Animation Course +CLOSED+ Updated Prices and Info

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~ Animation Course +CLOSED+ Updated Prices and Info ~

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:bulletred: Registration is currently CLOSED. I'm not sure when or if I'll open the course again. Thank you.

The Fundamentals of Traditional (2D) Animation

:bulletblue: Overview:
This course will cover the fundamentals of Traditional Animation (aka Classic Animation or 2D Animation).
This is going to be a basic course going over the basic rules of animation. There is a LOT to learn about creating an animated film, but right now I will be focusing on pure animating and the principles of animation (and there’s enough to learn here as well), because I believe once you learn that, it doesn’t really matter which tool you use to create your animations, they will always turn out great!
       :bulletred: Number of Lessons: 13
       :bulletred: Total Course Hours: 16-20 Hours (75-90min for each lesson)
       :bulletred: Course Duration: 1 Lesson Per Week Over 3 Months of Course
       :bulletred: Availability: Registration is now :bulletred:CLOSED:bulletred:
                            :bulletpink: Due to cancellations and low demand, currently only Private Lessons are available.
                                If 2 or more people register around the same time, you will be offered to join a group session (lower payment per student).

       :bulletred: Please clear about 2 hours for each lesson.
       :bulletred: Also consider a few hours a week for homework. Homework and practice is extremely important.
       :bulletred: Registration (not course) if FREE with NO commitment. You can withdraw your registration at any time.
       :bulletred: Only when you are set on a time and date you will be asked to pay for the course.

:bulletblue: Options and ~PRICES~

    :bulletgreen: PRIVATE Lessons:
       :bulletred: PRICE for the Whole Private Course: 550$ (USD) <<<< PRICE PRICE PRICE <<<<
          * Price includes weekly email support between lessons.
          * Payment is flexible and will be divided to 4, meaning you will pay for each 3 lessons in advance.
          * Lessons will be around 75min.
          * Lessons are private, one-on-one, you get full attention from the teacher for all your questions and homework feedback.
          * Lesson time fits your schedule, you don't need to consider other people.
          * We can start right away, you don't need to wait for a group to be filled up or for a specific date.
          * If you can't make it to one lesson, no problem, we'll simply postpone it and you won't miss anything.
          * All the other advantages of a Private Lesson.

          :bulletyellow: If you are interested in Private Lessons please fill out this FORM. (We can start whenever you are ready)

    :bulletgreen: GROUP Lessons:
       :bulletred: 2 Students - PRICE for the Whole Course Per Student: 440$ (USD) <<<< PRICE PRICE PRICE <<<<
       :bulletred: 3-4 Students - PRICE for the Whole Course Per Student: 330$ (USD) <<<< PRICE PRICE PRICE <<<<
          * Price includes weekly email support between lessons.
          * Payment is in advanced for the Whole course. See more info bellow.
          * Please be aware you are in a group and consider other people. Also please be on time for class.

          :bulletyellow: If you wish to join a Waiting List please fill out this FORM. (But I really can't promise a group will open...)

       :bulletred: Payment in Euro or NIS is also available according to the current conversion rate.

