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By LPDisney
+++ I’M NOW :bulletred:CLOSED:bulletred: FOR COMMISSIONS! +++ DOWNLOAD for FULL View +++

:bulletred: Please read carefully before placing an order to prevent misunderstandings. Thank you ^_^
:bulletred: These are Special DA Prices for Non-Commercial use, since I know most of my followers can't afford my professional rates. If you are a business client, please contact me by email for commercial rates. Thank you.
:bulletred: I DON’T do Free Requests, Art trades, Collabs, Points, Promises to make me the next Disney or Miyazaki, etc.

The Time and Effort I put in my Art ... Latest Finished Commissions
:thumb198586392: ................

:bulletgreen: Please be as MOST SPECIFIC as you can when asking for a commission.
:bulletgreen: Please provide a detailed description of what you’re looking for in the drawing.
:bulletgreen: If you can, please provide any REFERENCE material you have, stating if I should follow it to the dot or use as an example, it would help me A LOT! I strongly suggest images over descriptions.
:bulletgreen: It is your responsibility to be specific from the very beginning. You WILL BE CHARGED EXTRA for any editing after approving the base sketch stage.
:bulletgreen: I work digitally. If you wish me to use traditional methods please mention this in your note. I DON’T send originals, you will still receive a digital file/scan. If you still want the original it will cost more + shipping.
:bulletgreen: If you see anything in my gallery that you like and wish to commission me based on that, or have any special request for a drawing, please feel free to ask me to do so. Price may vary depends on your special request.
:bulletgreen: Remember that I have my own unique style. When you commission me that means you like my style (I hope) and therefore should expect to have your request drawn in my style.
:bulletgreen: Also please understand that I’m not a mind reader (or am I…? o_O ) and therefore will never be able to create your vision with 100% accuracy.
:bulletgreen: I will be working on a "1st come, 1st serve" basis.

++Feel free to ask me ANY QUESTION via note or mail++

Of course I researched on DA and checked the regular prices and did comparisons to others. Believe it or not, some charge $200 for a cell shaded picture, and that doesn’t include additional characters! So the prices I listed below are reasonable. I’m a perfectionist (yes.. I know… I have issues), so when you get your artwork you know that 200% and my full attention to every detail have been invested in it. Sadly that also means that I work a bit slower than others. Please keep that in mind.

:bulletblue: SKETCHES: $29 USD Per Character (This Process takes me about 1.5+ hours).
+ Including rough shading on a transparent, white or a simple color BG to your choosing.
+ Sketching is actually the hardest and longest part in the process of creating an artwork, because that’s when you make all the decisions of how the piece should look like (including shadings). It is the base for the whole painting.
:bulletblue: CLEANUP/INKED: $49 USD Per Character (This Process takes me about 1.5+ hours. From Sketch to Finish takes about 3+ hours).
+ Already includes Sketch inside.
+ On a transparent, white or a simple color BG to your choosing.
:bulletblue: FLAT COLORS: $59 USD Per Character (This Process takes me about 0.5+ hour. From Sketch to Finish takes about 3.5-4 hours).
+ Already includes Sketch and Cleanup inside.
+ Including Coloring the Lines, because that’s how I color. If you wish to leave the Lines Black please mention so.
+ On a transparent, white or a simple color BG to your choosing.
:bulletblue: CELL SHADING+EFFECTS: $79 USD Per Character (This Process takes me about 2+ hours. From Sketch to Finish takes about 5-6 hours).
+ Already includes Sketch, Cleanup and Flat Colors inside.
+ Including Coloring the Lines, because that’s how I color. If you wish to leave the Lines Black please mention so.
+ On a transparent, white or a simple color BG to your choosing.
+ For me Cell Shading actually takes longer than Flat Colors, because I need to figure exactly where the light is coming from, etc.

Original Characters
:bulletblue: In addition to price above: +$5 USD Per Character
+ OCs are usually harder and longer to draw, since I actually need to think and design the character based on your description, and not just use an already existing design with tons of reference. Please consider that.

