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orc captain and mage elf

image copyright: exciting online game currently in development.
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    Hello there. My name is Andrew Atwood, and I have a proposition for you. My friends and I are currently starting a company that will produce board and card games. Now, we are currently producing Alphas of all the games so we can playtest, but in order to create these Alphas we need art. The Alphas are purely for our group of playtesters, and WILL NOT be distributed under any circumstances. We were hoping you’d allow us to borrow some of your art for this purpose. If all goes well, and we decide the art fits the style, we would probably like to purchase the art for the published games and potentially commission more. Let us know what you think, and we respect any decision you make. You can reach me quicker if you email me directly at


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Looks like from World Of Warcraft. Very nice picture.
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Great pic!!
Very well done!!
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thanks a lot elin
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Your Welcome. Like Orcs do you?
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this is excellent.

i could tell it was awesome, looking at it as a thumbnail not even knowing it was about an epic orc and elf stuffs.

reminds me of WoW. i imagine that's sort of the idea?
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thanks a lot matt.. appreciate your comment
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Very nice. I like the pose!
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thanks luk ..glad u like it
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Oh My God!
How great draw! I loved the effects you put on the elf, and her clothes was very good too! As the movement of the Orc, I have no words, excellent perspective!
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thanks for the comments moon.. appreciate..
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you've added the woman, right? just keeps getting better and better! :D
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yeah,added his gf. he he he.. thanks hearty.
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thanks for dropping by ogre..
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Can I say .. WoW ... or would that be inappropriate ?
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he he ..of course yes..thanks a lot briana.
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