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Within this group you'll find fellow deviants that have also caught the Llama craze.
No matter what badge level you're at or where you're trying to achieve, here's the group that it's members are devoted to giving back the Llamas they get!

:icongoldenllamabadgeplz::star::icongoldenllamabadgeplz::star::icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star:

I am going to leave the main page comment section open for llama begging trade advertising, but please limit yourself to once a day.

Also, please give us the pleasure of your company before you advertise on our page!
It can't get easier...join our group!!

:icongoldenllamabadgeplz::star::icongoldenllamabadgeplz::star::icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star:

:party: :iconballoonsplz: :iconemptyspaceplz: Any October B-days? :iconemptyspaceplz: :iconballoonsplz: :party:

If you'd like to be featured during the month of your birthday, just drop the group a note and let me know when it is!

:icongoldenllamabadgeplz::star::icongoldenllamabadgeplz::star::icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star: :icongoldenllamabadgeplz: :star:

Llama Levels
:iconllama-badgeplz:= 1 (Llama)
:iconsuperllama-badgeplz:= 10 (Super Llama)
:iconalbino-llamabadgeplz:= 50 (Albino Llama)
:iconsuperalbinollama-plz:= 100 (Super Albino Llama)
:iconninjallama-badgeplz:= 500 (Ninja Llama)
:iconfancyllama-badgeplz:= 1,000 (Fancy Llama)
:iconkingllama-badgeplz:= 2,500 (King Llama)
:iconspartanllamabadgeplz:= 5,000 (Spartan Llama)
:iconwizardllamabadgeplz:= 7,500 (Wizard Llama)
:icongoldenllamabadgeplz:= 10,000 (Golden Llama)
= 25,000 (Run Away Llamas)




Gallery Folders

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graffiti llama by sonicspyropokemon
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Llama Humor
Sokka Llama by AvengedHyuga
Badass Looking Llama by marvincastillo
Groovy Llama by Princess-Ophelia
GAGA LLAMA MA by trishna87
Llama Stamps
Llama-limousine by DS-DNA
I Support Llamas Stamp by nicopico14
a Llama given by AmblingPhotographer
Llama Stamp by Mel-Rosey
Llama Tutorials
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Clay Llama Figurine Tutorial by yingmakes
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Llama Crafts
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Llama Pics
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Llama by Tsiki10
Computer Llama by herfeatsworld
Swimming llama by herfeatsworld


:iconllamabadgesftwplz: :iconletter-lplz::iconletter-oplz::iconletter-yplz::iconletter-aplz::iconletter-lplz: :iconllamabadgesftwplz:
:iconllamajumpplz: :iconletter-lplz::iconletter-lplz::iconletter-aplz::iconletter-mplz::iconletter-aplz: :iconllamajumpplz:
:icon1upllama: :iconletter-lplz::iconletter-iplz::iconletter-nplz::iconletter-eplz::iconletter-uplz::iconletter-pplz: :icon1upllama:
:iconjumpinglaplz: Welcome to the current Lineup! :iconjumpinglaplz:

:iconigoracio: :iconpoketitan:  :iconcartoon-girl-2010: :iconamalika: :icongirl-n-herhorse: :iconsinnamonbby: :iconsugoikawaiipastila: :icondevi-tiger: :iconkekzeus: :iconwaanmo: :iconheimotoza:

Here's a list of the featured llama traders:
:bulletred: IGORacio     :bulletred: PokeTitan      :bulletred: cartoon-girl-2010     :bulletred: Amalika       :bulletred: girl-n-herhorse      
:bulletred: SinnamonBby     :bulletred: SugoiKawaiiPastila     :bulletred: Devi-Tiger      :bulletred: kekzeus            
:bulletred: Waanmo     :bulletred: Heimotoza    

Here's how to play!

:star: A group of 11 Loyal Llama Traders will be featured for their outstanding devotion to always returning the llamas they get. Since their sent llama count is always higher than their received llama count, you can give one to each of the featured deviants and rest assured that you'll get a returned llama to increase your herd.

:star: Participation in the "LLL" is open to all Llama enthusiasts, not just members of this group. However, if you do choose to play our feature game and are not a member, be prepared to be invited to join! Also, I have been known to randomly grab a deviant (member or not) and put them in the feature.

:star: To have a chance at being featured on the next list, you must first make sure you've given a llama to all deviants on the current lineup. After that's done, post a comment on the current lineup that you'd like to be considered for the next lineup posting.  Please make sure to check that your sent" Llama number is higher than your "received" to be eligible.  This is Loyal Llama Trading after all!

:star: Each time the group passes another 100 member milestone, I'll add another space on the "LLL".  

:star: Please keep in mind that there are many, many deviants that want to reach the Golden and Run-away Llama. Please be patient as we work through all those that need to be featured. Just keep giving those llamas and I'll get you on the lineup soon.

:star: Please don't advertise for llamas on the blog comments...that's what the main page's comment section is for. As such, advertisements for llamas on this blog's comments will be hidden.

:star: If you feature this group by placing our icon in your journal, you will automatically get on the next list, but you must include that in your comment and it must be almost immediately visible on your profile page.

:star: Once you've been featured, I won't be able to feature you again for a while due to the number of llama-crazed collectors out there...we all gotta take turns! (And yes, I will be keeping track...:D)

:iconllamawooshplz: Faithful Llama Trader List maintained by ~ :iconarizonared:
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