:bulletblue: The variety of animation styles is huge. Therefore I need to hear your request before pricing.
+ I only do 2D animation. I can create Classic Hand Drawn Animation or Flash Animation to your choosing. Yes, I can export GIF Animations from those.
+ Please PLEASE understand that animation is A LOT of hard work.
+ To give the general idea I usually animate about 1 Second of Lady Ice level of animation Per Day’s Work! (about 9-10 hours). So please don’t expect me to create a minute of animation in 2 days for an unreasonable price. I’m sorry, but that’s the honest truth.

:bulletorange: Art is drawn on High Res A4 size 300 DPI file (21cm x 29.7cm or 8.2in x 11.6in), so feel free to do whatever you want with your art, such as print it, use it as wallpaper, post it on you DA account, use it as a pillowcase and drool all over it…
:bulletorange: I generally don’t do Backgrounds (you should know me by now), but if you insist then we should work up a special price, considering I can actually do the Background you ask.
:bulletorange: I don’t do Vehicles, Machines, Robots etc. But I’m still a Transformers fan ^_^
:bulletorange: This price is for personal use only! If you would like to commission for COMMERCIAL, Reproduction or any matter related to commercializing my work, please contact me first! The price is definitely higher than regular ones, but it's still negotiable.

:bulletred: I will NOT start commission until payment is RECEIVED.
:bulletred: Do not pay me unless I confirmed that I will do your commission.
:bulletred: I DON’T do Free Requests, Art trades, Collabs, Points, Promises to make me the next Disney or Miyazaki, etc.
:bulletred: I prefer NOT working with a deadline. I’m working on other stuff at the time and wish to give the commissioned work my outmost full attention and not work under pressure, which WILL reflect on the work itself. So please be understanding, patient, and try to avoid repetitive messaging asking about progression – if the artist has to spend his/her time answering emails, he/she can’t work on the art itself. But I’m usually a hard worker and don’t like to postpone thing, so I’m carefully saying (and don’t hold this against me later) that work should be completed within 2 weeks at the most.
:bulletred: Sorry, but no porn, yaoi, yuri, sexual themes, nudity, offensive messages etc, that’s not me and how I draw. Characters can be in a seductive pose to a certain extent and I will be judging before accepting the work. If you are not sure, please email me and I will consider your request.
:bulletred: I reserve the right to refuse any commission request I don’t wish to do or don’t think I’m capable of doing. I know what can or can’t I draw, I want you to have the best from me and not going to draw anything just for money.
:bulletred: Cost may change, depending on your request. You will be notified before paying with explanation.
:bulletred: Once you get a copy of your commissioned work, you can do whatever you want with it, cause… well… you paid for it. Please be aware that I WILL upload the work to my DA account and Portfolio including a watermark, so no worries – you’ll still be to sole owner of the artwork. I just need it for my portfolio.
:bulletred: Please – Do NOT claim that you are the artist who created the art. If you post it on DA please respect me as an artist and provide a credit and link to my account. Thank you.

How to Order:
:bulletyellow: Please send me a note on DA or email to with “commission”+what you want (such as “Ariel”, “Ichigo” or “OC”) in the subject and the specific details of the request in the body.
:bulletyellow: Once I see your note/email I’ll consider the request and if I decide to take it, you will receive a confirmation note/email including the final price for the commission.
:bulletyellow: Keeping the client happy in mind, I might have more questions regarding the commissioned work. I will email those to you and once all details are cleared you can pay me.
:bulletred: Again - I will NOT start commission until payment is RECEIVED.
:bulletyellow: After I confirm payment you will be shown a rough sketch for approval. ONLY MINOR changes can be requested at this stage. That’s why it is MOST IMPORTANT to be specific with the details from the beginning. Once I start inking/coloring the drawing is FINAL, please be aware of that, since it’s really complicated to add changes at these stages.
:bulletyellow: When artwork is done you will be emailed a High Res JPG (or any other type you ask for) file. I’m sorry, but I will NOT provide original PSD files.