:bulletblue: Course Syllabus:
    :bulletgreen: Lesson 1:
        * Introduction
        * Technical Details
        * Keys, Extremes, and In-betweens
        * 3 Ways to Animate
        * Timing and Spacing
    :bulletgreen: Lesson 2:
        * More About Timing and Spacing
        * Ease in / Ease out
        * Squash & Stretch
    :bulletgreen: Lesson 3:
        * Line of Action
        * Breakdowns
    :bulletgreen: Lesson 4:
        * Overlaps
        * Secondary Motion
    :bulletgreen: Lesson 5:
        * Walks – Side Walk and the Principles of a Walk
    :bulletgreen: Lesson 6:
        * Walks – Side Walk Cycle
        * Walks – Front Walk
    :bulletgreen: Lesson 7:
        * Walks – Perspective Walk
        * Walks – Character Walk
    :bulletgreen: Lesson 8:
        * Runs
    :bulletgreen: Lesson 9:
        * Anticipations
        * Takes and Accent
    :bulletgreen: Lesson 10:
        * Weights
    :bulletgreen: Lesson 11:
        * Exposure Sheet
    :bulletgreen: Lesson 12:
        * Lipsync (Dialogue)
        * Special Effects
    :bulletgreen: Lesson 13:
        * Acting
        * Cycles
        * Working with Reference
        * How to Make Your Animation Smooth and Accurate (on Model)
:bulletblue: For Whom This Course Fits?
As far as I see it, basically anyone who wishes to know how to animate using the principles of Traditional Animation can take this course.
Still, regarding the age – although my first student was 13 years old and he was quite good and a quick learner, I still think that you should be old enough to understand and follow through what I’m teaching.
As for drawing skills – you don’t need to be a skillful artist to join this course. Simple drawing skills are suffice, since we’ll be mostly doing simple stuff, like a bouncing ball or a simple face. If you understand the fundamentals of traditional animation, you can bring to life even the simplest dot.
:bulletblue: What to Expect from Each Lesson:
In each lesson we’ll go over students’ homework for remarks and then move to the material we need to learn next.
At the end of each lesson you will be given homework covering what we’ve just learned. Homework will be fairly simple and shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to do, but you can go “wild” if you like ^.^ Homework is not mandatory of course, but is extremely important, more than the material learned, so please clear a few hours a week for homework.
After session is over I will upload to the group’s shared folder: The fully recorded lesson we just finished, a summery in points of what we learned and details of your homework. You will use the same folder to upload your homework before the next lesson.
Between each lesson I will be available in emails to answers questions you have regarding the previous lesson or your homework.
:bulletblue: Technical Details:
Course will be held Online using several simple Free softwares.
Lessons will be held once a week.
Day and Time for each lesson will be set according to your registration form.
For Group lessons:
   Length of each lesson is around 90 min. Some lessons are a bit longer, some are shorter. Please free about 2 hours for each lesson.
   Lessons will be held in groups of 3-4 people (depends on demand).
   Each group will be built according to time zones (depends on demand).
For Private lessons:
   Length of each lesson is around 75 min. Some lessons are a bit longer, some are shorter. Please free about an hour and a half for each lesson.
Lesson will be in English, so you will have be quite fluent in English.
For the “Israel” lessons will be in Hebrew (my native language).
:bulletblue: Softwares We’ll Be Using:
All the softwares we’ll be using are FREE, simple and very easy to learn.
All softwares support all Operating Systems.
We’ll be using TeamViewer for the lessons themselves.
We’ll be using Pencil for animating (you can do your homework in any other way you like, if you already have other 2D software you are familiar with, I will be using Pencil just because it’s simple and free).
And we’ll be using Google Drive for all the documentation and materials. (As far as I know) You don’t need to have a Gmail or Google account to access the folder, but it is preferred if you do have one.
After registrations you will receive full details on installing and setting up your computer for the lessons.
:bulletblue: Technical Requirements:
    * Either a PC or Mac. Even Linux is ok.
    * A fairly fast internet connection
    * Earphones and Microphone – this is a requirement. Based on testing it’s really hard for me to follow the chat window plus will be hard for you to type and listen to the lesson at the same time.
    * Drawing Tablet or some kind of means to draw the animation.
    * Lightbox and a Scanner is NOT mandatory, but if you feel like doing animation the old fashion way, you are welcome to do so as long as you upload your homework in some kind of video file.
        :bulletred: Be aware that I will not support scanning/editing/exporting for this method, this is why I recommend using “Pencil” software.
:bulletblue: How to Register:
Registration is FREE, EASY and with NO Commitment. You can withdraw your registration at any time.
Only when you are set on a time and date you will be asked to pay for the course.
   :bulletyellow: For Private Lessons please fill out this FORM.
   :bulletyellow: For Group Lessons Waiting List please fill out this FORM. (Registration for future groups is also available)
Once you registered please wait for an email reply assigning you to a day and time for the lesson.
By approving the day and time you will be asked to pay for the course (details for payment will be send) and that completes your registration.
:bulletblue: Payment Method:
Payment is in Advanced for the Whole course. (Private lessons can pay in 4 payments)
Payment is done after you’ve been assigned to a group and its lesson time.
Payment is via PayPal. If you have a credit card, you can use the “Send Money” option without creating a PayPal account.
* For Israeli student additional payment options are available.
:bulletblue: Refunds:
If you decide to quit after the 1st or 2nd lesson, you will be refunded 75% of the course price.
If you quit after the 3rd or 4th lesson, you will be refunded 50% of the course price.
If you quit after the 5th or 6th lesson, you will be refunded 25% of the course price.
:bulletred: Beyond the 7th lesson (the middle of the course) there are NO REFUNDS.
For groups - If 2 or more people leave a group I will have to decide whether to merge groups, add new members or close the group (in which case the students who stayed will be fully refunded for the remaining lessons, since this is not their fault). Subject will be dealt with if/when it happens and will be free to my personal judgment.
:bulletblue: Still Not Sure?
If you still have any questions regarding the Online Animation Lessons, feel free to send me a note or email and I will be happy to reply.

