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Loyalty: Book One Ch. 6 (REWRITE)
Chapter Six
---Fall, 2011---
(Aura’s POV)
The amount of power I witnessed in Patrick was unlike anything I’d ever seen. Ever surge of power I felt was bigger than the last. He was getting stronger with every passing minute and he didn’t even realize it. We still hadn’t told him that the fire was caused by him. I honestly began to worry about what might happen to him...I wondered if his power might grow too great for his body.
Even more concerning was that dark aura that had been attacking him, especially after he described the dream he’d had that night. I’d never seen anything like it, not even when the Aurai were far more prevalent...the Aura was capable of many feats, but attacking someone in their dreams? As far as I knew that was beyond any Aurai’s capability...which again led me to wonder just how powerful Pat was, seeing as he fought it back himself.
I glanced back at Patrick; he was doing everything he could to avoid falling asleep. Tapp
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Loyalty: Book One Ch. 5 (REWRITE)
Chapter Five
When we’d finally caught up to Gwenladon and Samus, they had already killed a mutant space pirate. I could see a Gardevoir standing by them. “Dancer!” Aura called out as he rushed past me. “Are you hurt?! What did they do?!”
“Aura, calm down,” Dancer replied in a melodious voice. “I’m fine, thanks to Gwenladon and Samus here.”
He breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank God…” He looked to Gwenladon. “Thank you.”
“Anything for an old friend. How was the kid?”
Aura looked at me, then back to Gwenladon. “He was incredible. Where did you find this kid?”
“Saved him from those things we just killed. I figured there had to be something special about him since he managed to somehow get in touch with the both of us. Turns out, he’s an Aurai.”
“You’re joking.”
“Nope. Watched him use them back on the frigate we picked him up from.”
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Loyalty: Book One Ch. 4 (REWRITE)
Chapter Four
---Fall, 2011---
(Pat's POV)
Being an astronaut is not as fun as you might think. Sure, that might've been due to my lack of astronaut schooling, but I decided I'd never willingly get into any space craft again. Three guesses how that turns out.
Anyways, we landed in a mountain range in the middle of the night. Samus' ship silently hovered above the ground while we got our bearings. Well, while Samus and Gwenladon got their bearings; I was just huddled with my back to a tree and staring blankly into the night. I just wanted to go home. It was cool and all learning that I had powers, but...I'm not a fighter.
I kept thinking back to the hangar. I'd rationalized that killing those Pirates was okay. They weren't human...they were still living things, though.
I shook my head. They would've killed us without hesitation.
"If we get moving now, we can make it to Aura's place before daybreak. It's only 15 miles off," Gwenladon said.
"You gonna carry him?" Samus asked.
"I can if I n
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Loyalty: Book One Ch. 3 (REWRITE)
Chapter Three
"Wait...tell me all that again," I said to Gwenladon.
"Sure. Short version, you never actually made me up. For the longest time, I thought the same thing, but I ended up in this universe about seven years ago. It's been seven years since I last spoke to you."
"What about you, Samus?" I asked.
"I never came from another universe. I've been in this one my whole life. But, I guess there must've been a delay on your thoughts, because the last time I heard from you, I had been off Tallon IV for about six months. It's been about seven years since I last heard from you."
"A delay?"
"Not even light is instantaneous. Guess the same must apply for thoughts in the same universe," Gwenladon figured.
"Why wouldn't it take longer to get to another universe?"
"Technically, you and I could occupy the same spot, just in different universes. We must've been a lot closer."
I frowned. "This is getting confusing. Wait, you both came here seven years ago? But I was talking to you just before I
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Loyalty: Book One Ch. 2 (REWRITE)
Chapter Two
---June 6, 2111---
" you literally dreamed up an imaginary friend, and one day, he comes to life?"
"Not really. It's more complicated than that."
"How complicated?"
"If I tried explaining quantum mechanics and String Theory to you, not only would you get lost, I'd get lost, too," I told him.
"Ah." We sat in silence for a moment.
"Will what be enough for your piece? Or would you like some more?"
"Just a bit more, if you don't mind," he said.