How to Pay Me:
:bulletorange: I’m sorry, I only accept PAYPAL.
:bulletorange: Please send money to this PayPal Account:
:bulletorange: If you don’t have a PayPal account BUT have a credit or debit card, I can issue you a money request and you can pay it via PayPal secure website. Please mention this in your note/email.
:bulletorange: Payment will include PayPal transfer fee. PayPal transfer fee is 3.9%+0.3USD. It usually comes to between 3-5 USD.
:bulletorange: PLEASE STATE in the extra details that you can add on PayPal - what commission you booked and your NICKNAME on DA and/or (in case you don’t have DA) email from which you issued the commission, so I can relate the payment with the commission request and avoid misunderstandings.

++Feel free to ask me ANY QUESTION via note or mail++
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EmilioKiara's avatar
how much for the Points ?
LPDisney's avatar
I don't work with points, I need real money.
Abizaga's avatar
I'm interested in an animation commission, if that's okay. I'd be honored to have you do it, since I was so proud of the commission you made for me. :)
LPDisney's avatar
Sorry, I currently don't have time for animation commissions since it's a lot of work.
Abizaga's avatar
Oh, all right. Thanks for letting ne know.
twipplestoast's avatar
I am definitely interested in an animation when you reopen your commissions. It'll probably be only 5 to 8 seconds long, but it'll depends on the price.
LPDisney's avatar
5-8 sec is quite a lot, so keep that in mind please.
I will probably open around March.
dragonofbrainstorms's avatar
what are the animation prices?
LPDisney's avatar
I need all the details about the animation (length, type, characters, action, etc etc everything you can think of) before I give you a price. for animation it varies, there is no fixed price.
please send me a note or email with the details.
I will say in advance - it's not cheap... animation is a lot of hard work. so serious offers only please.
Thank you :)
NicaRox2006's avatar
Hi LP ♥
Just a quick question (I'm opening commissions too so I'm researching how other artists work):
You say that you include the sketch, cleanup, etc with your commissions. Do you place a watermark on it? Isn't there a huge risk providing the client with those things?
Thank you for your time!
LPDisney's avatar
emm, no, I don't include the sketch/cleanup etc. don't know how you got that.
I do offer several types of commissions of different levels of the drawing.
but the client only gets the final version, flat image (not the original PSD or something) at high res, no watercolor or anything, just my signature, because he paid for it, it's his.
with DA prices (which about a third of my official commercial prices) I can't offer much, or else I will be practically working for free and therefore shouldn't do commissions.

hope that helps.
good luck!!!
(and don't work for "free" or else all of us will have to work for "free". we set the standard, not the clients)
NicaRox2006's avatar
Thats what I understood because you say "Already includes Sketch and Cleanup inside." & "Already includes Sketch, Cleanup and Flat Colors inside."
My bad
LPDisney's avatar
This is related to work time, because most people don't understand it takes time to create good art.
NicaRox2006's avatar
Very true!
Another question (because I don't see it there), I'm assuming you don't charge for body? Like, half-body, full body, etc? It's still going to be $29 per character? (or whatever style the client chooses? And if so, may I ask why? Doesn't it take less time to draw, say, a bust of half body?
Sorry for the questions!
LPDisney's avatar
No worries ^_^
No, sorry, I don't have this bust up/full body thing. for me it's the same work, cause if I do a close up there are more details to take care of so it's the same work.
It's 29$ per sketch of a fanart. if you want your OC it's extra 5$ cause I need to figure out your character (while I draw Ariel in my sleep).
Reading the email, processing the commission, sending the file, there is a lot of work around the actual sketch and this is still half of what I charge in my business.
SashaMayrin's avatar
Do you have a rough estimate of cost per second of animation? ^^
LPDisney's avatar
if it's lady ice style then it's about a day's work which is around 200$
QueenObscurePairings's avatar
Could you send a non watermark commission? By email, when done?
LPDisney's avatar
OF COURSE! When you pay for the artwork you receive a high quality no watermark file of your request!
I use watermarks only to protect my online artwork (there's so much art theft out there).
And yes, I'm currently open for commissions. Please send me an email with all the details of your request and what kind of result would you like (flat, cell shade, etc). Please read more on this page, including my prices.
Thank you.
QueenObscurePairings's avatar
I guess I miss read that part..I though would send a non watermark one, but wasn't sure <3
I will very much contact you soon <3
LPDisney's avatar
Cool! My email is on my front page.
Thank you.
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