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I'm not an artist, but I like to draw.
I'm not a writer, but I like to put down my words.
I do what I like when I have the time, but unfortunately there never seems to be enough time to properly work on anything.
I just do what I can.

Current Residence: Roskilde vicinity
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Personal Quote: "Never give up, the time for you will come"

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Civilization, D&D
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Webcomics, Roleplaying, Fantasy
I've been Falling behind on keeping everybody up to date with this project and thereby spreading the word, and I blame it all on a heavy workload... I hope there's still time to catch up! But, the poll has ended, the votes have been tallied and this time the Halloween Cameo Caper 2015 setting has been chosen to be... the home of the titular main character from the webcomic of Heyfox! Yes, Fox has been a visitor to the Caper a lot of times, but this time we'll bring the Caper to him! And with the choosing of the setting completed, this means its time to actual sign up to participate! The invitain to the Whole shenanigan can be found here,
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I was recently interviewed by Daniel Sharp of the webcomic The Demon Archives for his blog ´Spotlight Interviews, a tangent to his Comic Reviews blog. I want to thank Daniel for bestowing me this honor and sitting through my mails of nocturnal ramblings :-) You can read the entire interview here - Hogan
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If all go as planned, tomorrow the first strip of the collaboration between me and Ron Bender of Magical Misfits should go online. The project is a continuation of the adventures of Scale from the comic of CameoComic as she's about to embark in a multidimensional chase together with a selected group of characters, from Rons comic among others. The comic will off course be run on the main site of CameoComic, but the Whole storyline will also be mirrored both on Drunk Duck/The Duck as well as ComicFury under the comic headline of "Cowboys & Crossovers". It's not possible to say how far this adventure will take us or how long it'll last,
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i can't remember where and when i saw it, let alone if i saw it or not. but i thought i saw a post somewhere that you were looking for ron DA account. not sure if you found it or not. but i found it because InsaneXade mention it in her notes. here the link. fatolbaldguy.deviantart.com/ . 'update' you probably found it already. since i saw your name under the watcher list on ron DA account. sorry about brothering you about that then.
you actually saw my message? to tell you the truth, i feared that nobody would of saw it, well at least not so quickly because the last post to you so far was dated oct 2 2016 , but i have to try at least. anyway is it ok i send other drunkduck artist with deviant art account similar messages like i sent to you? at least i hope there still active on theirs. so far i send InsaneXade (Insanity of Xade) such a message because i saw them do a crossover with their characters in one of Riley webcomic a while back and also. joffoliver ( life and death ) because of camo appearances from both webcomics. also is there anything i can do to help?
I got another question for you, you know about the homeless problem that rmccool aka Riley a fellow artist on the duck is having? i been a fan of her webcomics so I posted the link to the webcomics and patreon on the artist deviant art. hoping that others, even those that hosted their webcomics on the duck, will see this post and go over there to the links and will do their best to give money and support.
That... I didn't know about? :-|
I know I've far from been as active at DD as I used to, but I've worked with Riley and currently work closely with and artist who is even closer to her, and STILL I didn't know about her situation... or the patron for that matter :-|
I'll try and look into it and see what I can do.
hi there . i found out that david-irastra.deviantart.com/ does english to spanish text translation for a few webcomics including public humiliation by mccool so i told that artist about the homeless situation that riley is having, and they suggested i post about the problem in a forum either on DA or on drunkduck. i don't have a dd account so i post a topic about it in the DA forum 'help with life' part of it , but how i word it plus the link to riley patreon got me in trouble for broken rule . here the post about it from unnecessarilyviolent.deviantar… Donation requests. Please do not use this forum to beg for points or money. If you have money concerns, feel free to ask for advice on increasing cashflow or post in the Job Services Forum if you are selling commissions." so i move it over there . here the link to it forum.deviantart.com/jobs/serv…
hi there. i got good news RHJunior rhjunior.deviantart.com/ webcomic artist of tales of the Questor and Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger, posted the story details about Riley homeless problem on his website www.rhjunior.com/ and is even doing his part to help.
 hi there . I remember seeing you on the www.theduckwebcomics.com/   when  it use to be drunkduck, I got a question for you, are you still updating the webcomic crossover & cameo archive?  www.dragoneers.com/crossovers/.