"As you wish. Now before I go on, I want to ask you something."
"Do you believe the story so far?"
"Why wouldn't I?" he asked, slightly confused.
"Do you see the contrast between me as a kid and the me that you know? When I was a kid, I was a little bitch. I was taller than most of the kids my age, but weighed less, I was bullied, my feelings were hurt easily. A year after all of this story happened? I was waging war with an entire alien race and another third party. Doesn't that strike you as odd?"
"Well when you put i
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Loyalty: Book One Ch. 1 (REWRITE)
Chapter One
I had no idea how much time had passed. Slowly, the cell blocks started to fill up with kids. As for why, I could never have told you at that time. All I knew was that they were abducting kids.
Eventually, the sound of Space Pirates was overwhelmed by the sounds of children; children screaming for their parents, crying for help. As far as I could tell, no help was to come.
Every so often, I guess six hours, a tray would slide into the cell. On the tray was always some bland bread and a sip or two of dirty water. It was little, but it was enough to barely live off.
After more time passed, all the children were silent, save the occasional sobbing. Reality was setting in; we weren't going home. Maybe we'd be slaves for these things. Maybe we'd be test subjects, figuring out how best to kill a human. Maybe we were just sport. What would I have known? I was just a kid.
But one day, they dragged another kid in. It'd been some time since the last one. It was a girl with brown hair
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Loyalty: Book One Prologue (REWRITE)
Loyalty: Book One (REWRITE)
---June 6, 2111---
I was standing at the corner of what was once my front yard, staring at the empty, rusted flag pole. 'That's where it all started,' I think to myself. 'Every bit of it.' I glanced up and down the road behind me. This used to be North Madison Street. There would be cars parked on both sides for the whole half mile of road. Now? It's just empty. Everyone left Orange. Even my family and I. Guess we shoulda thought about trying to keep it the same for so long. Maybe we'll fix it up...nothing better to do.
I came back to this place for...sentimental reasons. The flag pole? It marks where my family's journey began. It's the end of childhood and the coming of a savior. It's a bit of history that no one will ever know. Today is one hundred years since it all began.
I can see in the back yard that the old maple has finally died. Should be in full bloom right now. Same for the snowball bush. Damn shame...I always liked the look of that bush
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Loyalty: Book Five Ch. 2
Chapter Two
---May 4, 2074---
---USS Ronald Reagan---
---Twenty miles from Norfolk, Virginia---
"Where'd you get this stuff?" Rio asked as he examined his shot glass.
"Laphroaig single malt scotch whiskey. Dad would get a battle every time he was in Europe."
"Prefer Ardbeg personally, but Laphroaig is good too," he replied before downing the rest of his shot.
"That was just wrong. You're supposed to savor scotch. Don't ever just down it. Take a whiff of it, then sip it. A single glass should be able to last you the whole day."
"Whatever. Anyways, how long you had this?"
"I've had that bottle for a year and a half now. Picked it up in Scotland before heading to the Middle East."
"I should do that more often; pick up alcohol before deployment," he decided.
"In all honesty, this is the first bit of any alcohol I've had since before I deployed. Either didn't have time, or vodka was the only option."
"And your pipe?"
"Smoke it every once in a while."
"Good. Keep it that way," he told me, as
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Loyalty: Book 5 Ch. 1
Chapter One
---April 26, 2074---
---0317 hours---
---Barents Sea, 512 miles off the coast of Russia---
---RFS Lenin---
I woke up to M's voice over the speakers. Something in Russian. Oh well. Must not apply to me then. Just as I closed my eyes, someone knocked on my door. "F*** off."
"Finn, get your lazy ass out of bed," said Striker.
"Dammit." I swung my feet over the side of my bunk, letting them touch the cold, steel floor. "There better be a reason for me being awake at this time of the damn morning."
"We're goin' fishin'," was his reply.
I smiled. "Good, so there is a reason." I threw on my clothes and my trench coat and grabbed my pipe. I swung the door to my cabin open. "Let's get goin'."
I looked through the binoculars off into the distance. "I'd say a battleship, about ten kliks at about 210."
