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Untitled No. 1
A breath filled with hate
will shake a nation.
O, the importance of
'the word'.
For a speech filled with love
will break not only hearts,
but strongholds.
Yet, what more
the effect of pure joy-
The sound of a baby's laughter
will cause kings to bow
cries to cease,
and world's to rise
No longer mourning  defeat.
:iconloza-muse:Loza-Muse 7 0
Paris in red.
When the city of love
becomes the city of blood,
tears form in the depths of humanity
as hearts are torn to and fro.
With these atrocities carving through
what now for this life
this ticking clock filled with such spite
what now is left but fear and pain?
Solidarity stands in the blood streaked night
Beaten and broken, it cries out for respite
from this commandeer of souls
who takes with such delight
Bang, Bang,
The weapons sing
as cries ring in a solemn symphony

that the newly lame shuffle to
for it takes with no regret
bathing Paris in red
we the people are forced to mourn
for freedom and the right to live
in the cities that we love.
:iconloza-muse:Loza-Muse 23 2
Autumn with you.
As I stare in the distance, 
hoping the gentle crackle of leaves 
will signal your approach
and that the soft fall of gold
will be replaced by your touch, 
I experience no such reprieve 
Unawakened by your presence 
the absence of sound haunts my heart.
It longs to hum to the tone of your voice, 
but only the sound of crimson leaves
rustling through the wind,
fill the silence
The hues of red
dance across the ground
like your fingers once caressed my skin;
dotted across the cracks,
life appears where once 
there was none
Untouched, the bare branches sway
to the rhythm of today. 
No longer are they comforted
by the green of yesterday;
exposed to the morning dew
they long for you
My love, nature awaits your return;
it waits much like a child strays,
lost without you to guide the way.
Depleted and afraid,
it trembles in the stillness
until you strengthen it again
Now alone, I sit dazed
with a glimmer in
:iconloza-muse:Loza-Muse 4 9
We are all Children by Loza-Muse We are all Children :iconloza-muse:Loza-Muse 12 8
When all else fails 
And life de-rails 
Whilst pain prevails
Just remember 
As light fades
into darkness 
I will 
always love you
:iconloza-muse:Loza-Muse 5 2
The Famine
The harsh cry 
It breaks me in two
As I hear what must be
The sound of hunger
My body trembles 
As I feel the insistent pressure
A yearning
For sustenance
A desire for something
I simply cannot provide
For months I laboured
Walked and searched
Yet I find no reprieve
Days I felt the blossom of life
Within the depths of my womb
For hours I suffered and wept
Knowing that fate-
laughing at my despair
-Would show me no kindness
My child will face the same as many
To pass before seeing the first dawn 
The ground will never kiss 
Nor darken the supple skin
Light will never touch those eyes
And the words I so crave
Will never form
“Mama” will never be my crown
Kissing my child 
One who will never truly be
I bow my head in quiet acceptance
Letting my tears run free
As the famine claims me
:iconloza-muse:Loza-Muse 2 7
The Key... by Loza-Muse The Key... :iconloza-muse:Loza-Muse 6 10 Horizon by Loza-Muse Horizon :iconloza-muse:Loza-Muse 7 8
Note to self.
Experience isn't the way to go
Especially when it breeds pain
This is why God created wisdom 
:iconloza-muse:Loza-Muse 4 11
Calling Flame by Loza-Muse Calling Flame :iconloza-muse:Loza-Muse 19 0

We all have more than one side to our true nature. In the grand scheme of things, nothing is as it seems, ever.  We all hold something within that at times only requires the influences of others to be brought into the lime light. For like crescent moons we are more darkly shrouded. Hide as we may this dark nature, some better than others, it remains, for to every man there is a hunter, as to woman a huntress the truth is always revealed. Who is to say that the shadows we so darkly repress are not mirrors of our hearts? In many ways we are reborn through the darkness we so darkly repress and the light we so greedily yearn for. At times we cannot choose who we become for fate catches up one way or the other. 
The only solution we truly have it seems is to keep running until we may be reborn from the shadows that haunt us and into the luminance of the light. 

Chapter 1:-
They ran like the flowing of wind and pouring of w
:iconloza-muse:Loza-Muse 3 2
Small Bump
I continuously grasp at my fingers, and hum beneath my breath. Slightly agitated, filled with excitement and confusion. How did this happen, it can’t have happened. Could it? 
Week 7.
My soft hum has moved onto a soothing song that draws slight glances. Everyone fades to grey as realisation dawns. I can’t do this alone. 
The signs.
In my frenzy I almost fall, but he is suddenly there to hold me up. I cannot avoid this truth that is deep within. Now even my body knows and I must listen but... does he know? 
Week 9. 
I must tell him, but how will he react? Will he continue to love me, or take it as too much. Maybe I shouldn’t even tell him, but I must, he deserves to know. Slightly trembling I sit him down with his large brown eyes watching me, curiously. Will it have those large brown orbs or my pale green eyes. I meet his quiet gaze and mutter out the truth. His calm resolve stumbles and I
:iconloza-muse:Loza-Muse 10 21
Barking! by Loza-Muse Barking! :iconloza-muse:Loza-Muse 4 5 Sleeply by Loza-Muse Sleeply :iconloza-muse:Loza-Muse 5 3
It stares wide eyed and calculating,
Wondering how they view the wonders of the world
When there is startling so much to take in.
The green orbs of its eyes seem to gleam
As the darkness closes in and they brighten the skies,
Tear away the glow of the stars
If only to see
For they know the vastness of the land
And cannot explore it in a day
So they lengthen the span of the day,
Stealing away the darkness that covers,
Protects and hides creatures like it.
As it hunts, the green fades.
Its eyes narrow and it prepares,
Pressed to the ground for cover, it remains still.
One small intake of breath is heard
Then it disappears completely,
Not even the green glow is seen.
All at once the skies darken,
The grass droops,
It pounces.
I open my arms wide, feeling the weight of Emerald as she falls through the air gracefully, like only a cat can, straight into my arms. The corner of my lips raise as my eyes fall on mischievous eyes, heavily clouded by innocence and feel my body rumble with feeling
:iconloza-muse:Loza-Muse 6 8
The Escape (Prologue)
My hoarse breathing, the sound of skitters and, in the distance, ragged whispers was all I could hear. This noise... so loud yet devoid of affection, crowded my head, cutting against the deepest corners of my mind. The rotting stench of something unknown, filled my nose, pushing down on my lungs, daring me to breathe. My skin retreated back against my bones as my bare skin scraped up against something that moved like a rolling mass of maggots. 
Come here poppet.
He was in my head, his claws etched in my mind. I recoiled away from the thought and stepped deeper into the darkness. Something suddenly scampered across my bare foot, lingering for a moment, causing my foot to twitch, yearning for the feel of soft shoes. I ventured deeper still, speeding up when the whispers drew closer, causing the hairs on the nape of my neck to rise. I felt like a trapped animal, I had to get out of here. 
I stepped into something slimy and soft and felt bile rise in my throat. The sound o
:iconloza-muse:Loza-Muse 5 22


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You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise.
Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise.

- Maya Angelou


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