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NatN 9: The end
"I said I don't want to hear it!" Iruka yelled as he viciously slammed the phone back on its receiver.
Iruka huffed as he gave the phone a death glare. Naruto and Kiba stopped moving and just stared at the pissed adult. Naruto slowly put his slice of pizza down and turned so that he was facing Iruka. Kiba watched his friend with weary eyes as he struggled not to move, his pizza slice still clenched between his teeth. Naruto cleared his throat and Iruka turned and glared at him.
"Iruka." Naruto started in a very cautious tone. "Wh…what's wrong?"
Iruka hunched his shoulders and sighed then threw his hands in the air and huffed again.
"I'm sorry." Iruka gritted out. He sighed again and waved his hand in the air. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be taking this out on you two."
Kiba instantly relaxed and gobbled up his pizza slice. Naruto, however, raised his eyebrow at Iruka.
"What's wrong?" Naruto questioned as he grabbed his pizza slice and glared at Kiba who grabbed the last remaining slice
:iconlozfanchick:LoZfanchick 5 2
Under the sea -ZxH
Pairing: ZabuzaxHaku
"Nice kill Zabuza." Kisame smiled as he watched his friend bite into the two spotted fish's underbelly.
Zabuza paid his friend no mind as he continued to devour his latest kill. After finishing his meal Zabuza let the fish's remains float around in the sea. It wasn't long before a lone bottom dweller dared the journey out of the coral reef and grabbed the remains.
"You thinking about going to harass the weak fish folk?" Kisame asked as he thrashed his tail away from the coral reef. Kisame was –like Zabuza- a mershark, his tail was deep rich blue much like his skin and hair. Kisame's gills were located on his faces, on his cheeks to be exact, and he had his dorsal fin located on the lower center of his back.
Zabuza had more brownish gray tail, much like his grayish skin tone. His gills were located on his upper neck, but his dorsal fin rested in the same place Kisame's did. Both Zabuza and Kisame had big, powerful
:iconlozfanchick:LoZfanchick 5 3
NatN 8
"Take that you little bastard!" Sakura yelled as she punched Kabuto in the face. Causing the man flew across the courtyard and into a tree.
Sakura smiled then glanced behind her, watching as Neji kicked Kidomaru into Ten-ten's fist. Chouji and Lee were fighting Jirabo, Hinata and Ino were fighting Ukon, and Shikamaru was handling Tayuya. Sakura smiled at the scene.
Then a wall blew out and everyone paused to watch as Orochimaru jumped out of the hole, Naruto and Sasuke following him and swinging at him wildly. Naruto crossed swords with him and held the man there. Orochimaru smirked as he pushed against the inexperienced blonde. Naruto cringed as he felt himself being pushed.
"Dobe." Sasuke breathed and Naruto jumped back as a sword went through Orochimaru.
Sasuke pushed his sword in further, listening to the snake man gasp. Sasuke continued to push forward until his sword hilt pressed fully against Orochimaru's back.
"Bast…ard." Orochimaru gasped as blood came out of his mouth.
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Triforce Academy 4
"Hey Link sit by me for lunch, ok?" Malon called as she walked past Link in the hallway.
"Huh?" Link turned his head and saw Malon wave to him. "Oh, ok, sure Malon." Link somewhat yelled so that the red head could hear.
"Yes!" Malon silently cheered as she made her way into her first class.
Her first class was math with Indigo. Indigo was a very short tempered man and hated mornings, so first class was always hell. But, since Indigo knew Malon he was always respectful to her. Indigo had lost his job long ago and Malon's dad Talon gave him a job and allowed him to live with them for free. Since then Talon has always been kind to Malon and her father.
"Hey girl."
Malon turned her head and saw Ruto taking her seat next to her.
Ruto was a spoiled girl, her dad owned a lot of major fish food companies and she was always treated like a princess. It didn't help that the school named her Princess of the Zora's, since she's the best on the Zora's -the swim team- (her Dad being the couch and sta
:iconlozfanchick:LoZfanchick 5 15
Triforce Academy 3
"And make sure you remember that-"
"Excuse me Chieftain!" A voice interrupted.