"Battleship, eleven kliks at 213," Striker corrected.
"Being accurate is not my job," I replied, still watching. For the past ten months, we'd been capturing Kinuvi boats. Mos
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Loyalty: Book Five Prologue
"Hello?" I looked around; nothing. 'Must be a dream.' It was certainly reminiscent of the time I'd been in a coma for a month, but this was just a dream.
"Hm?" I looked over my shoulder; could've sworn I heard something...
"...Finn..." a faint voice said.
"Who's there?"
"...Finn..." It was a woman's voice. I tried looking for the speaker, but I couldn't tell where it was coming from.
"Who are you?"
"...Why did you leave me..."
"What? Who is this?"
"...Why did you leave me...Finn..." A faint silhouette appeared in the shape of a Zoroark. "I loved you..."
"Sarah...?'s a dream. Nothing but a dream..."
"...Finn...don't leave me again..."
I stared her in the eyes; I could see nothing. There was nothing but a void. "Sarah, it's just a dream."
"Don't leave...please..."
I turned my back. "Sarah...I'm so sorry." I forced myself to walk away from the sound of quiet sobbing.
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Loyalty Valentine's Day special
---February 14, 2065---
---New York City---
(Finn's POV)
It'd been five months since I last saw Sarah. At the same time, it'd been a good eight years since I last saw her. My dad died fourteen years ago. Today, he stands beside me, alive and well. I found my mom last April. She died five years ago.
I changed the past and it brought it's own consequences. I lost Sarah and my mom. My dad is crippled, unable to walk properly. His power was stolen. He's a shadow of what he was...again.
Even in the bustle of the city, the world was silent. I didn't feel the bitter cold of New England. The world seemed...dead...for both Dad and I.
I glanced down at my hand; it was unfamiliar to me, yet I'd been born with it. See, I never learned aura-manipulation. Same rate, I learned it about eight years ago. It was a plain, human hand. No fur, no spike. I was human.
I'm around 6'3", I'm a good bit heavier than Dad being 205, dark blonde hair, and brown eyes...Mom's eye
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Loyalty: Book 4 Epilogue
I woke up in a bed. I recognized this room; I was back at Dad's house, in the bedroom in the basement. I sat up. Last I remembered...I
I gasped. "Jura and Striker!"
I ran to the stairs, out the house, but I stopped right there. It was busier than it should've been. There were cars moving. People walking. 'It worked! I did it!'
The house phone started ringing. I picked up. "Hello?"
"Finn, you did it!" came the voice of Jura.
"Thank God, you're alive."
"And Striker too, he just called a couple minutes ago."
"We actually did it!"
"Finn, what're shouting about?!" was the angry call from Dad.
"Gotta go."
I hung up, and went to Dad's room, but on the way, noticed someone sleeping in the guest room. "Finn...we need to talk." I turned to the room on the opposite end of the hall. I was starting to worry; Dad sounded...weak.
I peaked my head into the room; there sat an old man with a cane next to his seat. "Finn...things are very different now."
"Dad? What happened to you?
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Loyalty: Book 4 Ch. 33
Chapter Thirty-Three
(Pat's POV)
We were all on the move to Ashgabat, Turkmenistan with the exception of Rosie, Star, and Mary. Evil would be there in wait. M was going to warp the Lenin to a reservoir only two miles from the city. The rest of us would assault the city on foot. "How long?"
"Five minutes. Be ready," Blizzard said from the front.
'Oh, I'm ready,' I told myself. I pulled out one of my swords, inspecting the blade. "I still remember the day you left these for me, Sazuka. They've served well."
"They better have, I f****** made 'em."
I chuckled to myself. "No need to worry about that."
The city was in sight. "Alright, we're heading down--SH*T!!" Blizzard veered to the side, avoiding a land based missile. "They know we're here!"
