. Thank you! You do too now that I'm exploring your gallery... So many baby photos! How do you get them all!?
LPhoto9raphy's avatar
I'm just very lucky :P
The most ones were taken in the same zoo, there was a time I used to go a lot. Luckily I went when there was a babyboom.
It's fun to find babies, before the zoo puts it on their website :lol: They are so late with that!
I'm slowly starting to go to the zoo again. Trying to collect all the babies. :) They grow up so fast O.o
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I think I will go ti visit this beautiful zoo soon !! wonderful shot ! :clap:
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Yeah you should! Lots of babies now :) And thank you! :D
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We are back but weather was no good and we go only to Artis zoo ...
LPhoto9raphy's avatar
sorry for the late reply. Artis can be fun too I guess. I will go there myself this weekend. Want to take some photo's of animal babies :)
Momotte2's avatar
Oh yes , we saw wonderful animals in Artis ! :hug:
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Aww that's adorable. :'D I would have assumed such a little red panda would be hidden throughout much of the day. Was he pretty active when you went to go see him?
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yeah he was and his bro/sis too. just for a bit though, then they went to their parents to relax. :)
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That's the most adorable baby ever :love: I love red pandas
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yeah :) they are lovely indeed.
Through a friend I heard they passed away. They(there were 2 babies) died of an infection :(
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seriously.. it's so sad when an animal die so young :( .. I had a kitten that died with 2 months, he got sick and we couldn't help him in time..
LPhoto9raphy's avatar
yeah I know..>< and I'm sorry for your kitten
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Looks great - a fave of course :clap:
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