The Chieftain stopped his speech and turned towards the door where the newcomer was.
The Chieftain was someone to admire, he was a powerful man that ran the Rito tribe and the all of Hyrule's mail. The man stood at an impressive height, had a full head of white hair, and a dark brown, well trimmed beard. His eyes were a sharp shade of yellow but they didn't make him look menacing, on the contrary it made him look even more distinguished. He always wore robes as his common dress; this of course was due to Rito customs'
"What is it my dear?" The Cheiftain asked as the newcomer came fully into his private room.
"I'm sorry to interrupt Chieftain but," The newcomer glanced at the other Rito's in the room then looked back at her Chief. "I need Komali right away. We have a school project that can't be put off."
Komali -who was out of his father's line-of-vision- smiled at Medli, silently thanking her for rescuing h
:iconlozfanchick:LoZfanchick 6 12
Komali fetches Medli
A sigh escaped the lips of a disappointed Rito. Komali closed his eyes then reopened them and examined the horizon of the setting sun again, waiting to see a glimpse of those familiar wings. He then let out another disappointed sigh and clutched his dead flower tighter. Komali heard the scrawny stem crinkle in his grip and turned his head towards it.
"It's been dead for awhile." He said to nobody.
He loosened his grip, ready to let the dead flower fall from his grasp but a picture of a smiling red headed Rito popped into his head causing him to clutch the flower desperately.  The picture faded from his mind and all that was left was the sight of the dead flower.
"I…" Komali looked at the horizon again. "I want to give it to you, but…." Komali looked back at his flower. "You aren't here."
Komali sighed again and looked out at the horizon again.
"Prince." A voice called from behind him causing the Prince Rito to turn and face the familiar Rito.
"What do you want Quill
:iconlozfanchick:LoZfanchick 12 12
NatN 7
Naruto flung his head out of the water and started coughing.  He, blindly, tried to find something solid with his hands. Finally, he found the shore and hoisted himself on it. He laid there and took in a couple of deep breaths. After awhile, the blonde's breath evened out and he opened his sore eyes and slowly sat up.
"Ow." He winced as he moved to stand, his whole body aching and protesting as he did so.
He scanned the area and saw that nothing was there and at that moment his heart dropped to his stomach.  
"Sasuke?" Naruto called hesitantly, when he didn't hear a response he starting looking around frantically, screaming the ravens name.
"Sasuke!" Naruto yelled again. When he spotted the nutcrackers sword he felt his knees trembling, but he held onto his strength and took in a deep breath.
He went over to the sword and picked it up. He looked around again and then saw the boulder Sasuke was thrown into; a paper was lying on the grass near it. Naruto ran to it, pi
:iconlozfanchick:LoZfanchick 5 3
NatN 6
"I'm just asking why a kiss?" Naruto questioned the impassive nutcracker again. "I mean if it's magic shouldn't it be through a…a potion or something?" He questioned again, his arms folded behind his head which was tilted towards the ground.
"Hn." Sasuke grunted out as he continued to ignore the dobe.
"Is that all you can say?" Naruto spat, glaring at the raven's head.
"Hn." Sasuke grunted again, smirking when he saw how the blonde's glare worsened.
"Teme." Naruto grumbled.
"Dobe." Sasuke replied still smirking.
"Dead last."
"Asshole!" Naruto yelled, running ahead of the nutcracker and blocking his path.
Sasuke glared at him and waited till Naruto got bored of their glaring match, so they could keep moving. After some time had past, Sasuke's eyebrow twitched at the blonde's stubbornness.
"Move dobe." He demanded as he pushed the blonde out of the way.
"Hey!" Naruto yelped as he was pushed into a tree trunk. "Teme!" He yelled as he ran after the disappearing nutcracker.