"Everyone, pull out! Sazuka, Darkrai, we're jumping now!" We three made the jump as the others pulled out. But what happened next...even if Finn changed the past, I'd never forget it. I witnessed the crafts explode in midair. Everyo
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Loyalty: Book 4 Ch. 32
Chapter Thirty-Two
(Sarah's POV)
I knew which path he would take. He wanted to save his dad; who could blame him? He didn't want any of what Pat did weighing on his conscience. He wants to free him of his burden.
The only thing that scared me is what it might mean for the both of us: if he succeeds in changing the past, we might never meet. Maybe we will. But we won't ever be the same after this, and I think it's too late for him to do anything about that.
Everyone was outside in a circle around Pat. "Finn, Striker, and Jura have gone to the end. They're looking to finish this quickly. Whether he does it my way or his way, we'll have to wait and see."
"I just wish...we could've told him..." Magnus said glumly.
"Told him what?" I asked.
"Sarah...when I left the orphanage that day back in April, I wasn't heading to another meeting. I was calling the Kinuvi in to test Finn."
"As did I," Rio said, stepping forward. "When you two went out on the bayous, I tipped off the Kinuvi."
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Loyalty: Book 4 Ch. 31
Chapter Thirty-One
While everyone else was making ready to leave, Dad, Mom, and I went to work to learn my abilities in the training room just in case I needed them. "First, we're going to work on what I have. You already know half of it, although the more extensive form utilizing meditation. Really, you can just look around a room, let your aura flow, and see what happened in that room a few hours earlier. Right now, you're gonna learn the other half: anticipation. The idea is that you can see something about to happen. Really useful in a fight. Also pretty good for when you play poker. Unfortunately for you, the only way to activate an ability is extreme emotion. Sorry about this."
"About wha--" Before I even finished speaking, something whizzed by, embedding in the wall behind me. I looked back to see a glowing throwing knife. "Oh." I looked back. "Those won't kill me, will they?"
"Nah, but it'll still hurt like a bitch." He threw another that I barely dodged. "Try to catch one."
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Loyalty: Book 4 Ch. 30
Chapter Thirty
All of the members of the Old Loyalty, as they'd now been dubbed, went into the mansion, trying to console my Dad, to get him to forgive himself. Even though Striker had arrived, I still hadn't gotten to actually meet him. By the time I'd seen him arrive earlier, everyone was already listening to Dad.
I walked over to Striker, but quickly picked up on a feeling of irritation coming from him; he didn't want to be here. "Cousin," he greeted without much enthusiasm.
Jura merely walked over and slapped him in the back of the head. "You haven't seen him for fourteen years, and this is how you greet him?! And where the hell were you all this time?!" I took a step back, guessing she got her temper from her dad.
"Doing what, may I ask?"
"Hanging out at nightclubs." That response earned him a throat chop. Holding his throat, he croaked, "Good *cough* to see you too..."
"You're related to Aura?" I asked, wondering how the hell Striker was even related by blood.
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Just some of my works. Please do enjoy, and don't be afraid to leave a comment! Even if I do not reply, I see all comments! Have fun! And unless you are doing a spinoff or something, DON'T TAKE MY IDEAS!!


Welcome and Word of Warning
I guess the best place to start is by saying hello to anyone reading this.  I only really have a couple of things I want to throw out there.
I created this account because my roommate :iconloyalty1998: finally convinced me to do so.
Yes, I used to write fanfictions in the past, however I never posted any of them.
No, I do not intend to post any previously mentioned writings as I see them as.... out of date.
Yes, I do intent to write for this account as well as an account I have put up on Fanfiction.  I'm not entirely sure how active I will be as I have obligations in the form of getting a Mechanical Engineering degree in college.  No rest for the wicked.
Yes, in a way you could say this is my way of a healthy outlet from the monotony of everyday college work and life.  Granted, school comes first.
I do have a few story ideas in mind, ranging from original content to crossovers.
Other than that, I can't really think of any other major things to mention.  I'm a p
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The Promise of a Warrior
The Promise of a Warrior
  “Daddy? Could you tell me a bedtime story?” Little eyes lit up with eager hope at her new father as she amended, “Please?”