Thank you for listening.
Your humble servant,
Liron Pe'er.

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© 2013 - 2021 LPDisney
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EntropicIrony's avatar
I would love to do do this, but it's a lot of money and my mother doesn't trust you won't rip me off. (I saw when you started this course, but I couldn't do it then) What do I tell her to convince her you're legitimate?
LPDisney's avatar
The course is closed, sorry, mainly due to lack of commitment from the students.
EntropicIrony's avatar
Aww, that's a pity. but fair enough.

on a slightly different topic, do you do animation commissions, and how are you at imitating the styles of others?
If I can get you a turnaround sheet and storyboard...thing... as well as the audio, for (I think) 8 characters, would I be able to commission you a several minute long animation? If so, how much would that cost?
LPDisney's avatar
Well, lady ice is 7 min with 3 characters and it took me 5 years to complete (let's say about 2.5-3 years of work). Please please don't be offended, but I hardly believe you can afford it (and mentioning your mother only strengthens my point) unless you're super rich. Even if I work a month (and I can't do it in a month) I need to get a full salary for my work. I usually do animation work for someone with a fair budget for a project. So please understand. Thank you anyway ^_^
EntropicIrony's avatar
Don't just assume that mentioning my mother means I can't afford it. Doing classes under my own personal budget is completely different to my agent getting a budget for an animated short.

I'm not trying to sound rude, but I don't appreciate you assuming I'm just some kid or too poor to move out just because I live with my parents. I happen to be an author and as of now I'm working on an animated movie. I'm sorry if I sound rude, but the amount of people who assume I'm nobody before even giving me the time of day is frustrating.

Look, I'm sorry, I've just had a late night, there was an emergency at my place and I didn't get to sleep until well after midnight. Fair enough, I'll go elsewhere.
CodyKit's avatar
I would love to do this, but sadly I can't afford that much. I am going to school for animation at one of my colleges. I guess I will learn how to do that through the school. But it's cool that you are offering. :) 
princess4everafter's avatar
cool i got to learn more
but i dont have cash..:S
JollyRhythmicMayhem's avatar
Would still love to do this but I have no money.

Money, money, money...

I think I will go rob a bank. Hopefully I won't get caught and sent to jail until after the class is over. :P
LPDisney's avatar
You can save up and register in a few months ^_^

I understand.
Java-Dragon's avatar
Really wished I could afford this... :( But I will see what I can do to save up for future courses you may have. Best of luck to you.
LPDisney's avatar
Ok, thanks ^_^
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