:iconlozfanchick:LoZfanchick 8 4
Triforce Academy 2
"And you'll share this room with Link, that way he can watch you." Navi finished as she turned back to Skullkid.
Meanwhile, though, Skullkid wasn't looking at his new room but at the room across the hall. It had an uplifted bed and was painted to look like the blue sky with seagulls painted across the wall.
"Listen!" Navi ordered, with her hands on her hips.
Skullkid flinched and grasped the gossip stone that was still clutched in his hands. Navi sighed then squatted down so she was at Skullkid's height. She weaved a hand through her shoulder length blue hair and smiled.
"Skullkid, since you're a part of our family now, there a few things you need to know, are you listening?" Skullkid nodded and Navi smiled. "Rule one, I'm the oldest when I talk you have to listen or I will annoy you till you do! Rule two; you treat everyone and everything with respect. You abide by those two rules and everything will be fine, understand?" Skullkid nodded again and Navi smiled again. "Good, now come lo
:iconlozfanchick:LoZfanchick 5 22
NatN 5
"Wake up my youthful companions!" Lee cheered.
Naruto and Sasuke groaned, but Lee only smiled and continued to try to get the two to wake up. Once both boys were awake, they went with Lee to go get some breakfast.
"These are delicious Hinata!" Naruto cheered as he dove into the pile of pancakes on his plate. Sasuke looked over at Naruto and smirked at the sight of the blonde's face buried in pancakes.
"Sasuke I've got great news!" Ino cheered as she moved some random girls away from Sasuke so she could sit next to him.
"What?" He drawled out, looking away from Naruto and back at her.
"Sakura escaped Orochimaru!" Ino cheered with a smile covering her face.
"What?!" The whole table shouted. Naruto stopped eating and looked at Ino with a raised eyebrow.
"How?" Lee asked with his hands clasped and a sparkle in his eyes.
"I just heard, she escaped from Orochimaru and is back at her place." Ino informed the table then she turned to Sasuke with another huge smile. "Sasuke, she can turn you ba
:iconlozfanchick:LoZfanchick 3 4
Triforce Academy 1
"Come on guys you have to run faster if you want to be ready for track and field!" Link yelled as he watched some Kokiri's run around the outdoor track on Hyrule Field.
"That's easy to say when you're not running." Mido –Link's self proclaimed rival and friend- sneered. Link glared at him as he ran past the blonde haired Hylian.
"Link used to be a Kokiri and one of the best, so I don't want to hear anything from you." Saria –Link's best friend- scolded Mido as she ran up to him.
Mido looked dejected then glanced back at Link –who was smiling while watching Saria scold him- then grumbled under his breath about dumb blonde haired blue eyed boys. Saria sighed then turned and jogged back over towards Link.
Saria spoke the truth, Link used to be a Kokiri –the track and field team- the captain actually, but he quit and became a Hylian –normal student not in anything. Saria missed seeing her best friend on the track and convinced him to come back, and he agreed -sorta
:iconlozfanchick:LoZfanchick 10 18
NatN 4
Once they all made it to the hideout, a huge party was held for Sasuke's return. Ino introduced Naruto to everyone, and he got along with pretty much all of them.
"This is so cool!" Naruto yelled again as he leaned over a railing.
Naruto looked down at the forest floor and laughed. The hideout was basically a bunch of tree houses connected through rope bridges or zip lines. The houses were small, each holding only one purpose -some kitchen houses others sleeping houses and so on.  They had special covers to disguise the houses when danger was spotted. All of this fascinated Naruto.
"You wouldn't be saying that if you lived here as long as we have." Neji –one of the guys Naruto was introduced to- said.
"B-but i-it is p-pretty…cool." Hinata –another person Naruto met and Neji's cousin- agreed while blushing.
Naruto looked over to Sasuke, who was glaring at the tree houses.
"How can you just stand there broading? This place is awesome!" Naruto exclaimed as he ran
:iconlozfanchick:LoZfanchick 5 4
NatN 3
"Kabuto!" Orochimaru barked as he entered his palace.
