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Genie Bottles

This one is for :iconcdrudd: whom for his comic "I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle" asked for suggestions for the how the layout for the inside of the bottles of the respective Genie could look like.
Pressed for free time, I got to keep this as pencilsketch, roughly cleaned up in places, but it was nice playing around with the drawing again, go to try that some more :)

I see Araceli as, at least in the beginning of her appearence, as the common genie, hence her bottle's content is for her to roughly lounge around, on the giant pillow or in the tub (complete with lid to be closed should the bottle be justled around). Picking up more modern habits later, she can probably be found on the carpet drawing with crayons.
The panels on the inside of the bottle are not windows, but mirrors to reflect the lightning from the torches and light up the inside of the bottle.

As for Jean, then I believe she, if forces to spend more time in the bottle, would redesign it quite a bit to fit her more modern (and male) ideas of hanging out. The standard Genie-lounging pillows stacked in the corner while she enjoys some reading in the hammock. Also adding a game of darts to spend time with, or a table (securely fastened) for writing or whatever she can get her mind on.
Lighting from a glowing sphere chained to the ceiling.

How the bottles look from the outside can be seen here.

... Yeah, I'm no indoor architect, don't send any genies my way :-)

Anyway, it was fun to play around with, maybe I should try my hand at this a bit more since I'm still not up to work with human physiques...
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Very nice Hogan. I knew that time wouldn't beat you.

I'll file it for the contest and announce the winners after the 30th.
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Looks interesting.