  Leonard paused at his daughter’s words as he considered her request. “Well, I’m not all that good at telling stories, but I can give it a try.” He returned to the little girl’s side and pulled a chair up to her bed, all too aware of the grateful smile upon her face. “What sort of story would you like Kyra?”
  “One with a happy ending, where the hero lives happily ever after.”
  “Oh? One of those sorts of stories, hmm?” Leonard sat down, then turned thoughtful as he considered. He gradually smiled as he realized, “I think I know a story like that.”
  Kyra beamed eagerly, then made herself a little more comfortable and hugged her favorite teddy bear close.
  “Once upon a time…” Leonard pause
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Shades of Blue Chapter 1 (Pokeumans)
9:35 A.M
November 2013
Forest Hills, Queens, New York City, USA
25 minutes before transformation

“Mr. Guzman?”
“Mr. Guzman? Is he present in this classroom today?”
He was still wondering if he should speak up or simply slide down further into his seat, it’s not like he was seeking attention these days. In fact, he could simply side further down his seat and no one would ever know, hardly anyone paid attention to him in class.
Not only was he the least interesting person in the class but the classmate in front didn’t help the situation either. The kid in front was rather huge for his age: he was so big that when he was brought to the school the staff thought he was an adult posing as a child.
“Brandon is actually right there!” someone squeaked out all of sudden, getting everyone’s attention right away. Brandon wasn’t sure who spoke out but he DID notice 30 heads look straight at him with a glare a s
:iconplanetgiga:PlanetGiga 10 12
Shooting by ffxazq Shooting :iconffxazq:ffxazq 167 14 my weakness by supermegafangirllee my weakness :iconsupermegafangirllee:supermegafangirllee 4 0 Mega Blaziken animation by WaniOWani Mega Blaziken animation :iconwaniowani:WaniOWani 659 30 Digimonified: 447, 448 by Shoyu-Rai Digimonified: 447, 448 :iconshoyu-rai:Shoyu-Rai 371 38 MEGA LUCARIO - POKKEN by L-DAWOLF MEGA LUCARIO - POKKEN :iconl-dawolf:L-DAWOLF 342 22 Pokemon : Mega Lucario by Sa-Dui Pokemon : Mega Lucario :iconsa-dui:Sa-Dui 2,485 53 MEGALUCARIOOOOOO by RiceGnat MEGALUCARIOOOOOO :iconricegnat:RiceGnat 265 14
Rise to the Powers of the Galaxies - Pre-Prologue
In the atomic sight above the blank ground, a lesser planet's land. This atom saw everything, seen everything, been everything is everything and everything was the atom. With this sight, below in the eyes of the atom saw a girl who walked in the snow in this brittle dream.
An echo swirled upon the land, making the hair of the girl slap her face in a rude awakening, telling her it was cold upon the land laden with snow. With that echo, a hiss of heat suddenly came from the girl. It was like lighting a fire with gasoline. It started instantly.
Her hair started to blaze with golden-purple fire, it was beautiful.
She even let go of hugging herself as a long tail of fire sprouted from her lower back, this confused the atom.
With a spark of touching her shoulder, she fell, swallowed by the snow below.
"Is she ready?" A voice sighed upon the brittle land, the voice was gentle much like a woman's.
"She could be, her intelligence proves it." Replied a deeper, rougher voice. Indicat
:iconindominousfire:IndominousFire 3 18
Ultra Instinct Sh*t Post by Mgx0 Ultra Instinct Sh*t Post :iconmgx0:Mgx0 473 121 Cooking Practice - Part 2 by Mgx0 Cooking Practice - Part 2 :iconmgx0:Mgx0 694 133 United States by TheFunnyAmerican United States :iconthefunnyamerican:TheFunnyAmerican 144 81 black by supermegafangirllee black :iconsupermegafangirllee:supermegafangirllee 11 0 Thorn in the Backside3 by OhDarnnitJerry Thorn in the Backside3 :iconohdarnnitjerry:OhDarnnitJerry 204 43


I know I'm very slowly working on the rewrite for Loyalty, but do any of you think that I should reboot my Pokeuman story? Maybe even an alternate storyline? Let me know what you think if you take the time to read this
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