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LoE: Chapter 1, cont'd
CHAPTER 1 (cont'd)
"There you are!" Captain Blakely called out through the crowd. He was a stocky for a City Gaurd, but just as well he was held in high esteem by his peers. A strict Captain who was by the book in most cases, but he was known to have a soft side htat came out quite often. People would attribute it to his being a Grandfather at realtively young age of 54. But nonetheless, he was an invaluable asset to Capitol City, loved by the people and respected by the Gaurd.
It was a busy day today, more so than usual for this area of the city. The Rafale municipality was home to the aristocracy and nobility of Salvaria, anyone who's someone most likely had an estate there. But a crowd was gathering at the Lindon Estate, Gaurds had been called to set a perimeter. Captain Blakely was responsible for this area, but very few times had he have to deal with a crime scene. He had spent most of the morning with other parts of the City Gaurd going through the estate looking
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LoE: Chapter 1
     The Xenetia, home to the largest of trees in both height and width. A land
covered by overgrowth of wild flora spanning for miles and miles. At night the
sky is lost to the canopy of the forest, only a fraction of light from the Moon
and Stars pierce the thick wall of leaves and branches that hang over the
region. Darkness is emphasized, and as the night falls the forest comes alive
with the soft calls of nocturnal creatures.
     An ominous atmosphere of silence steals through the lands as predators
rouse to the song of the night, the song of the night hunters.
     But the still serenity of nature is broken as a figure stumbles through the
forest floor. A man of tatterred appearance and broken body makes is way,
faltering on the brink of exhaustion at every step and gasping for breath as if
his lungs were coiled by a tightening rope. He struggles on, with no definite
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Just for Fun.
“Altheios, give me strength and wisdom.” Simon whispered as he knelt on the altar. He was in full battle uniform, Archbishop Arus Shuddare was being called to Capitol City, and of course Bethany would not allow her aging father to go such a long distance unattended. She would personally care for him.
“Simon, they are ready. I'll see you outside.” Martin said as he patted Simon's shoulder. Martin Rosenthal, the Captain of the Templar Knights. Many years can be seen on his brow, yet his stature still shows confidence and dignity of a battle hardened champion. Simon made one last prayer in silence before he picked up his helmet and shield and went out.
It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining just over the mountains. Martin was already upon his horse stationed beside the carriage that would carry the leader of the Church and his daughter. Simon took a deep breath then took up station at the door of the Shuddare Estate. Arus had a home in Capitol City, but due to his
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In The Works: Rebirth
     Above, the stars were slowly appearing, as the sky got darker by the minute. Below, the treetops swayed in the soft breeze. They were 50 feet in the air above a forest canopy, five of them, three to his left and one to his right. They were in strange armor from head to toe, with what seemed to be jetpacks attached to the backs. Two thrusters were extended from the back of the shoulders by flat arm rods. They were flying in a flying v formation. Each seemed very paranoid, including himself. He could feel a funny tingling sensation crawling up his spine. The gun pod attached to the right arm of his armor didn’t give much comfort. His vision was somewhat cluttered with glowing green words, numbers, lines and different shapes moving about the sides. It was the head-up display of his visor. A diamond and square box moved around all he looked at as if constantly scanning, but not finding anything. That worried him even more than calming him
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Vehicle Design: F-01 Cyclone
Type: Multi-role Air Superiority
Base Design: F-15E Strike Eagle, F-22 Raptor
Crew: 2 (Rear: Weapons System Operator)
Speed Class: Mach 2.24 ?
Base of Operations: Primarily Ground, Carrier-capable
Initially, I was to base the Cyclone from the VF-01 Valkyrie found in the Macross universe, this was because I essentially wanted an F-14 Tomcat-like aircraft.
However after a lot of thought and further research into fighter aircraft, I decided that the Cyclone would be an Air Superiority Aircraft capable of strike missions. I began looking into the current Air Superiority aircraft: F-15 Eagle, F-22 Raptor, F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, EF2000 Eurofighter Typhoon, and the Su-30 Flanker series and even the F-16 Fighting Falcon since it is the most successful and agile fighter to date (even though it was never regarded as an air superiority fighter).
From all the aircraft I looked over, the one that really stood out was the F-15E S
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Ethyr Basic Concept
World History
    In the beginning, Ethyr had neither defined nations nor borders. It was filled with scattered tribes and settlements in various parts of its continent. Many of the richer settlements located at the center more arable lands of Ethyr were continuously harassed by raiders and brigands.
    Finally a man who had lost everything, aroused the tribes with the ideology that united the tribes may be able to fight back and protect themselves more effectively. This gave birth to the first kingdom, Salvaria. Italiander, the man who united the tribes was crowned the first King of Salvaria and the kingdom prospered. Italiander ruled with justice and honor, and the kingdom began to expand as more and more settlements were drawn to his ideologies and the protection that Salvaria offered. Ultimately, a nation was formed that had expanded to a large portion at the center of Ethyr.
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Concept: Horned Owl
This story takes place in the Manila type setting, not exactly third world, but a whole mess of district zones. Too traffic to have a Batmobile and not enough tall buildings to swing around from. Although this story does not necessarily take place in the Philippines, my goal was to create a Pinoy created superhero that was not blatantly ripped off from iconic superheroes such as Superman and Wonderwoman. Yes, I am sure you know to what I am referring to.
The protagonist, named Gian Carlos (to be decided), is a young man trying to get his feet on the ground as he enters independence for the first time. Like most people in the city, he has roots from a province, specifically a tribe (not yet decided on tribe name). This is a tribe that reveres (not worship, more like respects) the owl. They believe that the Owl is a creature of spirit and exists both in the material and spiritual realm, they are the guardians of the rift between the two realms.
As Gian struggles through
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Legends of Ethyr: Lozaiah
    Cauldwell, the largest settlement of Xenetia, found near the north-eastern border in the Markwood Region. Rarely, are there any conflicts within the confines of the city, rarely have the residents encountered any peril. But this day would be different, this day would forever be engraved into the memories of the inhabitants. For some, more than others.
    "Fire!" cried a man with all his voice could muster, "Fire in the City!" Just a few trees away from the call, a Xenetian Ranger was jolted from his uneasy sleep, "A fire? But that's impossible," he thought to himself as he hastily dressed into his uniform. He rushed out his door and true enough, seen clearly in the night was an a blazing furnace. "Oh my God" he breathed in total shock. The fire had engulfed an entire Redwood, and was spreading over the bridges to the others. Already a neighboring Redwood was partially ablaze and a few more would be engulfed unless someth
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Ethyr Profiles: Jien Forge
Jien Forge
Salvaria secretly harbors a small army of "ninja" (or more to the likeness of Shinobi). This paramilitary organization has the primary role of maintaining an intelligence network of neighboring nations, but more directly, to monitor the morale and loyalty of Salvarians (much like the Russian/German Secret Police). Other than espionage, this organization also represents the "Black-Ops" of the Salvarian Army: assassination, morale warfare, psychological warfare, etc. Of course Salvarian rebels are familiar with this organization, but the bulk of the majority are not aware that such an "honorable" nation would maintain a very dark paramilitary force, therefore this groups has never been given an official title, but whispers would tell of something dark within Salvaria; Barricade. The vast majority, however, misunderstanding the relevance of this and mistakening it for a drug or other highly illegal commodity.
Antonis Sayles came from a large settlement (Harret) at the ou
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