The palace was a dark gray color that even the sky reflected. It had snakes and statues everywhere, all posed in different poses; looking as though they had once been real and turned to stone. The grand hall –which held Orochimaru's thrown- was decorated with more statues and bright lights, in order to keep the dreary castle heated. Two statues, which were closest to the thrown, stood out the most. One statue was of a busty woman with a furious expression on her face; the other, was of a man with long hair, his head was turned towards the woman his mouth open in what may be a yell.
"Kabuto." Orochimaru called, again. He sat himself on his thrown, his staff leaning on the arm rest of his chair.
Kabuto -a tall man with silver hair and glasses- came into the room and bowed while straightening his glasses.
"Yes, your highness?" Kabuto greeted.
Orochimaru glared at nothing and heaved a sigh. "Sasuke has escaped me again, and he took
:iconlozfanchick:LoZfanchick 6 5
NatN 2
Some time later, he woke up.  "Uhh…thirsty." Naruto whined, as he threw his tired body out of bed. He slowly trudged down the stairs to get a glass of water. He blinked opened his tired eyes and yawned again.
"What's that noise?" He wondered out loud. There was a faint noise of hissing and clashing. "The furnace?" He wondered aloud again.
Naruto followed the noise and it led towards his family room. Naruto glanced inside and couldn't stop the scream from escaping his throat. The whole floor was covered with snakes, the same type that surrounded Konohamaru earlier.
"What the hell?!" Naruto yelled as he backed up into the hallway wall.
His blue eyes darted around everywhere, trying in vain to take everything in. Snakes littered his carpet floor and table. Naruto almost started hyperventilating as he fell onto the floor.
On his table stood his nutcracker, holding his little sword and fighting the snakes that pounced at him.
Naruto grabbed his head and shook it, blinking his
:iconlozfanchick:LoZfanchick 7 9
Naruto and the Nutcracker 1
"Merry Christmas foxy!" Kiba boomed as he handed Naruto a tall rectangular box wrapped in a red and gold paper.
"Thanks dog breath!" Naruto yelled as he took the gift.
Naruto and Kiba were hanging out at Naruto's house, waiting for Kiba's parents to come and pick him up –they got called away for a veterinarian emergency, and his sister kicked him out of the house so she could get the Christmas Eve dinner done. So, Naruto asked his adopted dad –Iruka- if Kiba could spend the afternoon of the 24th at their house. Iruka, of course, said yes, so the teens spent most of the day together.
"What is it?" Naruto asked excitedly as he started unwrapping.
"You have to unwrap it to find out." Iruka pointed out as he watched the two teens.
Naruto took off all the wrapping and his smile instantly fell, replaced with a confused stare.
"It's a nutcracker." Kiba said, the edge of his lips twitching. "Get it…nut cracker!" He explained as he began to laugh. Naruto lost his confused face, a
:iconlozfanchick:LoZfanchick 8 11
Prank: 1
“This is going to be great!” Kiba snickered as he glanced over his shoulder at Naruto.
“I deserve a medal for thinking of this!” Naruto boasted.
“Dude, this is going to go down in history as the best prank ever!” Kiba continued to brag, getting more and more excited. Naruto cast a Cheshire-cat smile towards Kiba, and they continued to pull on the ropes.
Naruto, Kiba, and a bunch of their friends worked in the same office building and the building’s manager (and also CEO of the industry) was none other than Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke, actually, was the reason that the blonde and brunette idiots were currently on the window washer’s sky climber. Kiba pulled the ropes on his side and Naruto pulled the ropes on his side, and the two of them were slowly scaling the side of their office building.
Naruto only thought of this plan due to what happened yesterday in the break room. Naruto, Shikamaru, Shino, and Chouji were all in the break room –Chouji of
:iconlozfanchick:LoZfanchick 23 36

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Alright so here's the thing folks:

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-------------------------------Naruto and the Nutcracker will more than likely be my last fic with them as the main couple.

Triforce Academy = yup still love writing this :) expect updates.

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